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Would you like to start a food marketplace where your customers can order food online? MartPro creates custom white label food delivery apps for food delivery startups, food chains, and restaurant aggregators.




What is Food Delivery App Development? How does it extend your business reach?


Online food ordering has gained popularity in recent years due to the "convenience" it provides to customers. Food delivery app development is a specialized app solution that can help you fully transform your restaurant chain business.

Food ordering app development gives you new ways to meet all of your customers' needs more efficiently and systematically. Get rid of manual processes and automate your business in no time, from taking orders online to management to delivery.

Want to build your on-demand food delivery app? MartPro, as a leading on-demand app development company, can assist you in developing full-fledged software to start your food marketplace.

We create highly interactive and user-friendly food delivery apps to help you scale your food aggregator business. Our team consists of highly skilled developers who have been working on food delivery apps for many years.

Our professionals have experience developing customized food delivery apps for almost any platform, including Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Our elegant team excels at providing valuable features and highly functional apps that leverage the most recent trends and technology, such as major industry players Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, and many others. We design solutions with the client's needs in mind.

MartPro creates an online food delivery app for startups and large corporations. You can manage inventory, order history, review and rating management, logistics, favorite food, and restaurant service experience with the help of an on-demand food delivery app.

Our food delivery app solution is a complete solution; we understand the complexities of a food delivery company, so we created a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects.

Our application development process begins with a thorough understanding of our client's requirements and the design of a solution that meets their business requirements. Our mobile app developers have extensive experience with design and development solutions. We come up with innovative solutions to help your food delivery business using emerging technology.

MartPro's feature-rich food delivery app development solution allows your customers to order their favorites by conveniently exploring the menu and order.

Stay ahead in the online food competitive industry with our on-demand food ordering application development solution for both Android and iOS platforms, Driver app, and a powerful backend. Meet the needs of modern customers who are accustomed to ordering food online and give them the most convenience when buying and selling food.


How To Develop Software To Start Your Food Marketplace With MartPro?


Starting an online food ordering marketplace that drives business growth could be difficult for entrepreneurs in this highly competitive food industry.

MartPro's team of experienced professionals has developed an online food ordering and delivery solution to assist startups in quickly establishing their online food ordering marketplace.

If you want to create a food delivery app, now is the time to get started. With our low-cost on-demand mobile application services, you can bring your restaurant to clients’ mobile phones. We are here to help you grow your food delivery business on both Android and iOS platforms, as well as with a strong backend.

MartPro is a leading Food Delivery App Development Company that specializes in Food Delivery On Demand apps with powerful features. We will assist you in attracting more customers to your business by creating an appealing UI/UX that will make your customers come back.

We offer a more affordable and personalized food ordering app that is user-friendly, robust, and scalable. 

Our food delivery apps, created with cutting-edge technologies, are designed to meet the changing needs of the food delivery market. We have our unique features that make users order their food from their mobile apps that deliver food orders on time.

We combine innovation and experience to provide the best solution for food ordering apps such as Swiggy and UberEats.

As the best food delivery app development company, we can assist you in creating something that will double your customers and revenue.

With our fully-featured white-label food delivery app development solutions, you can take your food delivery and ordering business to new heights. Our best-in-class certified food app developers build highly interactive features for your online food delivery application.

We are willing to assist with the development of on-demand food order application services, which will connect potential customers with your brand's online channel. We simply cater to all types of food businesses, from small to large, as we are constantly committed to delivering innovative ideas that meet our customers' needs.


How MartPro’s On-demand Food Delivery App Development Solution can help you grow?




MartPro is a renowned food delivery mobile application development company with expertise in building applications for Windows, Android, iOS, and all other platforms.

We also build cross-platform applications that can run seamlessly on various platforms and multiple devices with different configurations, screen sizes, and screen resolution.

Our customized food ordering app development comes in all sizes and shapes. Partnering with us helps you improve and combine ideas with developments. Being the most trusted on-demand food delivery app development company, we aim to deliver out-of-the-box software solutions that reflect our excellence and agility.

Our 100% on-time quality work assists you in gaining a large customer base in a short timeframe. Whether it’s customization, implementation, branding, upgrading, or support, we provide you with most of the services. Our developers also possess technical expertise that helps them bring out unique features for businesses.

Our food delivery app works on both Android and iOS devices. Our programmers use cutting-edge technology to develop the most dependable, secure, and efficient food delivery app for our customers.

With extensive experience in food delivery app development, we aim to assist start-ups and restaurants in balancing consumer preferences. Our visually appealing food delivery apps enable you to serve a wide range of food options in specific locations.

To provide you with the best online food order app, we combine innovation, technology, design, and support services for both Android and iOS platforms. Furthermore, our experts will implement the best-proven business models to help you develop and launch your online food delivery software for your business in the short term.

We have the skills required to design and build an exceptional food delivery mobile app, food delivery software, and website with the customized features and integrations you require. We provide a diverse range of technically advanced and commercially viable apps.

Our skilled team of food app developers has the knowledge and experience required to create seamless food ordering apps that allow you to serve your customers at their convenience and availability.

Our developers can use their coding skills to create appealing food delivery apps for your business, such as UberEats, Zomato, and Swiggy. The fully-fledged food ordering and the delivery app will incorporate all robust features as it got built using top-notch technologies.


Overview of Our Food Delivery On-Demand App


  • Order Management

  • Search Menu for Food items

  • Delivery Tracking for food order

  • Assigning delivery

  • Feedback and reviews for order delivery

  • Real-time communication

  • Promo Code offer

  • Referral Management


Our Food Delivery Application Development Suits Everyone


MartPro creates custom food ordering management systems for all types of restaurant businesses to run online. We assist large food chains as well as small start-up restaurants by providing customized solutions.




We assist entrepreneurs and food delivery store owners in the development of their startups and online marketplaces such as Talabat and UberEats. Our custom food app is ideal for a startup food company that wants to maintain and run an online delivery service. Our dashboard allows you to manage a large number of food menus.


Food Chain


We provide a complete online food ordering and deployment management set up for a food chain that works with multiple vendors and franchises. A centralized dashboard allows you to manage all of your food delivery stores and restaurants. Now, you can easily track the sale of each store.


Single Restaurants


We provide an end-to-end food delivery management system for single restaurants that can manage both online and offline customers to maintain online food ordering. Create a direct business workflow from your food storage to the customer's door.


Key Features of Our On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Solution


Here are some of the key features that we create using our food delivery app development services for Android and iOS technologies. The features contains in the Customers app, Delivery Provider app, and Admin dashboard.


Advanced Search


Find a food item, restaurant, or other queries to browse, and then add the item to your shopping cart.


Ratings and Reviews


After the food has been successfully delivered, the user can rate and review the restaurant and delivery executive.




This feature allows users to cancel a confirmed order and receive the payment in their wallets.


Payment Security


We provide secure payment options that allow you to pay for your order online through the app.


Special Offers and Discounts


Enable a special discount and offers to entice more customers to order via the app.




Users can able to credit some amount to their wallet to make a quick payment and also facilitates receiving the refund amount


Live Tracking


Our live tracking feature keeps you up to date on the status of your confirmed order from your app.




Our quick notification service keeps you up to date on what's going on around you, including special offers.




Quick live support feature to connect with the executive while encountering issues during order placement and tracking


Key Components That Makes Great Food Delivery App


When developing an on-demand food delivery app for your restaurant, you should be aware of some fundamental elements. We've outlined the most important factors that contribute to a smooth ordering and delivery process.


Any food delivery app has four main components, which are as follows:


  • Customer app

  • Admin panel

  • Restaurant app

  • Delivery provider app

The customer app is created and designed for end-users, allowing them to place and track orders from the listed restaurants online.

The Admin panel is another important factor to consider. The admin panel will manage the entire application and oversee all activities such as managing users, restaurants, delivery providers, generating reports, setting commission prices, and so on.

Another important component of your food delivery app is the restaurant app. Managers can easily fulfill orders on time thanks to the multi-featured restaurant app.

The last, yet a powerful element of your food delivery software is an app for delivery providers. The solution includes all of the useful features that make the delivery process quick and efficient.


Why MartPro as your Food Delivery App Development Company?




Hiring our food delivery app development company will enable you to reach a diverse spectrum of tech-savvy consumers and provide them with satisfying low-cost services.

Technological Innovation- Our expert developers integrate cutting-edge technologies to create futuristic food delivery applications.

Cost-effective Solution- We provide a cost-effective food delivery app solution with built-in features and functionalities.

Customization/Integration- We assist our clients with application customizations and integrations based on their industry needs.

Scalable Products- Our team offers an ideal as well as a scalable solution for clients from startups and established companies.

Fastest Time To Market- We have a fundamental food ordering app solution, which means a shorter time to market and lower development costs.

Fully customizable and cost-effective- Get a fully customized Uber clone for your food delivery business, complete with a customer ordering app, a driver app, and a restaurant management dashboard.

Scalability- Our robust technologies will be tailored to your on-demand food business needs, resulting in a truly unique experience.

Global Exposure- With white labeling, you can personalize your customer experience by including your brand logo and food images.

Time to Market- Our existing food ordering app solution is customized to your specifications, eliminating the need for wireframing and resulting in a faster launch.

On-Demand Expertise- Utilize our key insights and expertise to develop a robust and cost-effective on-demand food delivery app for your business.

Built To Scale- Our app expands with your business as it is built on cloud infrastructure that has been tested to handle large amounts of data.

Dedicated Support- Avail maximum ROI as our dedicated food delivery app developers offer ongoing support from idea to launch and even for maintenance.

Customizable and expandable- Our Food delivery app platform is 100% customizable and flexible for all kinds of improvements and integrations.

Modes of Payment- Provide a variety of payment methods for secure payments, such as credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Food Delivery Mobile Application?


The cost of designing a food delivery application is determined by the platform on which the application is to be launched, the complexity of the application, the features to be included in the application, the application's tech stack, the project's time duration, and a few other factors.

If you choose a world-renowned Food App Development Company like MartPro, you can be self-assured that you will receive a feature-rich, tailored, and scalable application at a reasonable price.

We provide an Android App and an iOS mobile application to help you manage your food store and customers. This app development is associated with several business models, including marketplace food store, single store app, food chain store app, and personalize food app store.

MartPro must focus on the user's app, the service provider's app, and the admin panel to manage a business using an on-demand food delivery app. The cost of calculating these three components is identified by the features as well as the time and effort required to build each of these features.

Once you provide us with these details or approve the one suggested by an experienced team, we can tell you the estimated price of food delivery application development.

Get in touch with us if you want to develop your online food delivery service and transform your valuable customer base.

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