Hotel Booking API India - Accelerate Your Hotel Booking & Delight Travelers’ Through a Powerful Hotel API

Using MartPro's Hotel Booking API India, you can extend the functionality of your website. Effectively manage rates & availability, extra services, instant booking, and others.


What is Hotel Booking API?


Hotel APIs is a web service that allows you to search for and book hotels online. These Hotel APIs manage rates, availability, and a wide range of accommodations, allowing you to provide clients with the best options for their ideal stay in a specific city.

It will be integrated into your travel portal, complete with payment gateway integration, to improve the customer experience.

With these Hotel API Integrations, travel agents can obtain all hotel data from global hotel suppliers, including hotel details such as hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel room pricing, hotel room accessibility, hotel facilities, and other features. Customers should also be able to search for and book hotels based on price, star category, and review.

MartPro enables you to incorporate all of your hotel APIs into a single Hotel Booking Engine, enabling you to offer your customers the best possible accommodation rates on your website.

We've integrated over 40 hotel API suppliers, including global Bedbanks like Hotelbeds, Tourico, GTA, and DOTW, as well as OTAs like Expedia, Priceline, MakeMyTrip, and Cleartrip.


Get the Best Hotel API Integration Services by the expert at MartPro


MartPro provides the best hotel API integration services to the clients and brings transformation to the hotel booking process. Our dedicated team provides exceptional Hotel API solutions that eliminate booking complexities for large and small-scale travel agencies. It offers an end-to-end solution for hotel booking.

You can gain access to a wide range of details by using our API hotel booking. This includes room types and room images. You also gain the ability to perform a range of actions such as booking rooms, canceling rooms, and generating reports on the same.

As a reputable hotel booking API provider, you can be self-assured that our services have been thoroughly tested and are supported by a seasoned team of professionals.

MartPro offers a platform for hotel bookings, as well as an efficient way to build a hotel booking website. Hotel API integration improves your Travel Portal in every way; your customers or Travel Agents can efficiently and conveniently find the best deal from a large number of Hotel Inventories, book Rooms, cancel Rooms, and generate tickets for booking and cancellation, and so on.

MartPro Hotel Booking API India provides detailed descriptions of over 7,00,000+ properties worldwide, including room types, images, and amenities. As one of the reliable API providers worldwide, our team is focused on Hotel API Integrations and Hotel Booking Website Development

MartPro provides seamless connectivity of Hotel API for all these features through the integration of XML/JSON APIs for B2C and B2B travel portal modules. Our advanced and integral Hotel API Integration solution allows you to grow your business and increase the number of bookings without any hassles.

By using Hotel Booking API India and MartPro’s most trusted and versatile Travel Portal Solution you can accomplish your target in the travel industry in a short turnaround time.

The top features of MartPro Hotel Booking API are as follows: users can search, book, and cancel their hotel reservations through an online travel portal, a user-friendly dashboard, a real-time system, robust and reliable, easy and fast setup integration.


Why MartPro Hotel Booking API India?


MartPro offers the best hotel API for searching and booking hotels online, resulting in a better customer experience and increased revenue for Travel Agents, Travel Agencies, Hoteliers, Tour Operators, and Travel Management Companies.

Our developer provides you with the best Hotel API, which provides you with real-time hotel rates and availability, as well as hotel booking/cancellation reports.

Hotel API integration allows travel agents to obtain all hotel data from global hotel suppliers, such as hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel room pricing, hotel room accessibility, hotel facilities, and other features.

With these Hotel APIs, travel agents get direct hotel bookings via an online booking portal. Provide customers with additional hotel search and booking functionality based on price, star categories, and reviews.

Based on your needs, incorporate Hotel API in your Travel Portal to convert visitors into successful bookings and expand your business in the travel industry.

Our hotel API is connected to thousands of hotel room suppliers in India and around the world. As an API integration technology partner, we ensure that clients all over the world receive the best hotel API integration.

We at MartPro make it simple for you to search for hotels online by integrating with hotel booking API integration partners such as Hotelsbed, GRNConnect, Hotelspro, 24x7rooms, Sabre, and so on globally.

Our Hotel API offers a wider range of hotel options in all areas. Besides this, it allows browsing through different suppliers’ content. With its implementation, providing unbeatable deals becomes simple.

MartPro Hotel API provides unique content. With a remarkable hotel chain, our hotel reservation system is reaching new heights. By combining this travel and tourism API with your software application, you can provide powerful travel solutions to your prospective clients.

Our Hotel API provides detailed information such as the type of room with images, book/cancel rooms, and generate reports of booking and cancellation. 

For the global travel industry, we provide a simple and user-friendly Hotel API. When your guests are looking for a hotel, all of the information they require should be at their fingertips in real-time.

It assists travel and tourism in growing their business by providing a cost-effective and efficient Hotel API Integration solution. Our Hotel API has been designed to accommodate all needs of small-medium travel agents and guests, once it is integrated into your website, it will allow your clients and your travel business access to a great range of services.

Our Google Hotel API allows travelers to book rooms online and this plays a significant role in the development of different properties nowadays. Our Hotel API will assist your business in increasing revenues by automating processes and reducing the time and effort required to complete a room booking.


How Travel Agencies can be benefitted from the help of our Hotel API?


A hotel booking API is a valuable resource for any travel agency. Hotel booking API aids in transforming website visits into booking that ultimately aids the revenue of the hotel business.

Hotel API integration enhances your Travel Portal in every way; your customers or Travel Agents can easily and quickly find the best deal from a large number of Hotel Inventories, book rooms, cancel rooms, generate booking and cancellation tickets, and so on.

With the help of such a software suite, the portal acquires real-time search data and comprehends the traveler's hotel booking needs. This included the number of rooms, the type of room, the destination, and the traveler's budget.

The integration of Hotel Booking API India aids in the expansion of the online booking site. By integrating a hotel API, you provide your customers with a variety of options for staying in a specific city. As a result, your business will grow beyond the limit.

It gives you more control over your portal, allowing you to make changes and add features as needed to meet market demand. Incorporating your travel portal with API can make you the best.

With an effective Hotel Booking API India, you can help your business grow effectively. In our API for hotel booking, we take steps to ensure all real-time specifications are covered. After incorporation into a travel portal, it will allow your agents, clients, and customers to gain access to a range of services.

With API integration travel websites, you get a web service that provides the online features of booking and searching for hotels. This feature greatly improves and expands the usability of your online booking site. It enables customers to have more options from which they can select their preferred place to stay in any specific city.

By utilizing the Google Hotel API, you will gain immediate access to a massive inventory of hotel accommodation. In short, you get a wide range of accommodation options as well as an extremely user-friendly interface.

As a result, our Google Hotel API is sure to attract a lot of traffic and interested people to your travel portal. As a result, you will be able to expand your customer base with little effort. 

Hotel API integration free allows you to automate services such as hotel booking, reservations, payments, and much more. Hotel API free gives you access to a large hotel inventory and ensures that it can be booked with a few clicks. 


Hotel API Integration has significant advantages, some of them are mentioned below-


Business Expansion


After implementing our Hotel API, you will have immediate access to a large inventory of Hotels. With so many accommodation options and a user-friendly booking interface, our Hotel API will automatically attract people to your website, increasing your customer base and allowing you to focus on business growth promotion.


Customer Satisfaction


For those who believe that booking a vacation package or arranging and planning the entire trip is a difficult task, we are here to make the process as simple and easy as possible at every step. Through hotel API integration, MartPro provides a unified platform. This way, we can provide our customers with a diverse range of hotel inventory.


Time & Money Saving


Booking hotels has become much easier and faster thanks to the use of user-friendly interfaces and quick confirmation. Through hotel API integration, one could have all the data and information in one place and so therefore the agents will not need to enter the data manually. Since no software is required thus no maintenance and installation are needed. Hotel API integration allows you to make bookings instantly, which saves your time and money.


A list of Top Hotel API Suppliers


MartPro has API connections with a large number of hotels. As a travel agency, you can integrate your website with a wide range of hotel XML, such as Hotelsbed API, Hotelspro XML API, Grnconnect API, 24x7rooms API, and others.


Hotelsbed API


Hotelsbed API is remarkable for being the huge collector worldwide for B2B providers in the travel industry. Today, Hotelsbed has about 50,000 travel distributors with yearly booking of 50 million rooms in 200 countries worldwide. Hotelsbeds API integration provides you with easy and free access to API.


Hotelspro XML API


Hotelspro XML API is another renowned name in the travel industry. It is a leading B2B hospitality provider that provides quick access to the best accommodation deals and hotel rates online. They are linked to over 95,000 hotels in approximately 190 countries around the world. You get 24/7 customer support from Hotelspro XML API integration.


GRNconnect API


GRNconnect API is the next online B2B Bedbank hotel booking portal on the list. They have over 400k hotels and 50k apartments worldwide. With GRNconnect API integration, we facilitate GRNconnect to access 400,000 worldwide for our clients.


24x7rooms API


As the names suggest, the 24x7rooms API gives you access to hotel accommodations around the world at any time. You can also book hotels based on your specific needs and requirements.


DOTW (Destination of the World)


Destinations of the World (DOTW) is the world's leading hotel deal supplier, serving over 1,200 cities worldwide. With 21 offices around the world, over 400 professional staff, over 80,000 ground services, and over 150,000 travel agents worldwide, DOTW latest Hotel XML API allow travel companies to deliver hotel inventories at the best rates and facilities.


Rooms XML 


Rooms XML Hotel API is one of the most trusted brands known for hotel room distribution systems designed for b2b travel companies. The Benefits of RoomsXML API - Over 80,000 hotels serve over 180 countries, over 15,000 destinations, and over 2400 resorts worldwide.


Features of Hotel Booking API:


  • Search, Book, Confirm via Single API Integration

  • Allow for full-time presence and immediate booking approval.

  • Offer easy integration

  • Provide great hotel choices

  • Easily integrate into your current system 

  • Automate hotel reservation and payment process

  • Online hotel search and booking features

  • Wide variety of accommodation

  • Simplify the procedure of hotel booking 

  • Provides an instant and efficient interface

  • Allows full adaptability

  • Provide customized solution

  • Confirmation of an instant hotel booking

  • Allows cancellation of hotel booking

  • Increases brand visibility on the global market

  • Option to change/modify a hotel booking

  • Provides access to explore exceptional contract rates

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