Bus Booking Software - Increase Your Bus Ticket Occupancy Rate with Effective Bus Booking Software

MartPro offers fully customizable Bus Booking Software to help bus operators automate operations, increase direct bookings, enhance brand recall, and improve revenues.


What is Bus Booking Software?


The Bus Reservation System is web-based software that operates within a centralized network and allows visitors to check seat availability, purchase tickets, pay online, cancel tickets, and make various types of inquiries that require an instant and prompt response.

It is designed to manage and computerize traditional databases, ticket booking, and bus tracking. It keeps track of all user information, bus details, and reservation details, thereby making travel easier.

With the help of the Online Bus Computerized Reservation, you can book tickets at any time and from any place using the Internet. You can also allow your customers to check the accessibility of the buses they want and reserve seats.

The bus booking software's customizable feature allows travel management companies to plan routes, set seat availability, and upload an engaging seat map.

You can manage bookings, client details, and passenger lists, schedule routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map, and allow customers to select their seats using the online bus booking system.

There are two types of bus ticketing systems being used today: API-based bus reservation systems and CRS-based bus reservation systems.


What is an API-based Bus Reservation System?


Online Bus Reservation Systems are integrated with one or more API integration programs to gain access to a wide range of online bus inventory. Nowadays, there are numerous Bus API providers on the market that provide search results for various regions.

These are the suppliers who bring together multiple bus agents on a single platform and allow users to compare different buses based on their fares, user ratings, available seats, bus types, bus timing, amenities, and so on. Some of them are RedBus, AbhiBus, Travelyaari, eTravelSmart, and more.


What is a CRS-based Bus Reservation System?


With a CRS-based bus booking system, you can create, edit and delete the bus operators, agents, and sub-agents. You can also manage their inventories and have control over them. It also allows the user to manage the bus routes, departing and end destinations, stop selling, pricing, seasonal pricing, amenities management, etc.

Moreover, you can manage the policies and can define new policies for modification and cancelation of the bus booking. As an administrator, you have the ability to modify and cancel a specific traveler's booking.

As a travel agency, you can choose between these two systems based on your market requirements. However, you can always integrate both systems into your online bus reservation portal to expand your business on a larger scale. Always keep in mind that proper planning is the key to business success.


Why Travel Agents Must Opt for a Bus Booking Software?


The online bus reservation industry has transformed the travel industry. The increase in the number of on-demand bus booking applications has made travel more comfortable and hassle-free.

The Bus Reservation System was created with the goal of automating online ticket purchasing through the use of an easy-to-use online bus booking system. Global travel companies can manage reservations, client data, and passenger lists with the help of online bus ticket reservations. The customizable feature of the bus booking software can let travel management companies schedule routes, set seat availability, and upload an interactive seat map.

An Online Bus Booking Software aids bus operators, coach tour operators, and aggregators by offering better performance, value addition, cost savings, and a less complex web-based booking system that enhances online bus bookings.

A web-based bus reservation system integrated into your website provides advanced online booking solutions, allowing your customers to select multiple dates, ticket/route options, and seats, and finally make an online payment.

Bus operators/aggregators and fleet management companies are expanding their businesses by utilizing bus booking systems and ticketing platforms.

MartPro is a specialized company that provides a responsive bus booking system to travel management companies, destination management companies, travel agencies, and tour operators so that they can cater to customers worldwide.

Our bus rental software is extremely user-friendly and involves all of the features needed for your bus rental business to run efficiently and smoothly.


Why partner with MartPro for Bus Booking Software?


MartPro is a well-known brand when it comes to the development of online bus ticket booking portals. Our software incorporates cutting-edge technology and features that benefit both users and bus operators.

MartPro sets up the best bus reservation system with user-friendly features that enable travel agents and tour operators to automate bus bookings and payments for travelers. The bus booking portal mentions various bus routes as well as intercity transfers.

MartPro's Bus CRS will also assist you in managing your bus inventory, fares, routes, and schedules. Not only that the incredible inventory will come with a back-office such as accounting and reporting.

Our bus booking system includes an advanced tool that allows you to manage bookings, and passenger lists, schedule routes, set seat availability, create an interactive seat layout, and allow customers to select and pay online.

With our online bus booking API, you'll be able to offer your customers a more convenient online ticketing experience, saving them time and effort.

Our bus reservation solutions use intelligent technology to provide real-time information about bus schedules, routes, seat availability, and so on. The bus booking systems are backed up by cutting-edge techniques and around-the-clock service and support.

In this competitive market, we provide a white-labeled bus ticket booking app development solution to startups looking to build their own booking platform. Passengers can book a bus ticket from anywhere at any time, thanks to features such as seat selection, price comparison, operator reviews, online payments, and much more.

You as the platform admin can quickly control all the bus ticket booking activities and guide bus operators in organizing routes, buses, ticket fares, seating structures, bus availability, etc. With a strong backend, our bus ticket booking customer app supports both iOS and Android platforms.

Integrate our online bus ticketing system into your website, and your customers will be able to book tickets for a number of routes and destinations. You can manage reservations, client data, and passenger lists with the bus ticket reservation system. You can also plan routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map, and allow customers to choose their seats.

Integrate our online bus ticketing system into your website, and your customers will be able to book tickets for a range of destinations. Bus ticket reservation system allows you to manage booking, traveler details, schedule routes, set seat availability, etc. We build custom booking portals based on the needs of our clients.

To cater to global customers, our responsive bus booking system with mobile apps (Android & iOS) is specially tailored for travel management companies, destination management companies, travel aggregators, B2B B2C travel agencies, and tour operators.


What set our Bus Booking Software apart?


MartPro sets up bus reservation systems that include a supplier interface, an extranet for bus operators, route scheduling, seat mapping, traveler seat selection, price and availability management, IBE, and much more.

With our top-notch innovation, we aid all sizes of bus agencies to take their business online. The CRS-based bus reservation system includes an online bus booking software that is intended to deploy an automated system for search, ticketing, amendment, cancellations, and refunds.

Our Online Bus Booking System enables you to automate bus reservations and payments for various bus routes and intercity transfers. It also assists you in managing your bus inventory, fares, routes, and schedules, as well as your entire back-office operations, such as accounting and reporting.

Our software is built with cutting-edge technology and features that are convenient for users and bus operators. It can integrate with multiple currencies so it can be useful in all countries.

Our bus reservation system is fully automated so when passenger books a ticket they will get confirmation with PNR on their mobile number and email address.

You can also integrate this system with GPS to track the bus in real-time. It has a fully secure structure and 3 tier security on all devices. With this simple and low-cost bus ticket booking solution, you can expand your online travel business.


Why choose our bus booking app and software solution?


Our solution is tailored to the specific needs of bus operators and packed with advanced features and integrations.

  • Dedicated Partner- We provide a dedicated team to assist our clients in deploying the bus booking software from beginning to end.

  • Payment Gateway Support- We support all popular payment gateways and can integrate new ones based on business needs.

  • Fully Customizable- Our bus ticket reservation system is adaptable enough to meet the unique requirements of bus operators.

  • Time & Cost Efficient- Make your own online bus booking app in a cost-effective manner by beginning with our pre-built base solution.

  • On-Demand Expertise- Our expertise in on-demand app development offers our client partners a competitive edge.

  • Built to Scale- Our solution is built on a strong technology stack and can handle multiple bookings at the same time.

  • Third-Party Integrations- Integrate your platform with other booking services such as taxis, flights, hotel reservations, and others.

  • Global Solution- With multi-currency and language support, our solution can be deployed by bus operators all over the world.

  • User-friendly- Everything from the bus ticket booking app to the admin panel has been crafted for intuitive use.

  • Dedicated Support- With a dedicated team from launch to support and maintenance, we strive to help you achieve the highest ROI.

  • Easy Bus Seats Booking – You can easily organize bus routes and tours. Our bus scheduling software enables you to plan, schedule, and manage multiple routes, as well as create timetables and print bus schedules.

  • Bus Routes – You can create numerous bus routes with start, end, and stop destinations, as well as manage time travel and bus schedules. See a route schedule with the departure times of all buses on a specific route.

  • Rates and Tickets – With our advanced bus booking system, you can manage your specific ticket rates and discounts for each bus route.

  • 5000+ Bus Operators – Our bus booking software gives you access to over 5000 bus operators.

  • Payment Methods – Our bus reservation software allows you to easily process online and offline payments. Customers can pay with a debit card, a credit card, or any other payment method. Other payment gateways can also be added.

  • Instant Booking Confirmation – We have modified the software to send personalized emails and notifications to both customers and admin upon each ticket booking, payment, and cancellation.

  • Booking Reports – You can create booking reports and timetables daily to keep track on a day to day basis.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Online Bus Reservation System?


A few major factors influence the estimated cost of developing a Bus Reservation System:

  • Android, iOS, or both platforms are available.

  • Functionalities and features

  • UI & UX Design

MartPro specializes in developing bus booking engines with API integration solutions in order to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to global clients.

We develop a custom online bus reservation system for small, medium, and large travel companies at a reasonable rate. We guarantee that you get all the latest features required from a bus booking portal such as the best API integrations to responsiveness.

We provide more than just customized Bus Booking API Integration; we also provide complete travel technology systems, booking portals, Hotelscombined WordPress Theme, Best White Label Travel Portal In India, Flight Booking API For WordPress, Expedia WordPress Plugin, Amadeus Ws PHP Integration, Hotelscombined WordPress Theme, Agoda WordPress Plugin, and much more.


Key Features of Bus Ticket Reservation System:


  • Online Seat Selection: Online bus booking system allows travelers to select their seats using an immersive bus map.

  • Payment Gateway: Travelers use payment gateways to book and pay for their tickets online.

  • Email and SMS Notifications: Using the bus ticket reservation system, email and SMS notifications can be sent to travelers and administrators.

  • Bus routes: Can create bus routes, destination details, time, and schedule.

  • Fares and Tickets: With our bus ticket booking system, you can easily manage bus ticket rates and pricing.

  • Booking Report Details: Reports can be generated on daily basis on bus ticket booking.

  • Bus Seat Booking- Using this software, travel agencies can give their customers the option of selecting a seat of their choice. The option allows travelers to select a seat from a list of available seats.

  • Rates and Tickets- The bus reservation software allows the travel management company to manage ticket rates, manage discounts, and generate ticket templates with the help of the editor available in the bus reservation software.

  • Multi-Lingual Support- The bus reservation system includes multi-lingual support, which means that the script can be transformed into multiple languages.

  • Generate Report- The reservation system software assists in the generation of booking reports on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, allowing the company to analyze its sales.


Benefits of Bus Booking Software:


  • Avoid standing in long queues and save time

  • Cancel the reserved ticket anytime

  • Earn a commission on every ticket purchased

  • Pay online with a variety of payment methods

  • Manage various trips, rates, and types

  • Easy and convenient booking

  • Manage booking and seating effectively

  • Safe and secure payment gateway

  • Detailed reports for managing trips

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us to become the next big name in online bus booking.

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