Agoda WordPress Plugin - Earn on hotel bookings worldwide with Agoda WordPress Plugin

The WordPress Agoda Hotel XML API plugin allows your customers to find the best hotel deals from Agoda in real-time. You earn a good commission on each sale made through your site.


What is Agoda?, founded in 2005, is a leading online travel aggregator that provides access to thousands of hotels and accommodations worldwide. The service not only offers the most diverse selection of accommodations, but it also strives to offer the most competitive prices.

Agoda is an online hotel booking platform headquartered in Singapore that began as an e-commerce enterprise in 2005. Agoda now has a global network of 2 million accommodation properties, including apartments, villas, homes, and hotels in over 200 countries and territories.

They recognize themselves as a mobile-centric website with almost half of their bookings made via mobiles. They give travelers easy access to a diverse range of luxury and budget-friendly hotels. The Agoda API Integration Plugin is built primarily on Agoda features.

When you book accommodation on, you have the opportunity to earn benefits. All you have to do is select your preferred loyalty program from among the 46 participating partners and start earning points with every booking you make.

Agoda's WordPress plugin affiliation is an excellent choice for your hospitality or hotel website. This powerful affiliate plugin allows your visitors to book rooms directly from your WordPress website.

Complete booking calendars and booking forms generated by the Agoda affiliate WordPress plugin. Simply install the plugin and begin building advanced forms and calendars that include available rooms, terms and conditions, price filters, room filters, service add-ons, coupon codes, and minimum/maximum stay requirements. Seasonal and conditional rates, deposits reservations, cleaning fees, and much more.

Although this association with the Agoda makes the plugin an amazing set of features and functions, it is easy to customize. There are several small aspects of this plugin that make it easier than you think to build a fully responsive online booking system.

E.g., the ability to automatically generate multiple listing ads based on your initial preferences is sure to come in handy for those who offer more than one product to their customers. The ability to easily set custom rates and seasonal periods, and create booking rules makes it easy too.


Why does every travel agency need Agoda API?


Every Travel Agent integrate the Agoda API into their travel portal to expand their travel agency. Travel agents can obtain the best hotel portfolio (rates and availability) for their users from a global supplier using this Agoda API XML Integration.

This Agoda hotel API integration allows hotel businesses to scale their operations. A business platform integrated with the Agoda hotel API aids in the conversion of web traffic into confirmed bookings and satisfied customers, while also providing access to one of the world's best inventories.

Integrating with the Agoda API is essential in maintaining a large customer database as well as active sales. Agoda API makes things simpler for travel agents and hoteliers to maintain property rates, opportunities, and bookings.

This Agoda XML API Integration also helps with property promotion on a global scale, which aids in the establishment of a strong position in the global travel industry and maximizes profit.

By enabling the Agoda API, travel agents will provide a great user experience in a single platform. Our expert team works with travel technology development companies to integrate Agoda API into travel agent websites, ensuring effective Agoda API XML integration. In addition, we have a secure mapping with static data that will increase the volume of XML API integration.

Apart from that, integrating Agoda API will result in the extension of the hotel website as well as advanced development programming resources.

Travel agents can easily offer customers a wide range of flights, hotels, vacation packages, rental cars, cruises, activities, and more with this Agoda XML API Integration to quickly and easily plan and book travel.

This Agoda XML API Integration enables travel agents to provide global travel inventory to their customers and partners via web and mobile interfaces. It helps travel agents establish a strong brand presence and boost revenue.

Agoda XML Integration enables travel agents to incorporate advanced functionality into their travel portal, allowing customers to view all hotel-related details such as availability, pricing, and booking or cancellation in a unified system.


Why Choose MartPro for Agoda API Integration? 


If you're looking to integrate an Agoda API for your own online hotel room booking business, you've come to the right place. MartPro recommends Agoda enjoy all of these benefits, ranging from exclusive to budgeted online hotel booking systems with low hotel rates.

MartPro helps SMEs and Large enterprises with WordPress Agoda Plugin Integration Services via our fast travel technology Services.

MartPro offers the best Hotels XML API integration for Agoda via XML integration with quick request-response. Our WordPress Plugin platform and custom web portal development enable travel agencies to build comprehensive cross-platform solutions that provide positive user experiences.

Our customers can search for and book cheap hotel deals from around the world. Agoda integration PHP services help you improve your reputation among customers and give you a market edge by establishing you as a unique brand. Agoda web services are compatible with any WordPress theme. They are best suited for affiliates who want to improve their online business to gain a competitive advantage.

Agoda web services can be incorporated into any WordPress theme. They are best suited for affiliates who want to improve their online business to gain a competitive advantage.


What makes MartPro the best API Integration Company?


MartPro is the best API integration company that helps businesses in several ways. Whether it is about integrating multiple applications or it is enhancing the value of the current arrangement our integration works for all. Business applications that integrate significant APIs offer more powerful functionalities than those that operate independently.

The primary concern when developing API integration solutions is to meet the client's needs. The demands can vary from business - to - business as different business conducts different strategies. With excellent and custom API integration linking to third-party interfaces and portals, the company allows clients to organize daily business affairs and safer linkage.

We provide a turn-key solution for all of your Integrations. Our team has extensive experience integrating Agoda APIs with responsive platforms; we are also adaptable and ready to handle other platforms, including custom integrations tailored to specific requirements.

We are self-assured that by collaborating with us on your project, you will be able to transform your business into one of the world's top brands, owing to our expertise in delivering solutions on time and within budget.

We have a strong and secure mapping with dynamic data, and we provide dedicated XML API support as well as standard updates. We have strong XML API capabilities and a diverse range of XML API Integration from various XML Suppliers.

We assist with Agoda API integration in travel agent travel portals and guide how Agoda XML API Integration works on an online portal to maximize business in the travel industry.

We guarantee complete success in all of your short and long-term business endeavors in the travel industry. We are effectively involved in every aspect and stage of the project and will accompany you on every step of your journey since we value advancement, progress, initiative, and results that exceed expectations.

Gain a competitive edge in the market, experience exponential growth for your business, and boost brand recognition with MartPro's cutting-edge and ultra-powerful technological solutions, where we guarantee you the utmost convenience and astounding evolution of your travel business.

Based on your business requirements, improvements and modifications are welcome at any time during the project. We provide effective solutions to give you a competitive edge in the market.

With our top-of-the-line API and XML development services, MartPro aims to make life easier for organizations and agents in the travel and tour industry. We recognize that integrating the Agoda XML API can provide your business with a competitive advantage in providing better services to your customers.

Even so, it will enable your customers to browse, check, compare, and ultimately book the services they require at the specific location they choose. That flexibility at one single online location is what consumers look for these days. With the help of our expertise at MartPro, you can guarantee that your customers will be delighted.

Our Agoda API integration team and framework experts provide full assistance during the Agoda hotel API integration and live certification process.

We take pride in offering detailed solutions that allow you to provide a pleasant experience to your customers. With us, your business will be powered up with API integration in no time at all.


Benefits of the Agoda WordPress Plugin


Agoda is one of the world's fastest-growing online travel platforms, with over 100,000 hotels and services in 38 languages. The Agoda website is award-winning, fast, and simple to use, and it employs cutting-edge technology

These factors, combined with a strong proven track record, high conversion rates, and generous affiliate commissions, differentiate the Agoda affiliate program from the competition.

The affiliate reward equals 6% of the total booking value (without taxes) when the client checks out. The cookie lifetime is one day (attribution is measured on a last-click basis).

The simple integration of promotional tools, multilingual web, app, promotions, and client support, as well as free and detailed reporting available on your dashboard, make it easier to monetize your traffic and increase your revenue with the Agoda affiliate program.

The Agoda plugin is a WordPress online booking plugin that comes in several versions with various levels of functionality. It is designed for all types of travel businesses and has an attractive design. An easy-to-use interface, and can be used in just a few minutes effectively. Customers can check availability and make reservations directly on the website.

The WordPress Agoda Hotel XML API plugin allows your customers to find the best hotel deals offered by Agoda in real-time, and then route them to for the further booking process. You earn a certain commission on each sale made through your site.


Key features of the Agoda affiliate plugin include:


  • The ability to set rates on a weekly, monthly, custom, or seasonal basis.

  • The ability to provide both free and paid add-on services for each booking.

  • Excellent built-in payment gateway support, as well as an optional add-on for use with WooCommerce.

  • Backend online plugin demo you can try now for free.

  • Customised search and booking forms.

  • Multiple payment gateways are supported.

  • Easy to follow online documentation.

  • Compatible with all modern WordPress themes.

  • Lots of flexibility to handle all types of orders.

  • Built-in calendar tool to check availability.

  • It can be used along with other WooCommerce booking extensions to meet your needs.

  • Fully mobile compatible, with API support, and SMS notifications for company owners or employees.

  • Google Calendar synchronization, appointment categorization, and advanced filtering for service selection.

  • Flexible and interactive Booking & Review

  • Widget and booking calendar.

  • Booking form that is governed.

  • Unlimited custom forms.

  • After booking, guests can change their orders.

  • Group booking, multiple reservations in one session, and changing appointment duration.

  • Displaying real-time appointment information, cancellation policies, and early reservation limitations

  • Customizable view, fully compliant mobile view, unlimited programs.

  • Adding, editing, and approving orders

  • Grouping, filtering, and searching for reservations.

  • Room administration.

  • Hourly, daily, and weekly pay.

  • Filtering prices, discounts, and accessibility of rooms is a flexible system.

If you require assistance with the integration of the Agoda API, feel free to contact us; our skilled developers are always willing to assist you with the integration of any API or custom web development.

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