B2C White Label Travel Portal - One Stop Solution For All Your Travel Needs!

Get engaging and groundbreaking B2C White Label Travel Portal designed for startups, small and large businesses with MartPro tech-savvy team of experts and paves your business success path.


What is B2C White Label Travel Portal?


A B2C White Label Website is a product or service developed by one company that is rebranded and resold by another company under their brand logo.

White label travel portals enable you to expand your business in the global market and increase brand visibility. It is simple to integrate into an online travel portal/travel website, allowing travel businesses to rebrand a successful product and expand the product offering of travel agents and travel companies.

The white label system allows your users to plan their travel on your website while seeing your brand name and design. The white label travel system can be an exceptional value addition that would attract more and more customers to your website.

White-Label supports multi-language and multi-currency features to give travel agents and clients the convenience of online search and booking functionality, as well as travel options in their native language and currency, to improve customer convenience.

Customers benefit enormously from white label travel portals as they can access a variety of services on a single platform. White-label websites, on the other hand, are an excellent option for accelerating business revenue growth for travel agents.


How B2C White Label Travel Portal is best for Your Travel Business?


As a travel agent, you must understand the importance of the B2C White Label Travel Portal. It is one of the most essential aspects of starting a business. If you want to start a travel business, you must have this feature on your website.

With access to the White Label Travel Site, you can provide your customers with easy and quick tickets, as well as real-time offers, allowing you to increase profits and boost the business credibility of your travel website.

White Label Software is the ideal solution for any travel agency or service provider looking to distribute or sell hotels, flights, cars, and buses through their website. It enables travel service providers, such as travel agencies and travel agents, to book airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and other travel services under their brand.

If you want to thrive your travel brand in the global travel industry market with less investment, MartPro White Label Solutions is the best option for you.

MartPro provides the ideal solution for white labels. Our talented developers are focusing on creating the best white label solution that meets our customers' requirements.

We offer both B2B and B2C white label booking solutions for travel agencies and travel agents. Our white label solutions also provide maximum value to your website and can help you grow your business with our innovative and comprehensive white label solutions.

When you use our white label travel development services, you not only save money in the long run but also improve customer retention.

White label travel booking website is SEO-optimized which means you can attract a high volume of traffic. Furthermore, all maintenance and upgrade tasks are handled by our professional team, so you don't have to worry about after-sales services.

We offer the best white label solution, allowing you to launch your online travel agency under your brand. You can manage all aspects of your travel business from a single location or platform with a white label portal (SaaS Travel Product).

Our enthusiastic team makes certain that you get everything you want from your white label travel portals in the best possible form. Over 2500 travel partners have illustrated their trust in our white-label travel solutions. Our solutions enable you to engage with your customers more closely while providing a range of services.

To eliminate manual work, our White Label Travel Portal is a best-in-class solution that integrates Multi GDS API and LCCs Operators API to provide 24/7 real-time booking and cancellation for travel services such as flight booking, hotel booking, and bus/car booking.

So, depending on the needs of the client, we have multiple modules available in White Label Travel Websites such as B2B white-label travel portal, B2C white-label travel portal, and B2B2B white-label travel portal.

MartPro provides a fully customizable white-label travel portal that works on several devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. One of the key features of our White Label Travel Portal is that it aids you to provide a wide range of travel API data from various suppliers with an SSL secure method.

MartPro's White Label Online Travel Portal is an ideal white label solution for travel agents looking for the best B2B/B2C white label travel website/booking engine and to build brand presence without making a large investment.

White Label Solution enables you to expand your business in the global market and increase your brand's visibility. It is simple to integrate into an online travel portal/travel website, allowing travel businesses to rebrand a successful product and expand the product offering of travel agents and travel companies.

Our aim is to deliver B2C, B2B, and B2B2B White Label Travel Solutions to travel agents all over the world, allowing them to start their online travel businesses.

An agency can use B2C white-label to display all service-related searches, such as car booking, flight booking, hotel booking, and tour booking, on a single platform. Using our B2C white label, you can convert your travel portal into an all-in-one portal.


Why Partner with MartPro for B2C White Label Travel Portal?


MartPro is a pioneer in the design and development of competitive B2C white label travel portals. We provide a B2C White Label System that allows travel portals to display all service-related searches together, such as flight booking, car booking, hotel booking, and tour booking, at a single location to start a travel business.

Our travel professionals design and build White-Label using cutting-edge travel technologies to provide highly customized white-label software solutions based on client business needs.

Our White Label Portal is a cost-effective software solution designed for small to large-scale travel agents searching for a small budget for booking flight tickets, hotel and bus reservations.

We have specialized expertise with a decade of experience and a combination of all their expertise to help a travel business gradually succeed.

MartPro offers API-based White Label Web Design for Online Travel Agencies. We offer the best white label solution, allowing you to launch your online travel agency under your brand. White label portal (SaaS Travel Product) enables you to manage all aspects of your travel business from a single location or platform.

Our White Label API Integration is perfect for travel companies that want to offer services like flight booking, hotel booking, transfer booking, package booking, activity booking, and car rental reservation.

With the White Label Travel Search Engine for your travel business, you can get an incredible added value that will bring more customers to your travel website. Our White label solution for travel agents is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large ones.

We have a dedicated team that is constantly updating our white label system to include all new features. As a result, your business is always up to date and ready to outperform the competition.


Who can benefit from the B2C white label travel portal?


Entrepreneurs, travel agents, tour operators, the hotelier can all benefit from the ready-to-go B2C White label solution. Our white-label options make it simple for guests to plan their travel solutions, such as hotel reservations, transfer reservations, airline bookings, and more.

Our white label solution for travel agents is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large ones. With white-label websites for your travel business, you can enjoy an ultimate value addition while attracting more and more customers to your travel website.

This White-Label Travel Portal includes a Third Party API Integration feature that enables you to easily integrate travel inventory (rates and availability) from major suppliers in your travel portal or travel agent's website to sell the hotel, flight, transfers, package, and activity online with faster response and dynamic travel data to improve the customer experience.

MartPro spends considerable time understanding the travel business needs, goals, and target audience. From the initial analysis phase to the implementation phase, we take full responsibility for the project.

We guarantee that you will receive the most up-to-date required features from a travel portal, such as the best API integrations and responsiveness.


What makes the B2C White Label Travel Portal of the MartPro different?


The MartPro not only integrates an amazing B2C white label travel portal into your website, but it also allows you to take benefit of these features-

  • Online e-ticketing

  • Build your Brand

  • Incremental Revenue

  • Increase customer loyalty and acquisition 

  • Simple implementation 

  • Your website and booking engine can be optimized for search engines

  • Fully branded and responsive website 

  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting 

  • Extensive merchandising capabilities 


How to enter an OTA market? How much does it cost to launch B2C White Label Travel Portal?


If you are developing your travel business or entering OTA for the first time, MartPro is here to assist you to find all the travel portal related solutions. We strengthen B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses to scale with a ready-to-use pre-integrated, highly configurable booking engine.

We influence the travel industry market with innovative business solutions and strive to be a one-stop-shop for all of your online travel needs. Our white label travel portals can generate profit margins for you with each click.

Our White label travel portal cost is too reasonable based on your features and modules incorporated into your travel portal.

We offer the highest competitive rates on all forms of B2B and B2C. We have API integration for airline bookings, hotel bookings, travel packages, bus bookings, and car rentals.

We specialize in the design, development, and integration of various GDS XML, LCCs, Hotel APIs, Transfer APIs, Car Rental APIs, Cruise APIs, Hotelscombined Wordpress Theme, Best White Label Travel Portal In India, Flight Booking API For Wordpress, Expedia Wordpress Plugin, Amadeus Ws Php Integration, Hotelscombined Wordpress Theme, Agoda Wordpress Plugin, and Travel Insurance APIs.

We help travel agencies and businesses that need B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2E, Franchise Module, and Distributor solutions. You can easily take your business to the next level and gain a competitive advantage.

We design and develop custom travel booking portals for small, medium, and large travel companies at a reasonable cost. Increase online sales revenue and gain access to a global audience with our White Label Solutions.

We provide white label app solutions that are completely customized to your eCommerce business's needs, including the brand's logo, integrations, and personalized features.


Benefits of B2C White Label Travel Portal


  • Easy incorporation & No Technical Expertise required to start

  • Your travel website on your choice brand/domain name

  • Get pre and post-sales technical and business assistance from trained travel industry experts.

  • Completely branded and mobile responsive website

  • Your website and booking engine can be search engine optimized.

  • Receive the highest commissions and the most consistent booking service with the best rates on flights, hotels, buses, and other travel products.

  • Increase brand loyalty by acquiring new customers.

  • Convert leads into bookings and in turn profit

  • Robust tracking and reporting

  • Online e-ticketing

  • Build your brand name

  • Round the clock technical and customer assistance

  • Flexible reporting with a wide range of reports - including booking, sales, performance, and other data that can be tailored based on business requirements

  • Online presence for your travel brand

  • Attract new customers with larger travel inventory


Features of B2C White Label Travel Portal


  • Live Inventory of Flight, Hotel, and Bus with Choice Payment Gateway

  • Admin Panel to maintain and check bookings

  • Module for Online and Offline Booking

  • Administration Management

  • Deposit Management System

  • Commission Management System

  • Dashboard Management

  • Booking and Cancellation report of all inventories

  • Assigning the desired mark-up

  • To view the sales report, go to Order Management.

  • Reports by filtering

  • Enquires/Feedback

  • Increase or Decrease your markups as per the business strategy

  • Control panel for tracking your bookings and customer details via the website

  • Tour CMS to upload own packages

  • No need for GDS or LCC connection requires

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