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MartPro, as the best Travel API Provider In India, with services such as GDS supplier integration, XML integration, and travel portal development. With the assistance of our travel API, you can now easily manage online bus, flight, and hotel booking services via your portal.


What is Travel API Provider?


If you own a travel agency, you may offer tour packages to various destinations. However, before completing their booking, they seek additional details such as the weather, currency, flights, buses, and so on.

This is where a reputable API Integration Provider Company can assist you. API Integration Services Provider aids you in initiating your travel services so that you can meet the travel needs of your customers while also earning a profit.

Travel API Providers enable travel agents to gain access to all types of travel information, such as hotels, flights, transfers, and so on, in one location. They help design a website for your services, which will enable users to connect with you. These services will include every feature and set of data that will help you improve your services to the greatest extent possible.

Travel API Provider also provides payment gateway integration. Travel Portal of travel agents is incorporated with the payment gateway so customers can directly pay via debit/credit cards and net banking etc. on the website.

If you are looking for Travel XML API integration service, you can choose MartPro – the world's leading API integration service provider. As a travel API integration company, we provide web services that allow you to integrate with our enriched inventory database.

MartPro is a leading Travel API Provider for online travel portals, assisting travel agents in the efficient management of online flight, transfer, activity, and hotel booking services through their online travel portals by utilizing our travel API.

MartPro provides a wide range of travel API integration services, including GDS Suppliers (Galileo, Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre) and third-party travel API providers (Travel Boutique Online, GRN Connect, Mystifly, Hotel-Beds, Hotels-Pro, GTA, DOTW, roomsXML, Acerooms, Redbus, Clear Car Rental, Jac Travels, Travco, Tourico, DOTW, Kuoni, etc.).

Through travel API integrations, you can gain access to thousands of third-party travel inventory and offers. That might be an opportunity to become an online destination of choice for travelers and B2B Travel Agents by providing a wide range of travel products as separate services or packages.


Why MartPro is the best Travel API Provider in India?


MartPro is the pioneer in providing Travel API Integration to all Travel Businesses and is recognized to provide travel API XML Integration with a brilliant team of experienced professionals.

MartPro specializes in integrating third-party Web Services / XML API into your existing application. As an API integration company, we are providing integration services for Flight booking, Hotel reservation, car rental reservation, bus booking, payment gateways, and SMS gateways. We provide hassle-free integration of both SOAP and REST APIs.

MartPro will connect you directly to the data as well as assist you in developing a user-friendly and unique travel portal. So, use our Travel API to find the best deals on flights, cars, hotels, and more.

MartPro believes the best travel API provider in India must start with attention to detail and high-quality work. We want our clients to be as proud of us as they are of their own business.

Allow your customers a wide range of choices for flight XML API booking, hotel XML API booking, car XML API booking, insurance, and many more with access to both GDS and external content with our XML integration white label services.

Our team ensures comprehensive assistance and consistent quality with a wide range of service providers throughout the global travel market. We provide full support and assistance in deploying XML functionality of the travel portal, in addition to brilliant XML provider support.

We have a team of perfectly skilled professionals who are equipped with phenomenal insights and knowledge to build and create effective Travel API Integration solutions for your business, whether it is a Hotel Booking API, Travel API, Flight API Provider, and so on.

Not just this, our database is linked and associated with the different travel service providers across the world, collecting data, organizing the data, and third-party API makes the process of transmitting pretty simple.

All the much-required aid, a user-friendly interface to transact, consultation and processing is provided to you in the best way that boosts your business and adds to the value in the best of ways.

MartPro, as an API provider in India, connects you to a wide range of cutting-edge websites and applications. By integrating the API into your travel portal, a travel agent or travel management company can easily optimize the business and provide customers with travel products such as hotels, flights, transfers, and tour packages.


Types of Travel API Integration Services, we provide


Let's look at the various types of API to see how our API integration services assist you.


GDS API Integration


GDS stands for Global Distribution System is a global computerized reservation system used as a single point of approach for checking status & making a reservation for flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, packages, and other travel-related services.


Flight Booking API


Flight Booking API is also called Flight API. It is a collection of online services that allows you to access flight deals from various suppliers.

MartPro flight API integration allows you to connect to customers. This is an effective channel through which you reduce expenses and gain profit. By incorporating Flight API with your software solution, you as a travel service provider can provide your potential clients with unrivaled travel-related services.

Our team provides full integration support, allowing clients to make real-time bookings from your website. We usually focus on creating a flight booking engine portal with the best affordable costs.


Hotel Booking API


Hotel booking API is essentially a web service delivering online functionality of searching and booking hotels. The Hotel API manages prices, availability, and variety of accommodations allowing clients to choose the best option available on the plate. And MartPro Hotel Booking API allows you to fulfill booking accommodations worldwide.

Integrating third-party Hotel APIs into your website gives you access to a wide range of accommodations, as well as real-time rates and availability, amenities, and all other important hotel room information.

There has never been a better time for you to build your Hotel Booking Platform with content from multiple-supplier sources that can meet your customers' exact needs.

MartPro has access to over 500,000 global properties. Therefore, incorporate a hotel API in your travel portal for unbeatable deals.


Car Booking API


Car Booking API is a software aspect of a car rental service provider’s website. It is an online car booking software that gives the user complete control over integrating with an unlimited number of distributors via their car booking portal.

MartPro provides dedicated car rental providers with the aid of Car API Integration, allowing you to target the corporate traveler.

Integrating car rental booking software with API not only adds clarity to your travel portal's Car Booking System but also provides your customers with the services of multiple car rental booking companies and providers.

We will customize our system to match your brand and will provide all necessary assistance in integrating your website with third-party Car Rental APIs. We strive to provide a new dimension of service concept and to always be at the forefront of technology by offering the best solutions for the travel industry.

Cruise API Integration


MartPro, as one of the leading travel technology companies, provides Cruise API solutions to travel operators all over the world. Our efforts are strongly driven by a smooth user experience, which can only be achieved through the use of advanced technology.


Bus Booking API


The Bus Booking API, also known as BUS API integration, is a software solution. This enables travel portals to display real-time search data from users. The MartPro Bus API allows you to easily integrate bus ticket search and booking into your travel website.


Transfer API


The transfer API manages data transfer within a domain from one location to another. With MartPro, you can easily transfer data from one location to another. You can assist travelers in booking rides to and from their hotels, flights, and anywhere else using the transfers API. We integrate transfer APIs such as Hoppa and HolidayTaxis.


Tour & Activity API Integration


The Tours and Activities API allows you to search for and book activities, sightseeing tours, day trips, and museum tickets for all destinations worldwide. We will customize our system to match your brand and will assist you in integrating your website with third-party Tour & Activity APIs. We strive to provide a new dimension of service concept and to always be at the forefront of technology by offering the best solutions for the travel industry.


Transport Guide API


The Transport Guide API (TAPI) enables users to retrieve information from and control a domain network that is equipped with and controlled by a TAPI server. You get a transport guide API with MartPro that allows you to access driver identity, rating, trip details, and earnings.


Payment Gateway Solutions API


As the term suggests, the Payment gateway solution API is designed for managing payments. Their work is to enable eCommerce sites to process, credit cards, track orders, and maintain customer lists. MartPro assists you with payment gateway API by providing the best solutions.


Get the most out of your Travel Business with MartPro’s Travel API Services


MartPro is the world's best third-party travel API integration service provider. We offer our clients the best API integration services based on the structure of their business and the target customers.

Customers can use Travel API to search for, book, and pay for a hotel or flight all on one platform (travel website of a travel agent), reducing the extra work of travel agents.

Travel API is a web service that brings together the best travel deals and content from global travel suppliers such as Hotel API, Flight API, Tour API, Transfer API, and Package API for travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies to provide their customers with the best travel options from which to choose and book their dream vacation.

By integrating our travel API with your software platform, you as a travel service provider can provide your potential clients with unbeatable travel-related services such as bus booking, flight booking, and hotel booking. Aside from Travel API Services, we also provide API integration services for airline services, vacation planning, hotel booking, cruise booking, car rental systems, and bus central systems.

Through our travel API, you can build your goodwill as an esteemed travel service provider offering end-to-end services. Thus, organizing a tour is no longer a difficult task, and it can now be accomplished with a "few clicks."

MartPro specializes in the effective integration of third-party Web Services / XML API into your existing application. We offer simple integration of SOAP and REST APIs. Through XML API Integration, you can get real-time availability of flights, hotels, excursions, cars, transfers, and packages.

More than a decade of experience in travel technology ensures competence in XML API integration, with experience working with GDS and global hotel XML suppliers such as RoomsXML, Travel Boutique(TBO), DOTW, GTA, Hotelbeds, SMILE, TRAVCO, TransHotels, HotelsPro, Orbitz, and others.

In addition to the XML API integration, our team provides dedicated maintenance support, as well as regular updates related to already implemented XML API and travel portals.


Features of our Travel Booking API:


Below listed are some of the features of our API system:


  • Create unlimited travel distributors, resellers, and retailers

  • Secured and instant booking and payment

  • Instant Margin benefits

  • User-friendly dashboard and backend

  • User-friendly panel for findings

  • We provide a combined API for bus, flight, and hotel reservations.

  • High-profit margins for both the distributor and the retailer

  • Secure and Instant Transition

  • Instant margin benefits

  • No limitations with API

  • User-friendly panel for reports and filtrations


Benefits of Our Travel Booking API:


Listed below are a few benefits of MartPro API

  • Reliable, secured, and also scalable

  • 24/7 business monitoring facilities

  • Allows for online direct sales

  • It is simple to set up and has a flexible integration.

  • Offers a quick and error-free online booking facility.

  • Advanced API connects you to global flight, car rental, and hotel providers automatically.

  • Revenue and commissions can be easily managed.

  • Having complete control over the booking process

  • Offering real-time rates and global content availability 

  • Allowing markups on net rates to maximize revenue from end-customers

  • Focusing on the core competencies such as marketing and conversion ratios for targeted traffic rather than content management

  • Directly charging and receiving payment from customers

  • Providing highly dynamic data through XML pages

  • Reduce travel agencies' overhead costs.

Connect with us to know more about the MartPro as a notable API provider in India.

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