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Power your own P2P rental car marketplace with MartPro technology. Launch fast with a full feature set that allows both users (owners and renters) to manage their rental easily. Connect Car Owners With Vehicle Renters Hassle-Free. Grow & extend your platform.




P2P Car Rental Marketplace is one of the popular and flexible business models for starting your car rental business.

The online rental industry is penetrating several niches with increasing customer demand for rental products. P2P car rental marketplace is one of those niches that has gained immense success over the years and is full of opportunities for new emerging businesses.

However, to establish a brand and survive the competition, it is of utmost importance that you step into this highly competitive market, well-prepared. Car rental software plays a significant role in the development of the rental business and it also helps the business to stand out from the crowd.

With the help of an experienced designer and development specialist, you can greatly gain success by including the listed features in your car rental platform. 

There is numerous solution providing companies that can help you in building your P2P rental marketplace in time. You can also find customizable and scalable platforms to help you add all the key aspects you need to run a market for online car rentals. 

With MartPro, you can successfully develop, launch and grow a rental marketplace, be it peer-to-peer, business-to-business, or business-to-consumer.

MartPro is one of the most renowned eCommerce marketplaces for intuitive car rental apps. We have a tech-trained team of developers, who work around our customer’s needs and requirements and serve them the best solutions and services.

MartPro Rental Marketplace is the perfect solution to build an online rental website where sellers can showcase, rent and sell their products. It ensures a secure, scalable, multivendor rental website with all of the important features promised by top marketplaces of the world.

It also includes reports & analytics to get valuable insights which will help the admin to track useful aspects like rents, sales, traffic, registrations, conversions, etc., and formulate better future business strategies.

MartPro rental platform offers a range of highly curate features. The result is a rental marketplace system that includes everything you will ever need to drive your business towards growth & success.

MartPro's marketplace software and platform expertise take you where you want to go. From idea to launch, profitability to growth, and beyond.

We bring a feature list to help entrepreneurs pick the best rental marketplace software and launch a car portal that succeeds.


Features To Include in Your Car Rental App


We've provided a list of key features and functionality that will give you an edge over its competitors.


Features for Car owners


Car owners are a vital part of the car rental business if you are creating a rent-a-car business marketplace. As a result, you must include all of the necessary features to attract new car owners to join your marketplace.


Here are a few key features that will set your company apart.


  1. Car Owner Verification: The app should include a feature that allows car owners to update their information, such as name, phone number, email, license number, car photos, insurance number, license expiry date, and other details.

  2. User-Friendly Dashboard: You must include a dashboard for car owners to maintain their listed cars, transaction history, messages from renters, and so on.

  3. Car listing Option: An unlimited car listing option allows your users to list multiple car models to gain profit.

  4. Car Booking Management: This feature will assist owners in knowing the status of their booked vehicles as well as their details such as a renter, payment figure, and payment status.

  5. Availability Management: You must implement a feature that allows vehicle owners to choose their accessibility. Turo, a leading car rental marketplace, requests availability options from owners for weekdays, weekends, and every day.

  6. Discounted Price: To make your app exceptional among competitors, you must implement this functionality. On a specific event, car owners should be able to set a special price offer for renters.

  7. Booking Cancellation: You should include a feature that allows owners to cancel a rent request under the cancellation policies.

  8. Reservation History: By including this feature in the car owner app, you enable them to view their past, current, and related booking, as well as related details.


Features for the Car Renter App




You must develop a feature-rich app for riders who want to rent a car for weekend trips, run an errand, or business meetings.


Here are some features that your app must have.


  1. Easy Sign up/ Registration: Riders look for instant rental car options. As a result, you must design a signup form that can be completed quickly. You can do this by offering sign-up options through Google, Facebook, and Email.

  2. Filters: You have no idea what kind of riders will use your app. As a result, you should provide filters that allow renters to choose their preferred car option. You could include filters such as price, car type, fuel, Car Company, and so on so that they can choose their favorite car.

  3. Dashboard: A dashboard allows car renters to monitor and manage their bookings, transaction history, messages, activities, profile, and account.

  4. Renter Verification: For a safety purpose, you should include a detailed form for the car riders which include their identity, license information, email, and more.

  5. Location-Based Rental: The app should allow the user to search for nearby locations and hire a car.

  6. Booking Options: Provide your users the ability to book their dream car via prior booking or instant booking options. Do not forget to incorporate an option for per hour or per day hiring.

  7. Calendar Option: Make a calendar available so that a car renter can see when the car is available or unavailable.

  8. Cancellation: There could be some last-minute plan and change from the rider side. As a result, you should include a cancellation option in the app.


Features for Admin Panel (You)


If you are going to run such a large business, you need an admin panel where you can monitor all operations involving car owners and car renters.

  1. Dashboard: The dashboard allows you to control the platform. You can see the total number of registered cars, car owners, and renters on your platforms. Also, you can manage users’ login/Sign up data like Facebook, email login. etc.

  2. Revenue Management: Since the admin has control over the system, they would be able to manage all the revenue-related matters like commission decisions, charges for cancellation, etc.

  3. Manage Users: You will have complete control over car owners and renters, as well as their activities.

  4. Manage Listing: You will be able to do a screening process for every new car owner. You can then allow or disallow the listing based on your policies.

  5. Booking Management: The admin can manage every booking that occurs on the platform. You have the option to accept or decline the booking.

  6. Manage Listing Dimensions: The admin can edit and manage all of the car models, features, and categories that the car owner has added.

  7. Ratings and Reviews: Your car host and the user will be able to rate and review each other as well as their experience. As an admin, you have access to and control over these reviews and ratings. 

  8. Manage Dispute: If a passenger will have some difficulties during the trip and decides to generate a ticket regarding his issue, you will get notified and resolve it.

  9. So, these are the most important features you should include in your car rental app to stand out among your competitors.


Peer-To-Peer Car Rental Business Model


The P2P Car Rental business model is based on the collaboration of car owners and car renters. Car owners list their cars on the platform, specifying everything including the car’s make, model, color, and transmission. Prospective renters can look up these vehicles and rent the one that best meets their needs. The cars can be rented for a few hours, a day, or a week. For car owners, it’s a great way to make money if their vehicle is sitting idle for a long time.


Major Players in the P2P Car Rental Industry 


Many peer-to-peer car rental companies have emerged in the last decade. Below are the ones that earned a maximum reputation amongst consumers.


  • Get Around 

  • Avis Car Rental 

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • Alamo Rent A Car

  • Car2Go


How to build a P2P marketplace: four ways to choose from:


  • Create a marketplace from the ground up 

  • Use a ready-made software platform

  • Build on top of SaaS software

  • Develop using APIs


Launch your P2P car rental business with MartPro’s vehicle rental software


MartPro's rental marketplace solution allows you to create a multi-vendor rental website where sellers can showcase, rent, and sell their products. Our rental marketplace is fully customizable and scalable solution packed with powerful features. Connect car owners and vehicle renters quickly and easily with our cutting-edge P2P car rental app solution.

With our white label car rental app development solution, you can connect car renters and car owners via a mobile app.

With a white label car rental app and software solution, we strive to use technology to transform existing car rental businesses or to help build new car rental services, and we are open to new features and integrations based on the business needs.

Our Customized On-Demand Car Rental App Development Solution is perfect for Rental Agencies and Startups. Our car rental app and software solution includes plenty of features for both basic and advanced use cases, and it can be fully customized with additional features, enhancements, and integrations to meet the needs of your business.


Car Rental Mobile App


Building a mobile application can be very beneficial and necessary if you are interested in starting an online peer-to-peer car rental business. Car owners should be able to access their vehicle's location at any time and from any location. And what better way to accomplish this than to create a mobile application? 

While developing it, ensure that your car rental platform includes all of the necessary features that allow both owners and renters to easily manage their portal. Undoubtedly, developing a mobile application is an expensive endeavor at first, but it is undoubtedly that you must invest more to achieve better results.

MartPro is always available to assist you in the best way possible, whether you want to learn more or develop a feature-rich and cost-effective car rental app. We have certified developers who ensure that nothing facilitates the growth of your car rental business. 

MartPro is a leading application development company that has been delivering solutions to develop Turo-like apps. We ensure to use the latest technologies and to follow industry standards to give a new phase to your business concept. The most outstanding part about our on-demand apps is that they are open to new features and integrations as per customers' needs.

With over a decade of experience, we are well-known for providing end-to-end solutions for P2P car rental apps. All of our solutions are highly creative, feature-rich, and technologically enabled, with a great UI/UX design that perfectly fits the business goals.

MartPro's expert developers built each corporate car rental app using effective development tools, which have proven to be profitable for both startups and enterprises.

Having a peer-to-peer car-sharing app allows you to engage more users in your marketplace, making it easier for customers to find your business.

So, if you plan to develop a P2P Car Rental app, our experts would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our on-demand car rental app services.


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