A Complete Fleet Management Software

Track, analyze, and optimize your fleet operations with a comprehensive Enterprise Fleet Management solution.
An all-in-one solution for your inefficient fleet operations.

Automate your fleet management processes

Benefit from a modular and upgradable solution designed to adapt to your changing business needs.


Save Money

With zero paperwork and a digitized workflow, your wasted time and expenses will be cut short by the day.


Access Anywhere

Get access to real-time and accurate data in a blink of an eye from any device you use.


Package Deal

Benefit from a variety of features offered by MartPro’s all-in-one software and improve your business thoroughly.


24/7 Support

We take great pride in providing you with the best customer service and technical support around the clock.

What You Get With Dedicated Fleet Management Software


Fleet maintenance


Fleet tracking


Dispatch management


Accident detection and claim management


Route optimization and geo-fencing


Budgeting and expense management

If You Own A Fleet Business, All You Need To Ensure A Smooth And Fast Functioning

  • A responsive website for admin and users.
  • Mobile app for fleet drivers.
  • App facility to work in offline mode with several days of data to sync.
  • Multi-level check to ensure authenticity.
  • A mechanism to capture various gas meter readings.
  • A report generator for various stakeholders.
  • A Central Management System for trip creation and assignment.

Why do you need MartPro Fleet Management Software?

  • Manage fuel expenses and prevent diesel theft
  • Manage Trip planning better
  • Better driver management and communication
  • Precise reports for better business decisions



Manage Your Inventory

Easily manage all your devices with inventory management. It enables to manage to sell, purchase, and returning data on the same platform.


Simple Payment Module

Users can make payments to their parent user. The module provides benefits for billing, invoice, and downloading payment reports.


RPM Monitoring

Monitor the operation speed of the fleet in a given time. It assists to know the performance of the fleet.


Mark Your Geofence/POI

Develop a virtual boundary or point for any important place for future use. It can help you know when the fleet enters or exits the place.


Powerful Fleet Data Collection

Along with API developers will be able to integrate with third-party or internal systems. The client can get their information from the server with the push and pull method.


Classify Your Trip

Empowers classification of a trip into 4 different categories which are business, classified, unclassified, and invalid. Understand the trip type, duration, and distance in the trip classification report.

5 Reasons to Choose the MartPro Platform for Fleet Management

All on One Platform

Get a single view of all asset types - trucks, trailers, reefers and containers – in the one place.

Powerful Intelligence

Use deep data to make fleet management decisions to comply with regulations, increase safety, save money on fuel and improve productivity.

Open and Scalable

Integrates with hardware devices, in-cab displays, internal back-end systems and external transport management systems.

Live and Historical Reporting

Combine driver, vehicle, trip, sensor, alarm and location data to produce real-time and historical insights.

Flexible and Configurable

Unlock data for every user in your organization who can configure and customise the data they want to see and how they want to view it.

Ready To Optimize Your Fleet?

Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet tracking devices to manage your fleet.