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End To End ERP For Colleges And Universities


The University Management System (UMS) is an enterprise web-based system that automates the internal workflow procedures of a university along with the interaction with the students and the instructors. It allows universities to build a more structured organization, increases the transaction handling capacity, and improves the system of internal control.

MartPro is a complete education ERP software solution for universities and colleges to streamline and automate their activities. This university management system software is designed specifically developed for all kinds of small and large universities and colleges.

MartPro supports universities to build, manage, and extend their digital campus. It empowers individuals, communities, and systems to interact seamlessly across campus in an environment that is effective and provides adequate service delivery and personalized educational experiences.

We are experts in the quickly custom development of web-based, distributed, and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific needs and business requirements. We have experience with working with a wide range of customers, from individuals to some of the world’s largest companies.

Quick Look At Our University Management Solutions

E-Learning Compliance

Simplify software management approvals, authorization processes, statuses, and expenditures for diversified distance learning programs. Start with our ready-to-use and entire database of state entities and licensure boards.

Track Activities

Track independent development plans, aims, student performance, faculties’ conflicts of interests, and many such activities. Set aims for the new year and review all accomplishments in one place.

Grant Management

Stay upgraded with grants, awards, proposals, and research through our university & college management software. Drive the review process and integrate it with other research administration functions.

Productivity And Awards

Set customized standards to measure the performance and collaborative organizational plan to build a competitive atmosphere. Set up various workflows and standardize evaluation criteria to bring transparency.

Profile Management

Keep a tab on reviews, research, accomplishments, services, and enhance transparency through comprehensive profile management. Select plans and gain entire control over the granular level of the data and processes.

Community Service

Gain deeper and accurate information on productivity, evaluation process, faculty performance, and student records. Mantis offers fully customizable, comprehensive, and synchronized apps that identify key issues and their solution.


Multi Campus


Unlimited Users


Multi Lingual


Unlimited Programs & Batches


Unlimited Students


Benefits of University ERP Software

The University Administration System controls all the activities & makes the management of wide data easier. With University ERP Software, you can derive the following benefits


Centralized Admissions

The University ERP solution provides centralized online admissions to students who've cleared exams like JEE, State CET on an advantage for providing convenience to colleges & universities.


BI-Powered Analytics & Reports

The University administration software provides admin rights of a BI-powered analytics dashboard to the stakeholders empowering them to monitor valid reports of complete institutional activities & ensuring smooth decision-making.


Choice Based Education System

Our system promotes passion-driven learning and enables students with career-oriented expertise as per the guidelines set by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for choice-based education.

Why Choose Us?

An interactive and robust college & university management software online requiring little training to make sure that work is being done easily.


Online Support

Friendly and qualified staff who are ready to help you.


Best Price

We offer the lowest possible charge in the market with outstanding quality work.


Complete System On Cloud

Complete university management system accessible on the cloud to manage by staff and understudy portal.


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Our fully skillful team gives nonstop constant assistance with no sort of interference.



Most aspects of college & university are configurable to suit your requirements.


Easy To Use

College, and university management software are very easy to understand, minimal training is required, even for less savvy end-users.


Easy Data Migration

Effortless migration of data from most of the platforms


Features of University Management System

MartPro has gained faith from 10+ well-known universities globally. Specifically designed to simplify all the responsibilities of small colleges to larger universities, MartPro helps you to have entire control of your organizational academic activities.

  • Complete implementation with integration to your tools and customizations as per your requirements.
  • A complete dynamic system to implement in your organization's business process hierarchy.
  • Track, control, analyze, and report simultaneously according to your institutional trends and measure performance.
  • We can create a scalable environment and remove the internal network dependencies of hardware systems.

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