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Reach Out To New Markets and Audience with Daily Deal Mobile App

MartPro Online Deals Marketplace solution comes with ready to deploy android and iOS mobile applications. Both mobile apps are built and equipped with all the essential features to make buying deals convenient.

Daily deal mobile application can help you convert your visitors into potential customers. From improving your business reputation to increasing sales, offering discounts through mobile coupon apps can help you take your business to the next level.

Launch your online deal marketplace with MartPro Daily Deal Mobile App!

MartPro Daily Deals Website Includes

An Effective Channel To Drive Traffic To Your Business

Deals are a great way to bring clients to your business. Whether you're a startup aggregating deals across the market or a well-established industry enterprise, deals are a sure shot channel to drive consumers to you.

For startups, if done in the right way; this business can shortly bring a continuous revenue stream. For established companies, websites can become a successful alternative channel to drive traffic to your business or can also be fully matured to a new vertical.

To stay ahead, you will require a platform that is adaptable and scalable to any changing market environment. MartPro’s Daily Deal Platform can help you as well as your customers through its advanced flexible framework.

Get a feature-rich Daily Deal App at MartPro

MartPro is a leading Daily Deal Website Development Company; develop exciting Daily Deals websites with functionality of customized development. We help to create coupons, discount applications where users get daily deals details on their smart devices.

Our professional web development team will assist in making a strong base for your business growth, from web designing to the development of core technology.

We deploy expertise in creating reliable daily deals websites and offer solutions that are tailored to every user’s demand and needs. You can also choose our ready-made, affordable web-based solutions for opening deals where we provide custom design, content management, enhanced UX, shopping cart, and many more in-built features.

This helps you manage your business with ease, allows you to focus on core business, and keeps your client base thriving. Drive customer acquisition, increase conversions, and build partnerships, boost sales and more with our Daily Deals Application.

Everyone wins with MartPro Daily Deals Web application

Result of an extensive search, our Daily Deals Website brings enormous range of features appropriately crafted by aspiring team of designers and developers. The modern group buying portal generates huge benefits for stakeholders. Here are those who gain the maximum benefit:

Portal Owner

He owns the city deals platform, makes profits by selling products, as well as earns commissions from merchants. In addition to the fixed profit percentage for each sale, the portal owner also makes revenue from ads.


Also known as sellers, this group offers discounted products & deals. Higher sales, potential customers, and branding advantages make a group buying clones appealing to merchants.


Who doesn't like high-quality products at great discounts? Shoppers get value for their money from local deal portals and thus favor them over regular online stores.


A Daily Deal Web Platform For Every Business Vertical

MartPro Daily Deals is a customizable platform for every business model. Whether you're a start-up business or a well-established business, deals are an easy way to attract consumers to your business. Our platform helps start-ups and businesses in the Travel, Retail, FMCG, Food & Beverage and Education industry to increase better revenue through unique and innovative methods of delivering exclusive deals to their customer base.

Deals For Travel & Getaway

The Travel industry breathes & lives on discounts, offers & exclusive deals. MartPro Deals has a customized module with enhanced features for managing travel deals as well as comprehensive travel package deals. The admin can manage the availability and price of booking slots in hotels, spas, or other services from the back end of the platform.


Deals For Restaurants

The Restaurant and F&B Industry is another lucrative market for exclusive and innovative deals. MartPro Daily Deals platform has customized features for the industry such as restaurant menu deals, provision to add additional menu items, table booking, purchase now & book at your convenience, etc. The platform also has a comprehensive cancelation management module that ensures that the cancelation of the booking automatically inspires other users to avail the canceled slot.


Deals For Retail & FMCG

Being an enterprise eCommerce platform, MartPro has strengthened its capabilities to create amazing product deals for your inventory. Advance feature management helps to create custom filters and sort options that bring better interfaces and user experience to discover the deals of their choice. The platform is also capable of managing and ensuring the shipment of products purchased.


Distinctive features of our Daily Deals App


100% Customizable

A fully customizable & scalable marketplace deal platform developed and managed by an agile team.


Easy Deal Management

Our daily deals website streamlines the addition and editing of deals on the portal with its simple deals management system.


Voucher Redemption

We make sure that redeeming a voucher is hassle-free as it’s a key feature of our daily deals website group buying system.


Secure Payments

Your online payments are safe with our daily deals website as it protects user data & offers a secure online mode of transaction.


Easy Accounting

The built-in accounting system helps website owners manage all transactions and track commissions easily.


Social Media Integration

MartPro Daily Deals system comes with social media login and sharing features. Get marketing and sales benefits from social media.


Show Deals

The mobile deal app shows current deals, active deals, upcoming deals, latest deals, and many more categories of shopping deals.


SEO Friendly

The SEO-friendly coupons deal app is versatile and keyword-rich, making it easy to find it on top search engines.


Multiple Cities and Locations

The local deal app shows deals from different cities and regions. This helps users search for top deals in their city or locality.


Advanced Searching

Users may use the online deal app to search for deals through Price-based search, Keyword-based search, and Discount-based search.


Google Maps

Users will use the deal search app to search for top deals in their area by providing their current location or their preferred address.


Price Comparison

Users can compare the prices/features of different products using the Compare Now button in the shopping apps.


Our daily deal application provides a plethora of advanced features, dashboards and management tools.

User Panel

  • Sign Up/Login
  • View Deals
  • Invite Friends
  • My favorites
  • Complete Profile
  • Use Coupon Code
  • Browse store-specific/Category-wise offers
  • Redeem Coupons
  • Acquire Deals
  • Share Deals on social media- Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter

Merchant Panel

  • Add Deals, Manage Deals, Track Status
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Coupons
  • Acquired Deals
  • Redemptions of Coupons
  • Subscribe
  • Mail System
  • Favorite Section
  • Graphs, Statistics & Dashboard
  • Share Deals on Social Media- Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter

Admin Panel

  • Easy registration
  • Schedule and manage bookings
  • Billing and payments
  • Track shipments
  • Get a quote
  • Select vehicles
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Rate driver performance
  • Estimate fare charges
  • Help and support

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