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What is Booking Extranet?


An extranet is an application that enables travel agents to update and upload their partner’s hotels and provide them with access to the hotel reservation system. Through this medium, the partner can easily get a description of their property like a hotel’s description and information. The information will also include the number of rooms availability, special deals, rates, location, amenities, and more.

Extranet booking hotels is a program that allows customers to upload all of their hotel partner hotels and accommodation providers. The Hotel extranet allows hotel managers to manage bookings and room availability in real-time. As a hotel owner, you can also maintain the different distribution systems.

A global hotel extranet is also described as a tool used to manage a global distribution system or other distribution requirements from a single system via the internet.

Hotel Extranet is a hotel reservation system that stores all hotel information such as availability, hotel rooms, pricing, images, policies, and other relevant data that can be useful when booking a hotel.

It enables hoteliers, vendors, and partners to streamline tasks such as inventory management, room rate management, meal planning, images, and hotel details. It grants them access via a unique login and password to this online channel, where they can check reports and bookings. Customers and agents can both register here to receive the best b2b hotel rates from suppliers.

A hotel extranet is primarily a standalone application that allows travel management companies, travel agencies, and tour operators to upload partnered hotels and integrate them into their online booking system. All you require to complete is insert the following hotel information such as allocations, hotel descriptions prices, and exclusive offers.

The Booking Extranet Admin provides a secure process for all suppliers, and they agree to handle traffic, check confirmed reservations, check reservation status, and provide exclusive discounts.

The benefits of a global hotel extranet include the ability for hotel managers to easily mention the hotel's description and all details regarding room availability. Extranet hotel booking access will also allow you to view rates, special discounts, and privacy policies. Since the Hotel extranet is a travel management tool you can easily use it to manage or maintain the multiple distribution systems.


How does a Hotel Extranet System work?




The Hotel Extranet System allows your travel agency to connect directly to the Channel Managers used by the hotels you want to include in your inventory to obtain the most up-to-date dynamic rates and availability.

It allows hoteliers, vendors, and partners to automate tasks like inventory management, room rate management, meal planning, images, and hotel information. It gives them access to this online channel via a unique login and password, where they can check reports and bookings. Customers and agents can both register here to get the best b2b hotel rates from suppliers.

The hotelier can increase or decrease their room inventory, as well as apply dynamic rates for their room category, period, and many more. These changes will be then directly available to you to benefit from the best available rates (BAR) and further integrate them into your selling channels.

For travel businesses, Hotel extranet enables them to connect instantly to the offered hotel's channel managers. The goal of linking is to obtain quotes from various hotels. This enables the end-user to select the most affordable accommodation.

If you want to enhance your multitasking skills, whether it's for accommodation, airlines, or tour bookings, a global hotel extranet or hotel booking service extranet can help.


Hotel Extranet Included Functions


  • Manage rooms’ availability, the number of rooms, and dates available to book.

  • The platform is simpler to use.

  • Rates – change rates, increase or decrease rates daily based on the season.

  • View all confirmed, modified, and canceled bookings on the dashboard.

  • Including special offers and discounts for hotel reservations.

  • Create daily reports, reservation details reports, billing details reports, cancellation reports, inventory reports, and nationality rate reports.

  • Manage payment and cancellation policies, tax policies, terms and conditions, and property policies.

  • Add an unlimited number of photos and videos of the hotel's environment.


Why Choose MartPro for Hotel Extranet System Integration?




MartPro is a leading provider of Hotel Extranet Integration Services. As such, it is a delight for us to develop and deliver the best possible systems to our esteemed clients.

When you work with us, you are working with experienced developers who have years of experience in the travel tech industry. With us, you gain access to their incredible expertise in Hotel Extranet Booking Systems. As a result, you can utilize the best skills and experience in obtaining a robust solution to your specific requirements.

Our hotel extranet module is smart and simple to use. You will benefit from the additional functionality of adding Hotels with multiple suppliers. It exposes you to a robust system where you can manage the world's largest inventory of hotels.

MartPro Hotel Extranet System operates as a standalone application that allows travel operators to upload their registered hotels and grant them access to their web-based system where they can enter their hotel information (such as description, allocations, prices, exclusive offers, and limitations).

The Booking Extranet Admin is a secure platform for your approved suppliers to manage their traffic, upload charges, confirm reservation status, and deliver exclusive deals.

Through the hotel extranet, you can enter the hotel management system package plans, and use them for b2b and b2c bookings. Hotel extranet has not only increased the effectiveness of hotel owners to boost their services but also build loyalty.

Use the MartPro hotel extranet to increase business productivity and easily establish your travel brand. Not only that when it comes to perfection you can avoid all types of errors. You can also improve your last-minute hotel booking services.

The hotel reservation service extranet has assisted hotel management in managing their online sales and marketing avenues. The extranet also helps in projecting the rates and availabilities of your property and the accommodations can be easily viewed through the sales channel.

MartPro's specialized hotel extranet software team uses industry standards to turn customer ideas into reality by deploying best-in-class booking extranet, reservation systems, and OTA extranet platforms.

We have deployed several hotel booking platforms over the last decade that are connected to all of the major GDS, third-party APIs, and self-contracted hotel inventory. Our next-generation hotel extranet (with channel manager integration) is associated with the best-in-class module to keep your agency a market edge.

When you work with us, you are working with experienced developers with years of experience in the travel technology industry. With us, you gain access to our immense expertise in the Hotel Extranet Booking System. As a result, you can benefit from the best knowledge and skills to get a solid solution to your specific needs.


How can our Hotel Extranet System boost Hotel’s Online Performance?


MartPro is an expert in developing hotel extranet systems to secure your hotel bookings. With our extranet, you can secure more bookings, increase occupancy, and assist agents and customers in making last-minute bookings even during vacation periods.

Since an extranet distribution boosts efficiency and brings in more profit more and more travel agencies are making it a part of their online hotel reservation system.

Our Hotel Extranet helps in generating daily and booking details reports. Not only that you can also generate a report of billing details, cancellation, inventory & nationality details.

MartPro provides extranet bookings to clients since extranet facilities can increase business productivity. Through the Hotel extranet System, travelers can get more accommodations and airport transfers, and car rental options.

However, as a business owner, you can offer last-minute bookings and build a good relationship with your customers. This tool is used by hotel managers to manage their online sales and marketing channels. Through the channel, travel agents can check rates and availability. Hotel access booking or extranet booking hotel access also involves the analytical evolution of all the booking.

MartPro Hotel extranet system provides its customers with the ability to secure more bookings and, as a result, increase occupancy. The hotel extranet also increases the number of available rooms until the last minute.

MartPro Booking Extranet has a password-protected Admin panel. The secured system helps to manage the sales of your contracted hotels and upload the rates.

Through the backend, you can easily check out the confirmed bookings & to attract visitors the special deals and coupons are very helpful.

In case you are looking forward to increasing your multitasking be it accommodation, airlines, tour bookings, global hotel extranet, or Hotel reservation service extranet can assist you.


Key capabilities of a Hotel Extranet System


  • Chance to get easily integrated into the B2B or B2C distributor

  • Add your preferred and negotiated rates via the contracting tool

  • Get a one-stop web-based system to facilitate the travel services

  • Easy access to the hotels and a chance of self-management

  • Check the prices, availability, and content information yourself

  • All types of properties like the resorts, villas, apartments, budgeted hotels, luxury hotels, and more can be obtained from the hotel extranet

  • Chance to include the product description, facilities, amenities, meals, photos, and more

  • Check and manage availability.

  • Guest, extra bed, and child policies

  • Extranet bookings include special offers such as price, discount, and early booking.


Benefits of Hotel Extranet:


Increased Productivity: When you connect to the hotel extranet, you can eventually include your entire partner's travel website in your inventory. In such a way you can quickly boost the effectiveness of your travel business.

Flexibility: No matter when your customers are booking, with the flexible hotel extranet booking services you can easily offer last-minute bookings. As an owner when you use the extranet it becomes available to the customers, clients, and partners, and they can operate at their comfortable timing and place. So, the hotel extranet is flexible as it saves a lot of time spent in the arrangement of meetings, and phone tags. Also, it has no particular operating hours, and you can easily get details 24/7.

Business enhancers: Extranet enhances business accomplishment and automates the booking process which was once affected hugely by the manual hotel booking process. As a business owner, you can manage the business on your terms & conditions.

Effective and accurate data: Since the accommodation providers get the chance to add all the relevant information like the editing, adding, and updating all the related information and save it in the inventory it is different from the former hotel booking made through pen and paper.

Shorter time to market: The hotel extranet allows you to market your products more quickly and efficiently. Make proposals approach the suppliers, and give clients and all your business partners the latest updates.

Reduced Inventory: Chain management is linked with business-to-business extranet. As a hotel owner or accommodation service provider, you can approach the supplier directly and process the orders as soon as possible.


Essential Features Offered by Booking Extranet:


With MartPro, you have access to all of the hotel booking features available in the Hotel Extranet. This platform does have a robust set of features designed to give you complete control over all hotel bookings. Check out some of the most important features listed below.

Various Markups: With Hotel Extranet, you can set various markups for the agents associated with your business as per your needs.

24x7 Customer Support: Hotel Extranet gives you full customer support 24/7 so that your business does not suffer because of system issues.

Auto Alerts: You can set up an auto alert system when a booking is confirmed and is verified, allowing you to stay on top of sales wherever you are. Alerts can be sent via emails and SMS.

Multiple Policies: You can completely customize your booking system with multiple policies for different rooms and seasons. This contains terms and conditions, cancellation policies, and amendment policies.

Multitasking: The platform supports and enhances multitasking by allowing multiple tasks to be managed simultaneously without any issues.

Room Handling: For your convenience, you can handle rooms based on several parameters such as normal occupancy, optimum, minimum, and more.

Various Markups: Hotel Extranet allows you to set different markups for the agents associated with your business based on your needs.

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