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The restaurant industry never stops moving, and your success depends on how you handle all of the moving pieces. Running a restaurant requires a powerful management system to help you maximize efficiency, improve your profitability, and grow in the future.

A restaurant management system is a software designed to enhance your restaurant management by simplifying operations. Restaurant operation software replaces paper on clipboards, confusing spreadsheets, or disparate systems that require manual workarounds to talk to one another.

Restaurant POS software is quick to implement, easy to learn, and effortless in operation which reduces the long-standing queues of the customer so that their orders are placed faster and quicker billing can be done. 

For the Restaurant industry, the biggest challenge is to handle the order entry, recipe costing, tracking & documentation of perishable inventory. Software for restaurant billing empowers you to easily make adjustments to different menus & prices with respect to a different time.

We at MartPro believe in and strive to bring you applications that provide you with beneficial and fast services to make your work simple and accurate.

We offer robust web-based software for restaurants. It allows users to schedule and communicate with employees, manage inventory, supply-chain, and recipes, and get insightful report data.

It streamlines operations, saves time, and streamlines task flow management. It has an easy interface and advanced features for better management of hospitality organizations.

Our restaurant software seamlessly integrates with a suite of products to help your business generate revenue, streamline management, and drastically boost the customer experience.

Our state-of-the-art features provide you with the means to serve your valued customers in a practical, productive manner, all the while collecting data that can be used to make important business decisions.


End-To-End Restaurant Inventory Management System Software


Adjusting Inventory Levels With Sales

The software helps in automatically adjusting the inventory stock levels in real-time just after orders are received.

Optimizing Inventory Based On Orders

Based on sales forecasts, historical usage, and PAR levels, the system assists optimize stock levels effectively.

Placing Orders Just In A Few Clicks

Order placing is fast as the system involves the electronic exchange of details with local vendors and suppliers.

Spot Check For Stock Levels

A powerful inventory management system helps detect waste, loss, theft, and delivery errors for actual vs. expected inventory levels.


Why Do You Need Restaurant Management Software? 




The day-to-day activities of running a restaurant can pile up quickly, and numerous of those responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the owner or manager. In addition to managing a POS system, restaurant managers face various challenges and responsibilities every day. 

In the restaurant industry, managing time is crucial. The addition of software and tech is needed to simplify and shorten the time it takes us to carry out tasks. Keeping this in mind, if the technology is not up to the mark, customers will notice. An inefficient restaurant management software system translates to extensive service and unhappy guests.

A restaurant management software is especially useful for those looking at scaling up their brand. Using a POS that shows location data is immensely useful and time-saving compared with a separate system for each location. MartPro has been flawlessing restaurant management software and serving excellence across the globe.

MartPro delivers advanced and lightweight restaurant software for franchisors, restaurants, and hospitality groups to drive revenue and reduce costs. With a solid foundation of back-end financials and inventory in a unified cloud platform, restaurants can upgrade their business by adding the functionality required to meet their changing business needs involving point-of-sale integration, commissary and franchise management, and more.

MartPro also comes with a restaurant POS and billing system that allows you to manage daily tasks right at your fingertips. It can easily integrate with other departments, help you to directly manage orders, and keep track of business performance anytime and anywhere.


Here are the top reasons you need to have a restaurant management system.


1. Having any time, anywhere access


Restaurant management systems used to be stored “locally” on in-store devices, requiring operators to be on the premises to access data. Today’s cloud-based software provides you the flexibility of connecting to your restaurant business anywhere, any time, and from any device.

Cloud-based technology is especially important if you run multiple concepts or multiple units as it enables you to access and control data across locations.


2. Reduce Costs and Stay On Budget


Restaurant management systems can also assist you to optimize food costs, one of your most controllable expenses. By centralizing your food cost data, even across locations, you can elevate alerts to vendor prices changes, proactively staying on top of expenses, and making related menu adjustments.


3. Saving time and eliminating human error


To make your restaurant management system comprehensive, the system should integrate smoothly with any other restaurant software tools that you use. Full integration not only avoids costly custom workarounds but also helps streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies.


4. Streamlining your accounting


A restaurant management system that involves restaurant accounting software can automatically create daily sales and labor accrual journal entries in your accounting general ledger. 

This automatic, accurate entry enables you to instantly review sales reporting and labor data, as well as review enhanced business analytics. A restaurant management system does not only streamline the restaurant accounting process, but it also can help you analyze your accounting to make sure your restaurant business growth is heading in the right direction.


What Features Should Restaurant Management Software Include?




Table Management:


Unfortunately, too many restaurants struggle with increasing table turnaround time and customer satisfaction, which is why it is essential to have the right table management tools. It will help you provide perfect service as the host can quickly assign guests to suitable tables with respect to the size of the party and their specific requirements. The visual arrangement of each table on the restaurant floor (that they see through the table management tool) makes it easier for them. 


Inventory Management:


You need a restaurant inventory management system that observes inventory levels and makes sure you never lose track of your stock. The best inventory management tracks inventory levels from goods right down to ingredients. And, they do it every in real-time, producing day-to-day, weekly, and monthly consumption reports. With these tools, you never have to worry about running out of essential items; instead, you can take power by setting alerts that notify you as soon as you are running low.


Call Center Management:


By having call center management capabilities, you are providing customers with another option for ordering at your restaurant. This, in turn, will increase your sales and expand your brand. You will be able to accept phone orders with various payment methods while also storing customers’ past order details to improve the speed of service and learn their menu favorites.


Kitchen Display System:


A advanced kitchen display system is essential for ensuring direct communication among chefs, waiters, and cashiers. This will be facilitated through the use of tools that update orders in real-time. The beauty of a robust kitchen display system is that it guarantees accurate orders as they will each be sent directly to kitchen staff to evade delays and errors. Orders will be exact and will automatically sync across your establishment for increased efficiency.




The right restaurant management software will provide you with agile analytics and reports that can be accessed on the go. This is invaluable when it comes to getting real-time information on sales, inventory, operations, and branch performance. You will be able to access reports from any location, allowing you to handle your restaurant and branches when you are on the move. Now, you can have complete control of your business, no matter where you are that particular day.




Automating the order process is a good way to make your service speed fast. Automation also enables you to manage the order-taking process with a lesser staff! A win-win on both accounts.


Waiter Digital Menu:


Having a digital menu is becoming more common as more restaurants realize the advantages. Undoubtedly, digital menus catch customers’ attention (and taste buds), particularly if you opt to add vibrant images to all the food and drink offerings. The design options are endless when it comes to digital menus; you can customize the menu with rotating promotional offers, as well as content that creates a deeper connection with the diners.


Technical Support:


You may have experienced an important setback when your system is down, and the staff is unable to take orders on the phone and manage anything efficiently. The significance of excellent support from restaurant POS can never be overstated. Protect your investment and sanity with 24*7 support with the best food ordering app.


Tracking Sales:


Every restaurant deals with credit card and cash transactions. So, it is imperative that the software tracks all the business sales information, making it easy for the owner.


Employee Timesheets:


In addition to effectively tracking employees as they clock in and out, you can select restaurant software that enables employees to manage their shifts, such as when they need another coworker to cover for them. Rather than going through management, allow them to swap shifts as essential directly through the system.


Offers and Coupons:


Offers and coupons form an important aspect of the advertisement strategy of any restaurant. Your billing software must be able to cash out the coupons and other offers published by the restaurant.


Benefits of Restaurant Management System


  • Able to track your orders and sales - Account management

  • Accurate, real-time financial statements and data will be available very quickly

  • You can do staff management according to schedule - Human resource management

  • Easy system for customer relationship management

  • All in one software - Admin, kitchen, waiter, user all panel in a system, reservation system, purchase system

  • Complete process management system - order taking to delivery monitor

  • Easy payment system

  • Easy marketing solution - SMS & coupon, etc.

  • Online ordering platform

  • Responsive website and mobile application system


Why do you choose our Restaurant Management System?


  • Easy to handle, No need for any prior knowledge

  • All essential features at a low cost

  • All systems within one

  • Extended version available for mobile application & desktop software

  • Supported at any device

  • If you want more customization it is possible for us.

  • Neat and clean code & SEO friendly responsive web application

  • Support available for any technical problem

As technology has evolved, restaurant management systems have grown right along with it. From us, you get ready-to-use, fully-supported solutions that guarantee satisfaction.

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