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Robust Insurance Software To Amplify Business Efficiency

The digital world is quicker, smarter, and more connected, and companies require a platform to adapt to the new pace of change. With MartPro, insurance companies can quickly deploy digital capabilities that enable more efficient underwriting, streamlined agent and broker processes, and accelerated claims management.

MartPro’s Insurance Software is an integrated and scalable insurance technology platform designed to help Insurers achieve maximum benefits through its comprehensive modules. This easy-to-configure Insurance agency software has the industry’s most efficient insurance processing functions for multiple lines of business.

A mobile app is a great channel for insurance companies to bridge the gap with customers by providing self-service options at their fingertips while also increasing insurance agent productivity by helping them close opportunities faster.


Bring Innovation in your Customer-Centric Processes with a MartPro Insurance Agency Software

Why choose MartPro for your insurance business?


User-friendly interface

Allows for quick adoption across your organization



Ensures that MartPro CRM can be molded to meet your industry requirements


AI-based sales assistant

Helps you stay on top of your tasks


Real-time monitoring

Optimise workforce by live tracking the location of executives.


Seamless integration

With the MartPro Suite and open REST APIs helps you build your own integrations.


Mobile app

Allows your field agents to access information from anywhere.

We Build Smart Insurance Software Solutions To Simplify Insurance Operations

Leveraging the capabilities of emerging technologies, including IOT, AI and Blockchain, we develop insurance software solutions that offer seamless experience to both insurance companies and customers


Faster Claims Settlement

Our software developers use the potential of AI to bring intelligent data and fasten decision making, allowing insurance companies to quicken the claim settlement process.

Customer Experience & Coverage Personalization

Our team develops chatbots that can fetch customer’s social data and geographic information to provide personalized buying experience


Behavioural Policy Pricing

Our experts leverage the intelligence of AI and data feeding capability of IoT sensors to provide personalized data that helps in identifying pricing based on behaviour.


Our Insurance Modules

MartPro's software developers have been working with global insurance companies as technology partners. MartPro offers simplified, ready to use modules which reduces complexities and accelerates speed to market

Manage your Claims through a claims processing system. It allows you to register the first report of loss and document all the necessary information for its informative processing.

This full policy management suite enables the customer to create quotes, enforce policies, do endorsements, renewals or cancellations.

Track your communication in one place; this becomes a contact repository for all your clients, brokers, agents or vendors. This module manages your contacts and allows you to engage in up-selling or cross-selling.

With ready connectors to bind any third-party accounting software, the system is equipped with operational accounting to give you a clear view of your income and expenditures.

Insurers can configure their reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements and automatically integrate reinsurance processing within the policy administration.

Access your data through ready reports, which are more than 200 in numbers, including both standard and statistical reports. These could be exported for further data drilling.


Scale your delivery capacity with intelligent cooperation models

Ready to take your insurance business to the next level.