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Looking for a ready-made online marketplace solution? MartPro’s SaaS-based online marketplace platform brings a ready-made multi-vendor solution for B2B+B2C businesses.




What is an Online Marketplace?


An online marketplace is an eCommerce portal where multiple vendors sell their products or services on the same platform. This type of eCommerce website is also known as a multi-vendor eCommerce website.

The key to success for your multi-seller website is well-tested, flexible, and scalable online marketplace software. Selling on online marketplaces is a versatile business with low startup costs. eBay and Amazon are two examples of well-known marketplaces.

At MartPro, we deliver a customizable marketplace platform to empower startups by lowering their marketing cost and accelerating growth in no time.

Our marketplace developers can assist you in turning your business idea into a reality by simplifying online marketplace development for your business requirements. Whether you need a B2B marketplace or multi-vendor marketplace platform, we provide a one-stop solution to all scale enterprises.

For small, medium, and large-scale retail businesses, we offer full-service online store web design and custom e-Commerce web development. Our expertise is in Magento-based eCommerce website development, and WooCommerce has assisted us in delivering strong marketplace web solutions.

Our multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace development services help eCommerce businesses of all sizes set up and manage marketplaces quickly, affordably, and efficiently, with a focus on giving you complete control over the functionality of your eCommerce store.

Multi-vendor marketplace software includes a user-friendly interface, simple payment methods, social media integrations, rewards and discounts, ratings and reviews, and more.

Our highly customized multi-vendor eCommerce solution allows you to sell multiple products from multiple vendors through a single storefront, and customers can add products from multiple vendors to their single shopping cart. The site admin can set up shipping regulations, modify products in the marketplace, and add new sellers or vendors.


Why is an Online Marketplace a Win-all Business Model?


As a professional online marketplace development company, MartPro recognizes how critical it is to focus on your end-users. As a result, we thoroughly analyze the expectations of your target audience, align them with UX and UI design, and deliver highly engaging and profitable marketplaces.

MartPro has a dedicated team of marketplace app developers who are experts in all major marketplace platforms and will deliver you a remarkable application to help you grow your business.

We provide a one-stop multi-vendor marketplace solution for building multi-seller B2B and B2C stores. In addition to a comprehensive vendor management module, we also provide order, product, and inventory management modules. You choose from 40+ domestic and international payment gateways and also avail of incorporated logistics solutions at discounted prices.

MartPro offers an eCommerce solution tailored to your business vertical that includes pre-built features such as inventory management, order management, social signups, chat support, multiple payment gateways, and much more.

MartPro will create a marketplace website for you using the most recent industry and technology trends and recommendations. And, most importantly, your customers will love it.

MartPro multi-vendor marketplace solutions include over 300 built-in features to assist you with various aspects of running your multi-vendor online business.

When you use MartPro to create a marketplace website, you get comprehensive vendor management, order management, and inventory management modules. You can use these modules to streamline your business with ease, thanks to integrated shipping and payment solutions.

Our MartPro team can create an online marketplace website for you that includes all of the basic and advanced features needed to provide a high-end user experience.

We have an excellent web development team that can create innovative and high-performance website development of any complexity. With our unrivaled web development services, we guarantee to deliver you a website with superior performance that meets the specific needs of your organization.


What are the different types of online marketplaces?




There are numerous marketplace models. Wherein the top marketplace models are discussed here.

B2B Marketplace- The first and most well-known marketplace is the business-to-business marketplace. It is a type of marketplace in which only businesses can buy and sell products and services. For Eg. Alibaba.

B2C Marketplace- Business to Consumer is a platform for product transactions between businesses and consumers. They focus on pitching to people and marketing their products for individual use. For Eg. Starbucks

C2C Marketplace- This is a type of marketplace in which customers buy and sell products and services. The goal of this marketplace is to foster positive relationships between buyers and sellers to enhance prospects.

P2P Marketplace- A peer-to-peer marketplace connects users who offer products and services offline. In this, the buyer and seller connect. Eg. Etsy
D2C Marketplace– A Direct-to-customer business model is enabling brands to create highly exceptional customer experiences. It also eliminates the need for intermediaries and their associated costs. Eg. Mamaearth


Why partner with MartPro for Online Marketplace Development?


MartPro, a leading eCommerce development company, offers the best eCommerce development services, including technical consultations and development plans tailored to their specific requirements.

Our marketplace developers can aid you in turning your business idea into a reality by streamlining online marketplace development for your business needs. We offer a one-stop-shop for all sizes of businesses, whether they need a B2B marketplace or a multi-vendor marketplace platform.

We provide the best-fit solutions that cater to our users' requirements and fulfill users with wonderful shopping experiences thanks to our renowned expertise and excellence in e-commerce app development.

We have a team of highly qualified mobile app developers who create best-in-class e-commerce applications to support your online store and provide your customers with a world-class user experience.

With our eCommerce website development services, you have an endless number of options for developing, innovating, and growing your business.

Our multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace development services assist eCommerce businesses of all sizes in quickly, affordably, and efficiently setting up and managing marketplaces, with a focus on giving you complete control over the functionality of your eCommerce store.

MartPro's multi-vendor e-commerce software includes over 300 built-in tools as well as next-generation technology for creating mobile-ready multi-vendor online stores. The platform is designed in such a way that it provides a growing business at all stages, from the beginning to the end where you scale up to millions of products, pages, and users.

Our SaaS-based eCommerce platform can work equally well for small, medium, or fast-growing large-scale enterprise businesses of B2B and B2C models. In addition, our multi-vendor eCommerce software can handle custom requirements for out-of-the-box marketplace models. We have assisted many businesses in developing a disruptive eCommerce marketplace that has become a pioneer.

MartPro has managed a wide range of horizontal, vertical, and service aggregator marketplaces for both B2B and B2C businesses. Our platform’s flexibility has helped businesses implement out-of-box models with unique flows and customized solutions.

MartPro's SEO-friendly platform allows you to optimize your marketplace for higher SERP rankings and thus more organic traffic. Using the built-in discount engine and marketing tools, you can develop a variety of marketing strategies.

MartPro's simple multi-vendor website builder allows vendors and business owners to focus on business growth rather than the day-to-day chores of managing business processes. Our mobile admin makes it possible to conduct business on the go. You can also create your marketplace mobile apps at zero additional cost right from your admin dashboard.

MartPro also provides built-in solutions for expanding your business into global markets. You can easily build a multilingual website with multi-currency payments, invoicing, multi-level taxes for different countries, IP-based pricing, and other features to make business easier for your vendors and customers.

When you create an online marketplace with us you get 50+ integrated payment gateways along with full COD support. You also get an automated shipping solution that includes pre-integrated and discounted shipping partners.

Along with these, you can use the scalability and flexibility of the platform for building an online marketplace model that is disruptive and unique. We also have an inbuilt solution for multi-store and multilingual online portals.


Why Choose MartPro for designing and developing your Online Marketplace Website?




Built To Scale


Get a marketplace solution built on a robust technology stack that can scale infinitely in the future.


100% Customization


Build long-term brand loyalty & personalize your online marketplace with your branding & logo


Fully Secured Solution


With the help of our strong data protection system, we keep your business safe from data breaches.


Result-Driven Solutions


Our goal is not simply to develop an online marketplace app. We strive for business excellence and the highest output possible. To achieve this, we develop result-driven marketplace apps that generate high ROI and profit in a short time. With our service marketplace assistance, stay assured of outstanding business output and reach.


Best Industry Practices


Before developing a marketplace app, we keep an eye on the latest market trends and craft an application that meets the needs of the current market. As a result, when you use MartPro's marketplace app development service, you can expect the best in the industry while staying within your budget.


24*7 Customer Support


We aim to respond to each customer's inquiry on time and to keep them happy and satisfied with our marketplace development services. Whether you need to inquire about development trends or want to discuss something else with our marketplace app developers, we are here to assist you round the clock.


Flexible Team


Every developer at MartPro works together to provide world-class marketplace development solutions. Our team is flexible enough to accommodate ongoing changes while still delivering a flawless app that generates substantial business profit. So, just tell us what you need and we'll handle the rest.


Smart Work Methodology


In today's competitive world, you must develop innovative business solutions to be successful. Our marketplace app developer recognizes this and, as a result, employs a smart work approach at every stage of development. Our dedication and hard work have earned us the trust of thousands of customers worldwide.


Engage Loyal Customers


Our multi-vendor online marketplace solution is packed with various ready-to-use customer retention techniques such as standard coupons, gift cards, reward points, lucky draw contests, etc. knowing that it costs more to gain new customers than it does to retain the existing ones.


Convenient Shopping Experience


Our multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace platform gathers a wide array of sellers who sell a range of products. Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping as they can buy distinct kinds of items under one roof.


Reports & Analytics


A robust data analytics system that allows both administrators and sellers to view the most popular products, total revenue/profit in numbers, and graphical representation.


Booking Management


Fully functional catalog and booking management system that allows vendors to list products quickly, change prices, offer discounts, and introduce new items.


Multiple Payments


Accept payments from customers all over the world. Integrated global payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe make the payment process a breeze.


Real-Time Chat 


A robust in-app chat support system that allows customers to communicate directly with sellers and resolve product or service-related queries.


Advantages of choosing MartPro Online Marketplace Solution


MartPro's multi-vendor SaaS eCommerce platform is designed to provide a comprehensive eCommerce marketplace builder for B2B, B2C, and high-volume enterprise businesses. Our goal is to give a prompt and easy start to your business and take away the pain of development.


Here is why you have to choose us for developing your multi-vendor online store:


  • Turnkey solution that handles all aspects of a multi-vendor setup.

  • Backend and frontend customization to create out-of-the-box online marketplace solutions

  • The mobile ready solution, build mobile apps right from your dashboard 

  • Beautiful themes and inbuilt authoring tools to design the most interactive marketplace

  • The seamless interface that makes work efficient and lighter

  • Inbuilt multi-store configuration for creating multiple storefronts with centralized administration

  • Built-in CMS (content management system) and blog engine for optimized SEO content

  • 50+ integrated payment gateways and wallet support

  • Automated and discounted logistics with COD support

  • Multilingual and multi-currency support for worldwide business expansion

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