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MartPro develops both readymade and custom on-demand food delivery apps for food delivery startups, food chains, and restaurant aggregators.




What is the significance of the Food Delivery App?


Online food ordering has gained significant popularity due to the "convenience" it provides to customers. Food delivery app development is a niche app solution that can fully transform your restaurant chain's business. From getting orders online to management to delivering, get rid of manual operations and digitize your business in no time.

An online food ordering system provides you with new ways of meeting all of your customers' needs more effectively and systematically. Food delivery apps can help restaurant owners automate their operations and gain a competitive edge. Customers can use food delivery apps to make a booking at nearby restaurants and track their orders in real-time.

Creating your food delivery mobile app will not only save you a lot of money, but it will also save you a lot of time. It will also allow you to personalize the customer experience and help you manage day-to-day operational tasks effectively.

Restaurant owners can benefit from an online food ordering system by automating their operations and attracting more customers. Food ordering apps allow customers to make a booking at nearby restaurants and track their orders in real-time.

Are you planning to create a food delivery app to serve your customers with a convenient online food ordering experience?

MartPro is a global leader in the creation of food delivery apps. We provide the best food ordering app development solution at a reasonable cost.

Our powerful food delivery software includes a robust admin dashboard, a customer app, a driver app, and a restaurant app. MartPro's feature-rich food delivery app development solution allows your customers to easily order their favorites by exploring the menu and order.


Why MartPro is the best platform to create Food Delivery App?


MartPro is a renowned food delivery app development company that combines expertise, innovation, and competence to create Food Delivery App. If you want to build outstanding food delivery app solutions like UberEats or DoorDash, we are an ideal Technology partner for you.

MartPro, a well-known Food Delivery App Development Company, has assisted various food businesses, food delivery startups, restaurant chains, individual restaurants, food trucks, and food aggregators in developing Food Ordering Apps. We provide a custom food ordering management system as well as restaurant app development services to help you reach customers across the world.

We have years of experience developing on-demand food delivery apps for a variety of business models. Our fully functional white-label food delivery app connects target customers and restaurants.

Our highly skilled team of food delivery app developers sets up a full-featured, scalable online food ordering and delivery system to provide customers with a unique online food ordering experience.

With our customized on-demand food delivery app solutions, you can start your food delivery and ordering business model similar to Ubereats. Our custom applications are completely adaptable to your specific business requirements.

We collaborate with enthusiastic individuals, independent restaurants, startups, multi-restaurant food chains, and others to provide them with full restaurant app development services.

MartPro, a leading Food Delivery App Development Company, provides an advanced online food ordering and delivery system. We will aid you in enticing more customers to your business by developing an appealing UI/UX that will keep your customers bringing.

We are here to assist you in growing your food delivery business on both the Android and iOS platforms, as well as with a solid backend. Meet the needs of modern customers who are adapted to ordering food online and provide them with the highest level of convenience when buying and selling food.


Overview of our On-Demand Food Delivery App


  • Order Management

  • Search Menu for Food items

  • Delivery Tracking for food order

  • Assigning delivery

  • Feedback and reviews for order delivery

  • Real-time communication

  • Promo Code offer

  • Referral Management


Our Online Food Delivery App Development Suits Everyone




MartPro develops an online food ordering and delivery system for all types of restaurant businesses. We provide customized solutions to both large food chains and small start-up restaurants.




Our custom food app is ideal for a startup food company looking to maintain and operate an online delivery service. Our platform helps to manage a large number of food menus.


The Food Chain


We set up a comprehensive online food ordering and delivery system for a food chain with multiple vendors and franchises.


Single Restaurants


We provide an end-to-end online food ordering and delivery system for single restaurants that can manage both online and offline customers to retain online food ordering.


Food Trucks


If you do not manage to open a full-service restaurant, our online food ordering and delivery system can help you bring your food truck to customers.


Restaurant Search Portals 


We specialize in developing robust and scalable restaurant search portals that assist users in locating the best restaurant in their area.


Key components that make a great Food Delivery App


When establishing an on-demand food delivery app for your restaurant, you must be aware of some fundamental elements. We've outlined the most important factors that contribute to a smooth ordering and delivery process.


There are 4 main elements in any food delivery app which include:


  • Customer app

  • Admin panel

  • Restaurant app

  • Delivery provider app

The customer app is created and designed for end-users, allowing them to place and track online orders from the listed restaurants.

Another important factor is the Admin panel. The admin panel will manage all activities such as managing users, restaurants, and delivery providers, generating reports, establishing commission prices, and so on.

The restaurant app is an important component of your food delivery app. Managers can easily fulfill orders on time thanks to the multi-featured restaurant app.

The last, yet powerful element of your food delivery software is an app for delivery vendors. The solution provides all of the useful features that make the delivery process faster and more effective.


Why MartPro as your Food Delivery App Development Company?


  • Powerful backend- Our food delivery app is built with a robust backend that can be easily obtained by desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet devices.

  • Quick turnaround- We strive to provide high-quality service and complete every food delivery application or website development project on time.

  • Cost-effectiveness- We follow and implement cost-effective practices and methodologies to reduce market-appropriate development expenditures.

  • Customizable advancements- Our food delivery application and solutions are completely customizable offering new features, improvements, and aggregations.

  • Engaging UI Design- For a user-friendly online ordering experience, we create intuitive Food Delivery App services with an appealing user interface design.

  • Agile Development Methodology- To deliver superior Food Delivery App Solutions on time, we employ agile development best practices.

  • Quick Deployment- Get your readymade Food Delivery App Solutions delivered quickly.

  • Cost-effective Solutions- From startups to small businesses to large corporations, our White-Label Food Delivery App Development Costs are very affordable.

  • Complete Transparency- We offer completely transparent and NDA-protected application development services.

  • Technological Innovation- To create futuristic food delivery applications, our expert developers integrate cutting-edge technologies.

  • Cost-effective Solution- We provide a cost-effective web and mobile food ordering and delivery system with built-in features and functionalities.

  • Customization/Integration- We enable our clients with application customizations and integrations relying on their industry needs.

  • Scalable Products- Our team provides a suitable and scalable solution for clients from both startups and established businesses.

  • Fastest Time To Market- We have a basic web and mobile food ordering and delivery system, which means a shorter time to market and lower development costs.

  • Fully customizable and cost-effective- Get a highly customized Uber clone for your food delivery business, complete with a customer ordering app, a driver app, and a restaurant management dashboard.

  • Global Exposure- With white labeling, you can customize your customer experience to include your brand logo and food images.

  • Customizable and expandable- Our web and mobile food ordering and delivery systems are fully customizable and adaptable to any changes or integrations.

  • Payment Methods- Provide a variety of secure payment methods, such as credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.


Key features for Best Food Delivery App


With our fully-featured food ordering system design, you can take your food delivery and ordering business to the next level. Our top food app developers create engaging features for your online food delivery app.


Customer App


A Customer App is designed to make it easy for customers to order food delivery by browsing multiple restaurants and their menus.

  • Nearby Restaurants- Customers can search for and view all the nearby restaurants in their local region.

  • Restaurant Menus- By viewing the menus of various restaurants, users can compare and choose the best restaurant.

  • Push Notifications- Customers get notifications of order confirmations, cancellations, special deals, and discounts.

  • Coupon Management- The app allows customers to view and use discount coupons and codes.

  • In-App Payments- Users can make online payments through the food delivery app.

  • Rating & Reviews- Customers can give feedback, reviews, and ratings based on service, pricing, and quality.

  • Social Media Login- Users can connect the food delivery app with their social media accounts for sharing their experiences, food images, and reviews.

  • Order Tracking- A real-time tracking feature allows users to track their food orders. Users can track the exact location of their orders and check how much time a driver will take to reach them.


Driver App


A Driver App is created with amazing features and user-friendliness to accept or decline restaurant delivery requests based on availability.

  • Profile- After logging in, drivers can create a profile on the app. 

  • Manage Orders- This app allows drivers to accept orders and manage multiple deliveries.

  • Order History- On the app, drivers can save and manage all food order and delivery information.

  • Real-time Tracking- Drivers can track real-time customer locations, and get route directions on maps.

  • Real-time Requests- When customers place orders on the app, drivers receive notifications.

  • Availability Settings- Drivers can choose to go offline or set their availability at various times during the day.

  • Delivery Information- Drivers obtain information on the locations of diverse food deliveries.

  • Payment History- The app enables drivers to track and manage their daily payments.


Restaurant app


A restaurant partner app helps to accept or reject the food delivery orders placed by the clients. It also helps with menu item customization based on availability.

  • Profile- Allow restaurant owners to register and create a profile that includes the address and contact details for the restaurant, a complete menu with prices, and delivery.

  • Menu Management- Restaurants can make a new menu or customize menus based on consumer food preferences and convenience.

  • Order Management- Restaurants can manage all of their orders in one place and get a complete view of all of their orders, including ongoing, dispatched, pickups, and scheduled orders.

  • Real-time Driver Tracking- Using their real-time location, restaurants can track drivers' real-time locations. They can also see the total delivery time and routes.

  • Manage Deals and Discounts- To benefit from food ordering, restaurants can create new discount deals and offers or modify existing ones.

  • Payment History- Restaurants can manage all orders in one place and get a detailed view of all orders, including those that are currently being processed, dispatched, picked up, or scheduled.

  • Push Notifications- Restaurants receive updates about new orders, the status of received or shipped orders, online payments, and other important updates.

  • Promos Management- Restaurants can add new promotions or customize the old ones in one place.

  • Customer Feedback- Restaurants can view each customer's feedback and use it to enhance the quality of their delivery, food, or application overall.


Admin Panel


The Admin Panel assists restaurant owners in managing the entire delivery process.


  • Restaurant Management- Admin console is a powerful control center for managing all in one place, such as managing orders, products, menus, and restaurant management.

  • Reports and Analytics- The analytics and reports feature to allow users to make data-driven informed decisions based on usage statistics and insights.

  • Payments Management- The ability to control and set partner commission rates by standards, as well as manage timely payments.

  • Customer Feedback Management- An administrator has access to a user's information, including their order information, and so on. Admin can also view customer feedback and maintain platform standards.


How much does it cost to develop an On-demand Food Delivery App?




MartPro provides a comprehensive package of On-demand food delivery app development. Our versatile food delivery software includes a robust admin dashboard, customer app, driver app, and restaurant app.

To manage a business using an on-demand delivery app, MartPro must focus on the user's app, the service provider's app, and the admin panel. The cost of calculating these three components is determined by the features as well as the time and effort required to build each of these features.

We have a skilled and professional application development team that is always eager to take on new challenges and create complex application levels. We easily build, manage, develop, and deploy a wide range of enterprise-level applications.

Our professionals always go above and beyond to provide high-quality application solutions and, as a result, long-term benefits to your business.

We create applications for any organization, large or small, within budget and time constraints. We can handle projects ranging from your ideas to amazing mobile applications, and we can assist you to organize them, making them smart and innovative, and launching them.

Once you provide us with these details or endorse the one recommended by an experienced team, we can tell you the estimated cost of food delivery application development.

If you want to build a food ordering app, now is the time to start. Contact MartPro to enhance your food delivery apps and expand your valuable customer base.

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