5 Best Multi Store Ecommerce Platforms – A comparison of the best Multi Store Ecommerce Platforms

Choosing from the 5 best-fit multi-store ecommerce platform for your business that helps you to enhance your market reach. Run and manage multiple storefronts all from one admin!


What is a Multi Store Ecommerce Platforms?


A Multi Store Ecommerce Platforms is a modular solution essentially designed to build online marketplaces where multiple sellers can list/sell their products. The Multi Store Ecommerce Platforms include all of the essential e-commerce functionalities and integrations needed to streamline/manage marketplace operations.

A scalable Multi Store Ecommerce Platform saves business owners significant development time, which can then be used to effectively brand and market your online marketplace.

A multi-store eCommerce software allows you to manage multiple eCommerce stores from a single administrative panel. It is applicable to have a network of online stores with a central switch that allows you to manage each of the stores from a single location.

A turnkey multi-store software generally includes additional features such as built-in product and inventory management solutions, marketing solutions, design templates and tools, simple integrations with payment gateways and logistics providers, and others. This simplifies the process of launching and managing your business.

It also reduces your overall launch and testing time and helps you go to the market in record time. Furthermore, some of these solutions are fully hosted and managed, easing you of the burden of dealing with technical aspects.

Step into the digital market with your flawless eCommerce store and management capabilities, allowing you to promote your brand and products in your unique way.


Why the Multi Store Ecommerce Model is good for your businesses?


Many businesses are realizing the value of offering a multi-store eCommerce marketplace where multiple vendors sell their products or services. Users benefit from a one-stop competitive shopping experience.

The advantages of multi-store eCommerce are classified into two parts. First, providing the best user experiences for customers by giving them a unified shopping experience. Second, the marketplace provider generates revenue sources without the need for store inventory, product shipment, or involvement in the manufacturing process.

Whether you’re serving different regions or managing several brands, entering global markets requires a multi-store eCommerce platform.

Multi-store management enables brands to remain relevant in local markets, separate their brands, and manage their entire eCommerce ecosystem from a single dashboard.

To attract the desired audience, you must have a visually appealing and conversion-focused e-commerce store. MartPro can help you grow in the digital space whether you are a startup, a growing business, or an established brand.

We provide a multi-store eCommerce model that allows for greater growth and aids in targeted marketing. It also allows you to experiment with different business strategies with minimal effort and without interfering with your emerging business processes.

However, to be effective in implementing this model you will need a secure and feature-rich software solution that can easily handle this unique setup and help you focus on business growth.

MartPro, as a distinguished eCommerce web development company, unlocks the potential of eCommerce platforms to provide you with feature-rich, exclusive, and reliable eCommerce websites.

Our skilled team of talented web developers creates customer-focused Ecommerce web applications using Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Our skilled development team specializes in creating high-quality, customer-focused eCommerce multi-stores. We simplify enterprise eCommerce management by creating feature-rich multi-stores for organizations that manage multiple brands.

In our multi-store eCommerce solution, we provide a comprehensive set of innovative features that enable businesses to manage, run, and maintain multiple storefronts as per client requirements.


Multiple benefits of Multi Store Ecommerce Platform:


  • Easily meet the specific requirements of a target audience group

  • Create distinct storefronts for each location.

  • Create niche stores to enhance branding.

  • Implement distinct store designs based on the preferences of the target audience.

  • Implement distinct pricing and inventory on each sub-store.

  • Build language-specific sub-stores

  • Offer location-based payment options

  • Integrate region-specific logistics for sub-stores

  • Easily manage all of your stores with a single database and centralized administration.

  • Get a better understanding of traffic, marketing deals, customer preferences in each store

  • Go for targeted SEO and content strategy for each sub-store


Why MartPro is the best platform to launch a Multi Store Ecommerce Platforms?


MartPro delivers cutting-edge Multi Store eCommerce solutions - well-engineered to adapt your personalized eCommerce business strategy hassle-free.

Our developers are highly trained and specialized in the development of high-end Ecommerce multi-stores. We simplify enterprise Ecommerce management by creating feature-rich multi-stores for businesses that manage more than one brand in the online market space.

MartPro combines our eCommerce development expertise with advanced and cutting-edge technologies to uncover the essential requirements of clients across industries worldwide.

MartPro, a leading eCommerce development company, provides the best eCommerce development services, including technical consultations and development plans tailored to their specific requirements.

We are the mostly-chosen eCommerce development company, with proven expertise in eCommerce web design and development. We have a team of experienced eCommerce developers who provide the best eCommerce development services to help you build successful eCommerce platforms. We aim to create the best eCommerce websites that can deliver the desired results.

Our innovative eCommerce solution employs a single powerful database to efficiently manage multiple revenue sources, catalogs, and eCommerce stores.

Creating multiple online storefronts that are managed by a single database or admin panel gives business owners complete control over all of the storefronts from a single location.

In our multi-store eCommerce solution, we provide a comprehensive set of innovative features that enable businesses to manage, run, and maintain multiple storefronts in accordance with client requirements.

We enable every multivendor store to sustain and scale by providing businesses with the most up-to-date set of features. There are various admin and seller modules on a marketplace that make operational possible.


Why Choose MartPro for Multi Store eCommerce development?


We have years of experience that demonstrate our capabilities and ensure that you are obtaining world-class eCommerce solutions.


Timely Delivery


As an e-commerce development company, we assist you in gaining a competitive advantage by developing your store promptly.


Affordable Development


We guarantee that our eCommerce development services will be cost-effective and will not drain your entire marketing budget.


Diverse Expertise


We develop e-commerce websites for both B2B and B2C clients in various industries by gaining a thorough understanding of their target audience.


Intuitive Development


To improve the user experience, our eCommerce developers create a simple and clean user interface with a quick response time.


International standards


We adhere to international eCommerce development standards, ensuring that your store meets the compliance level of large-scale eCommerce enterprises.


24x7 Support


Our goal is to assist you 24x7 to keep you on track and ahead in your industry as we provide unrivaled support for your website and application.


Best Multi-Store Ecommerce Solutions for your business 


Turnkey multi-store solutions have many perks. So, here are the top 5 best multi store eCommerce platforms for your multi-storefront business model that will help you expand your market reach.


1. WooCommerce 


WooCommerce is an open-source, plugin-based multi-store eCommerce solution for businesses with multiple storefronts. You can manage all your sub-stores inventory with a central inventory and allocate the same products to different stores. You can maintain and display products across different storefronts having the same or different domains and sub-domains.

Since WooCommerce multi-store eCommerce platform is open-source and customized you can easily get solutions for almost all your caters to the needs. However, because the platform is self-hosted, you will be responsible for hosting, updates, and overall maintenance.

You would also need experienced developers who have previously worked with WordPress to handle your multiple stores and the customizations required on various storefronts or the backend. The coding and scripting plugins also necessitate significant time investment on the part of your IT team for the entire setup to work in tandem.

It can be difficult to implement different themes on your multiple storefronts because the changes are usually complex.

Despite being open-source, WooCommerce is an expensive operation when you add the cost of hosting, upgrading, maintenance and hiring experienced developers.


2. Shopify


Shopify does not have an inbuilt multi-store eCommerce solution and you will need to create multiple Shopify stores and manage them independently for running a multi-store business.

To manage multiple individual stores as a single business, Shopify offers some paid apps and plugins.

Because you have multiple stores, you can have different URLs, themes, pricing, payment gateways, languages, shipping solutions, and so on each of them. If you have a small business, this is a good option as it gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom.

However, this setup has become difficult to control as your business grows and you branch into multiple product lines and stores. Shopify's multi-store eCommerce solution requires a dedicated app or extension for managing inventory, processing orders, and integrating various third-party software for your business's multiple storefronts.

Also, Shopify users complain that adding too many apps to manage the multiple storefronts and other functionalities make the whole set-up complex. Users who have no prior coding experience must learn to code or hire experienced developers to handle the entire setup. In addition, each new store would necessitate the purchase of a new subscription. As a result of paid apps and multiple subscriptions, the overall cost multiplies dramatically.


3. BigCommerce


Alike Shopify, BigCommerce multi-store eCommerce solutions are also based on customization options and workarounds as there is no native solution to build and manage multiple storefronts from a single admin panel.

BigCommerce provides a plethora of core features for running a regular eCommerce store for both small and large businesses. It also includes built-in marketing solutions to assist you in implementing different marketing strategies for your multiple stores.

BigCommerce pricing and limit on annual sales remains another issue for businesses.


4. StoreHippo


StoreHippo is the leading multi-store eCommerce platform, with a built-in multi-storefront solution for both B2B and B2C businesses. You can easily add an unlimited number of storefronts and manage them all from a single central dashboard.

StoreHippo allows you to create stores based on customer type, products, location, or any other criteria you describe. You can have different store designs, product catalogs, languages, payment solutions, shipping options, pricing, etc. on all of these storefronts.

You can also have distinct store URLs for each of the sub-stores. You can also add language and currency options specific to your store. Using the pricing overrides features, StoreHippo also allows you to have the same products at different prices on your sub-stores.

You can also offer different deals to your customers on different sub-stores by using StoreHippo's multi-store eCommerce solution and in-built marketing tools. You can also give your customers the option of selecting their preferred store based on their location or product preferences.

The group-store feature helps in grouping stores based on products, location, etc. You can also pioneer hyperlocal e-commerce by creating location-based sub-stores that provide your customers with faster delivery.

In addition to these, StoreHippo has 300+ built-in solutions for marketing, CMS, payment gateways, shipping solutions, taxation, discount engine, and so on. The best part is that all of these features are inbuilt, so you won't have to pay for any extra plugging or apps.

StoreHippo's multi-store eCommerce solution also allows you to create multilingual stores with multiple currency payment options. You get 100+ customizable design themes to use with the built-in drag-and-drop feature to create different storefronts.

Furthermore, StoreHippo's inherently mobile-ready architecture provides PWA stores that function exactly like mobile apps on all devices. You can also create various mobile apps directly from your dashboard at no extra cost.

However, if you are on the entry-level plans, you will not be able to use the StoreHippo multi-store feature. To be able to create multiple storefronts managed by a single central admin, you must subscribe to the Business or Enterprise plan.


5. Magento


Magento Commerce provides a multi-store eCommerce solution, allowing you to set up multiple storefronts with the same or unique domains. You can personalize your themes and have different catalogs for each of your sub-stores.

You get plenty of third-party extensions to help you manage various processes in your multi-store environment. Magento also has a robust developer community that can assist with customizations or any other issues that your IT team could experience.

However, hosting becomes an issue with Magento when you have multiple storefronts, and you will have to pay extra for a dedicated high-speed server. You'd also need experienced developers to manage, run, and maintain your multiple storefronts, as well as fine-tune your server requirements as the number and scale of your stores grow.

Each of the above-mentioned online marketplace solutions has a distinct selling point. Choosing the right multi-vendor software or tool is vital for effectively scaling your business. Users can choose the best eCommerce platform for their needs based on their company's size, budget, and technical expertise.

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