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MartPro provides a web-based Amadeus Training Software Download for tour operators and travel agencies to help them book and sell the hotel, airline, and car rental tickets online more effectively.




What is Amadeus Software?


Amadeus one of the leading GDS providers is strengthening and reshaping the traveling industry with its travel marketplace. This system is used by thousands of travel suppliers and buyers to assist with market planning, selling, business operations, and more.

The Amadeus Travel Platform contains a wealth of useful data that OTAs can use to showcase to customers. Within one platform travel agencies have access to real-time inventory and pricing for airlines, hotels, and others.

Amadeus Central Reservations System is one of the world's most widely used systems for travel agencies. It provides industry-leading travel solutions to tour operators, travel companies, and travel agents across the globe. It enables travel agents to provide detailed and full-service travel itineraries in a timely and efficient manner.

The Amadeus booking tool provides you with a unique travel marketplace, making it the best way for travel agents and travel service providers to shape better business plans and grow your business into a brand. Amadeus is also a valuable GDS that assists customers in integrating into the global travel market. Amadeus software efficiently meets the day-to-day needs of travel companies.

Incorporating the Amadeus Reservations System will take your travel portal to the next level. You can fully implement features such as multiple payment gateways, proper property information management, and inventory distribution.

Amadeus GDS is a powerful tool for reaching out to international travelers. As a result, the use of Amadeus GDS among travel agents is increasing dramatically on an annual basis. Online travel agencies (OTAs) have significantly improved consumer travel shopping and convenience, as well as price transparency.

Booking vacations, flights, hotels, and rental cars through Amadeus Global Distribution System is best suited for corporate travel agents.


Why do travel agents need access to Amadeus Booking System?


Amadeus GDS is one of the most recommended GDS systems today. Amadeus GDS is used by global travel management companies to access online travel content such as airlines, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars, and other value-added services.

If a travel company wants to grow, it must implement an effective global distribution system, and Amadeus GDS software is the best option.

It offers global data, prices, inventory, deals, and real-time accessibility of airlines, hotel rooms, car rental, bus tickets, and more to make the tourism industry more informatics and sophisticated.

The Amadeus system possesses all of the core competencies and merits to succeed in the long run, not only because it is a comprehensive travel management system, but also because of its diversity in aggregating travel contents. Over 100,000+ travel agencies worldwide, use the Amadeus GDS system and software platform.

Amadeus software system processes the maximum number of transactions on a day-to-day basis. In the last decade, Amadeus GDS has become the largest GDS system and the biggest travel content aggregator around the world.

MartPro is a leading Amadeus software development company that integrates Amadeus GDS web services to provide world-class OTA platforms to global travel management companies.

We integrate Amadeus APIs to access the inventory for flights, hotels, transfers, rail, and cruises via web services given by Amadeus. The client's credentials are used for authentication and data processing.

Travel agents all over the world use Amadeus integration to book flights, car rentals, vacation packages, hotels, cruises, and other travel bookings.

The Amadeus software connects the world's leading travel service providers and provides you with a variety of options.

Amadeus Travel Software provides travel companies, agents, and their clients with access to travel data by comparing prices, booking options, access schedules, and inventories (hotels, airlines, car rentals, holidays, bus fares, holiday packages), as well as enabling customers to book tickets online.

Integrating with Amadeus travel software enhances the online booking system of the travel agency website and provides better rates and facilities for online flight bookings, hotel bookings, rail bookings, vacation rentals, and insurance, thereby increasing the chances of providing a better service through the implementation that helps the travel agent business grow in the long run.

Whether you are a large, small, or medium-sized travel agency, an advanced tour operator, or a large network consolidator, Amadeus GDS software is its whole and sole. 


Where Amadeus GDS APIs Can Be Used?



How is Amadeus API Integration helping major segment of the Travel Industry?




Amadeus travel software offers a solution for an airline, hotel, car rental, rail, travel insurance, and travel agencies, and thus the integration of the Amadeus GDS System helps manage and distribute airline, hotel, rail, and other services from multiple channels and distribution.

The Amadeus API helps both travel companies and users provide better service and achieve better results. Amadeus GDS aids you in controlling your travel companies, reducing expenses, and increasing wealth. Amadeus currently serves in over 180 countries around the world.

Airline – Amadeus provides IT solutions and services that aid in the management of key airline operations such as sales, booking, ticket booking, inventory management, departure control, and e-commerce. Amadeus also offers a cutting-edge GDS solution that maximizes the value of travel agency distribution. This empowers the companies to grow, leads to the opening of new revenue streams, increases efficiency and helps to gain a sustainable competitive edge.

Hotel- Amadeus integrates independent hotels and small chains to distribute the hotel inventory and make them visible in the world's leading global distribution system. The Amadeus API serves as a powerful tool for the marketing of hotel properties and their features.

Car-Rental- Amadeus travel software would greatly enhance the sale of car rental companies as Amadeus cars are effective and easy to use. Car rental companies can make their content visible through a global multi-channel technology solution and reach multiple customer segments. These engineering solutions offered by Amadeus help in serving the customers in a better manner and the module boost the customers’ satisfaction.

Others- Amadeus also supports other industries such as railway, travel insurance, and cruise booking, giving those businesses much more exposure.


What are the key benefits of Amadeus API Integration?


Amadeus XML API Integration has brought a revolution in the travel industry. It offers effective search results instantly to the user, due to which it takes less effort in the online booking system.

Worldwide travel service providers are edging toward the Amadeus GDS to get access to online travel substances such as air carriers, hotels, transfers, bus and car services, sightseeing, and other relevant and vital services.

Amadeus GDS has the greatest number of transactions daily. Over the last few decades, Amadeus GDS has grown to become the world's largest GDS framework and travel content aggregator.
With Amadeus travel software, it is easier to improve the value of the various business processes for not only travel suppliers but also users.

For all varieties of bookings and reservations, especially airline ticketing, you will find this GDS to be among the very best. As such, Amadeus can help your travel agency succeed in the competitive travel industry. Our experts at MartPro can help you gain a decisive competitive edge with our comprehensive Amadeus software integration services.

Independent travel agents, online agents, and travel companies are increasingly using highly advanced Amadeus GDS systems to search for the best available travel and accommodations and rates for their clients. Agents will make real-time airline and hotel bookings for clients, and their research and bookings will be completed in minutes.

Through this system, travel agents/agencies can view real-time availability, price, and offers of flight tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises, ferry bookings, trains, and other services.

When customers can easily access a wide range of real-time content such as flight status, prices, and hotel availability, as well as make reservations, the overhead is reduced. This provides an optimal experience to the customer.


How MartPro Amadeus API Integration Services Best Fit Your Requirements?




MartPro is a leading travel technology company that specializes in Amadeus consulting, development, and integration for B2B and B2C travel management agencies.

We easily integrate the Amadeus GDS to grow our clients' travel offerings. We aim to help you get all the features provided by Amadeus such as its real-time availability, reservation, pricing, and centralized display of data. After all, we are solely dedicated to serving the requirements of the global travel industry.

Depending on the needs of the travelers and businesses, the Amadeus API integration assists in providing the most effective search results to the travelers, and as a result, the travel portal can provide the best and most effective services.

By availing of the Amadeus Travel Portal, travel companies gain the ability to access inventory information in real-time. In this way, they can sell the various travel products more effectively to their customers.

We offer Amadeus GDS Integration, which offers travel agencies real-time accessibility and the ability to connect to thousands of travel products via a centralized data display.

As an Amadeus software company, MartPro offers Amadeus GDS integration services to deliver robust travel software solutions for global travel agencies and travel management companies. We incorporate the Amadeus airline reservation system to gain access to the full inventory of flights, transfers, and even hotels.

Amadeus booking tool provides a unique travel marketplace, making it the best way for travel agents and travel service providers to shape better business ideas and grow your business into a brand.

Let us provide you with the most powerful Amadeus GDS API integration solution with a pocket-friendly budget. We have a team of experts who can best serve you and help you achieve your business goals. We assist travel agencies in creating and offering the best market deals.

Our developer has expertise in Amadeus GDS and can easily access the inventory for airline flights, hotels, and transfers.

When we develop your travel portal we make sure that it delivers streamlined online booking. That's why we prefer Amadeus Flights and Hotels Integration for your travel portal.

We are actively involved in every aspect and stage of the project and will assist you in the best possible way at each step of your journey since we value improvement, progress, initiative, and results that exceed expectations.

With our assistance, you can utilize the Amadeus booking engine for efficiently running your business.

By using Amadeus travel agency software, you can gain access to several benefits that arise from the Amadeus community and the single but comprehensive data source it provides.

Through the community we have built, you can discover new sources of revenue, incorporate with more travel partners and even cross-sell your products or services. In other words, travel providers acquire the reach required to make their content visible across all channels.


What are the features of the Amadeus Booking System?


  • 24*7 real-time access to a vast global inventory of hotel rooms, cars, airlines, buses, tours, and other travel-related items.

  • Access for both B2C and B2B travel booking engines.

  • The Amadeus booking system integrates quickly with Android, iOS, and Web platforms.

  • Access to real-time availability and pricing to help with the booking process.

  • Provides travel agencies with the best commissions and fares.

  • It is effective to attract business travelers.

  • Allows for business models such as retail travel agencies and online travel agencies (Online Travel Agency).

  • Increase pricing transparency for customers.

  • Travel agents can take advantage of a global platform with extensive market penetration.

  • Give your customers the best rates that no other system can offer.

  • Place travel services to several clients without affecting your marketing budget.

  • Amadeus software makes managing and maintaining information easy.

  • It offers a unified interface for all of your marketing needs.

  • Amadeus software enables increasing the coverage to gain exposure to other travelers and travel agents.


What are the benefits of using the Amadeus GDS System?


  • Effective in attracting international travelers

  • 24/7 access to inventory

  • Allows for business models such as retail travel agencies and OTA (Online Travel Agency)

  • Increase pricing transparency for customers

  • The travel agent has access to the global market, which can provide them with significantly more revenue.

  • GDS connects corporate clients globally.

  • It provides your customers with the best rates available and allows them to select the best hotel, flight, and car rental packages.

  • Place travel services for a large number of clients without affecting your marketing budget.

  • It provides the travel industry with real-time data.

  • Customers benefit from the use of OTAs as it simplifies and improves their travel shopping experience.

  • You can easily track your clients' needs and desires

  • It enables customers to view the booking accessibility and ticket allocation

  • It maintains complete records of sales like – flight or hotel booking

  • GDS can provide inventory updates in real-time.

  • It encourages robust administrative control

  • These assist the global customer base in accessing travel services

Join us to leverage the power of the Amadeus Travel Software Integration service. Discover how Amadeus API XML Integration can help your travel business grow. Contact our expert team for more inquiries.

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