Best White Label Travel Portal For Indian Travel Agencies - One Stop Solution For All Your Travel Needs!

MartPro provides modular and versatile white label solutions that will power the travel industry today and in the future. Our white-label software solutions allow you to add your brand style, including your logo, color scheme, and graphics.


What is the Best White Label Travel Portal for Indian Travel Agencies?


White label travel websites are gaining in popularity and are being used by tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs across the globe. Many startups are integrating the power of white label travel portals into their operations to increase profits with minimal investment.

White Label Software is an excellent choice for any travel agency or service provider looking to distribute or sell hotels, flights, cars, and buses through their website. It allows travel service providers, such as travel agencies and travel agents, to book airline tickets, hotel reservations, and other travel services under their brand.

Having a white label travel portal allows you access to a convenient platform that allows you to expand your brand's reach most cost-effectively.

This white label solution makes it simple to reach out to customers and increase sales revenue for your business. It enables business diversity in the global market and increases brand visibility.

White Label Software is the ideal solution for any travel agency or service provider looking to distribute or sell hotels, flights, cars, and buses through their website. It enables travel service providers, such as travel agencies and travel agents, to book airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and other travel services under their brand.

It is simple to integrate into an online travel portal/travel platform, allowing travel companies to rebrand a profitable product and expand the product offerings of travel agents and travel companies.

If you want to flourish your travel brand in the global travel industry market with less investment, MartPro White Label Solutions is the best choice for you.

If you are an entrepreneur, travel agent, tour operator, coach operator, or hotelier, make your agency go online with your website. Take white label travel services with MartPro that enable you with a real-time flight booking, hotel booking, and package booking engine.

We provide you with the best white label solution, allowing you to create your online travel agency under your brand. A white label portal (SaaS Travel Product) enables you to manage all aspects of your travel business from a single location or platform.

MartPro offers the best white label hotel booking platform, white label flight search engine, and white label hotel, B2C White Label Travel Portal, and B2B White Label Solution to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies all over the world.

We offer the best white label online travel portal solution for travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, travel management companies, destination management companies, and travel portal development companies to automate travel business processes and increase business profitability.

MartPro White Label option is a ready-to-go co-branded or white-labeled template solution that gives site visitors an easy way to plan their travel bookings using your website while seeing your own branded name and your customizable website design as per your needs.

Our White Label Travel Portal is a one-click solution for travel agents who want to include Bus, Flight, Hotel, Car, and Vacation Packages on their websites. Clients can easily obtain multiple inventory sources for their bookings. Dynamic packages can be accessed instantly and with greater ease.


Why Travel Agents Must Opt for A White Label Travel Portal?


White label Travel Portal is one of the best options for global travel agencies. It offers the simplest and fastest solution to fulfill the requirements of travelers. It is an excellent option for those who want to become an OTA but do not want to invest too much money.

The ready-to-go White label solution for b2c and b2b travel portals can benefit entrepreneurs, travel agents, tour operators, and hoteliers. White Label Travel Portal Solution facilitates the work of travel agents while also making services available to travelers.

MartPro white-label options make it simple for travelers to plan their travel solutions such as hotel reservations, transfer reservations, airline bookings, and more.

Our developers ensure that you can manage all of your financial transactions online while also maximizing conversions.

With the white label websites for your travel business, you can enjoy an ultimate value addition that will attract more and more customers to your travel website. Our White Label Travel Solution enables travel agents to sell flight, hotel, and vacation packages online.

Our White label solution for travel agents is suitable for all sizes of travel companies, including small, medium, and large ones. We integrate the labeling for our clients with Amadeus, GDS, and more.


Why Choose MartPro?


Whether you want to start a tour agency, a tour business, or a travel app, MartPro can help you easily become an online travel agent. We know the perfect procedure to deal with the complete development procedure and help you attract potential consumers.

We have demonstrated our expertise in providing services for Startup travel businesses, Travel affiliates, New travel businesses, Online travel agency franchisees, Online travel businesses, Travel agency businesses, Travel businesses, and many others.

Whether you are thinking of opening a travel agency online, or a travel agency, we can help you get a perfect Travel business idea, and incorporate it into a compact White label solution with global white label providers like the Amadeus, room XML, Sabre, Travelport, and more.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with many years of experience who work together to help a travel company gradually grow. If you want to increase revenue for your business, let MartPro create a White label travel app for multiple travel services and offer commissionable packages to your clients.

Why is our white label travel website suitable for small or medium-type Travel Agencies or Tour Operators? 

MartPro has one of the best technology-enabled White Label systems for the travel industry on the market. We develop customized white label travel portals to meet your needs.

MartPro White Label Online Travel Portal is an ideal white label solution for travel agents looking for the best B2B/B2C white label travel website/booking engine and to build brand presence without massive investments.

Our travel professionals create White-Label solutions using advanced travel technology to deliver fully customized white-label solutions based on the client's business needs.

We offer the best white label solution, allowing you to launch your online travel agency under your brand. A white label portal (SaaS Travel Product) allows you to manage all aspects of your travel business from a single location or platform.

MartPro provides a fully customizable white-label travel portal that works on a wide range of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. One of the key features of our White Label Travel Portal is that it allows you to provide a wide range of travel API data from various suppliers using an SSL secure method.

So as per the client’s needs, we have different modules available on White Label Travel Website as B2B white-label travel portal, B2C white-label travel portal, B2B2B white-label travel portal. Our White Label Travel Portal is convenient for all major travel services like Flight booking, Hotel Booking, Bus, and Car Booking, Tour Package Booking, Sightseeing, etc.


B2C White Label Travel Portal 


The person who has an interest in the retail market and wants to provide or sell travel services like Airline booking, Hotel reservation, bus booking, Cab booking, and Tour package booking can start their business by gaining a B2C White Label Travel Portal with a little investment.

B2C White Label System allows travelers to book services at their leisure and pay using different payment methods available in the payment gateway, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, and others.

B2C or End-User can check the reservation & payments history and send a request for cancellation at any time from anywhere by login in Customer Dashboard. Your guests and authorized customers can book directly via your B2C White Label Travel website, eliminating the need for tour operators' intervention.

Users can also register with their social media or Google accounts. To provide the best deal to our clients, we have integrated 12+ inventory suppliers, including GDS and local operators. Our White Label system is tested and technically strong being used by 1100+ clients.


B2B White Label Travel Portal 


The B2B White Label Travel Portal is ideal for Travel Agencies that want to provide services through their Representatives of Registered Agents. Our B2B Platform includes unlimited agent registration and management, category-wise discounts, and mark-up management. MartPro provides a robust back office to track each agent's bookings, sales, business volume, and so on.

Our White Label Travel Portal is the best in class solution as it integrates Multi GDS API and LCCs Operators API to provide 24/7 real-time booking and cancellation for travel services such as flight booking, hotel booking, and bus/car booking to eliminate manual work.

We have a team of experts who are constantly updating our white label system to include all advanced features. As a result, your business is always up to date and willing to outperform the competition.

In our Travel Portal, you have the access to which agent can use which service. At any time, any agent can be activated or deactivated. When you deactivate an agent account, the agent no longer has access to your portal.

Similarly, once an agent account is activated, that agent can log in and begin using the services. Agents can work on your portal to prepaid wallet or credit limit as per your convenience. You can assign classes to the agents and apply mark-ups and discount coupons class-wise.


MartPro white label solution enables:


  • Clients have access to a global inventory of 850+ GDS and 225 LCC airlines, 12 New Distribution Capability (NDC) airlines, 700,000 hotel properties worldwide, 147,000 car rental inventory, and CMS holiday packages.

  • Multi-currency and multiple language support can be aggregated with our white label solution to improve your global travel, services, and support with ease and trust.

  • B2C Business to Consumer, B2B Business to Business, B2E, Business Corporate, B2B2B Business to Business to Business, Quick payment gateway integration for accepting online payments.


What We Provide


  • White label hotel booking system

  • White label flight booking system

  • White label car booking system

  • B2C Booking Engine

  • B2B Booking Engine


Benefits of our White Label Solution:


  • Online presence for your travel brand

  • Increase your travel inventory to attract new customers.

  • A user-friendly interface will encourage existing customers to make more purchases from your site.

  • Flexibility to choose all or limited travel products to be integrated into the portal

  • Round the clock technical and customer support

  • Flexible reporting with a wide range of reports - including booking, sales, performance, and other data that can be tailored based on business requirements

  • User-friendly maintenance tools that put you in control at all times will make updating, amending, and maintaining your site as simple as possible.


How MartPro help OTA’s White Label Travel Portal at a reasonable cost?


When you collaborate with MartPro, you are partnered with industry leaders in travel technology. As a result, we take the opportunity to deliver the best possible work at the lowest White Label Travel Portal Cost possible by leveraging our skills and experience.

MartPro has extensive experience and skill in the field of white label travel portal development services, and we can help you put your potential business concept into action and develop the most comprehensive applications to ensure your clients are fully satisfied.

We have expertise in white label travel portal development with API integration solutions to provide secure and cost-effective web portal development solutions for global clients such as flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, tour packages, sightseeing, transfers, and so on.

We also worked extremely hard to reduce the overall costs and time required for the development. We realize that the travel industry's or companies' budgets vary depending on their needs and accessibility.

To get an instant quote for a custom white-label portal, feel free to get in touch with MartPro.

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