Build Rental Marketplace - Transform The Way Your Businesses Source and Rent With The Most Powerful Rental Marketplace Software

MartPro is the best rental marketplace solution packed with advanced features and a robust platform, making it an ideal online rental portal solution.


Empower Your Rental Marketplace With End-To-End Customization


MartPro is a leading white-label eCommerce solution to launch a rental marketplace for renting and selling products online. A Rental Marketplace is a platform that allows individuals or businesses to rent various types of products from one another. We help you create your own unique marketplace.

We consult, design, and develop next-generation marketplace web/mobile applications (solutions) with an in-depth understanding to deliver a product beyond your expectations which suits your business goals. 

MartPro is a multivendor system that lets you build a feature-rich e-commerce website where different vendors can sell or rent their products. We can develop completely customized marketplace solutions for your business. At MartPro, you can create a powerful rental marketplace, and it's fully customizable. 


Meet Rental Needs


A custom rental marketplace connects asset owners and renters in real-time.


Generate More Profits


While your customers prefer to rent rather than buy, the owners earn from their underutilized assets. By bridging the gap, you can generate more revenue.


Source Code


All marketplaces from MartPro are built using the PHP platform and you can avail full source code. It can be customized to meet the needs of the business.


How Does The Online Rental Property Marketplace Platform Work?


Rental Marketplace is an online platform where the owner allows the customers to rent products or services from the website, and the admin's role is to collect commissions, maintain the website, and handle customer needs.

In the online rental property marketplace, there are three major modules: they are admin module, customers module, and vendor module. Each module has a unique responsibility to perform in the online rental platform. Therefore, there are 3 types of users in the online rental marketplace. They are,


Powerful Back-Office Admin Portal


Where admin is the monitor of the overall online rental platform. Admin mainly supports customers and maintains the rental website.

  • Our online rental marketplace will automate the entire renting software.

  • Admin can have the facility to approve/disapprove customer and vendor registrations.

  • Admin can approve/disapprove products listed, any illegal terms and conditions, images, instructions to handle, delivery, or disputes.

  • Admin can provide access to customers who are vendors, to manage their rented products.

  • Product status can be tracked in real-time.

  • Manage and add limitless users.

  • Set access levels for sub-admin and vendors.

  • Payment gateways

  • Backend tools to manage location for its marketplace reach.

  • With the integrated layout editor, you can manage banners on the home page.

  • Add promotions and coupons through panels.

  • A mobile-responsive platform.

  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support. Make your website capable to run in any language.


Dashboard for Customer Panel


  • A platform that connects to borrow and lends from multiple users.

  • Once a customer has been verified by the admin, he/she is considered as a vendor where they can list products to rent.

  • Social media integrated to signup/login to their website.

  • Customers have all details related to their borrowed orders, tracking, complaints, and refunds.

  • Customers will have entire details about borrowed orders, tracking, complaints, and refunds.

  • Customers can add items as “favorite” and social share products to borrow them later.

  • Cross-selling can suggest to the customers about the availability of other similar products.

  • Customers can pay through online payment gateways or Cash on Delivery (COD).

  • Customers will get products delivered to the doorstep.


As a Vendor


  • Everyone who pays a subscription amount to upload products on the websites becomes a vendor.

  • Only vendors are allowed to manage listing categories, images, descriptions, pricing, terms & conditions, availability dates, address & maps, delivery details, personal info, and much more.

  • Respective vendors will receive customer order requests on the web panel.

  • Can view order details, history, payments, delivery status, and transactions.

  • Vendors will order notifications to their registered mail id.

  • Vendors will be under the control of the admin where they can access the total renting process, transactions, and customer details.


One Platform With All The Marketplace Features You Need To Build, Manage, And Scale Your Business. 


MartPro is a pre-built rental marketplace platform that is customizable to any niche and scalable for any size of business. 


Advanced Filter Option


With the advanced filter options, the user can easily search for their desired property at an expected location with the precise search result


In-App Chat


Real-time chat allows users to contact sellers on your rental marketplace instantly. This allows the user to share their opinions on the rental property.


Secure Payment


The payment of the users for their rented property becomes very secure and the user can pay for the booking in their desired payment medium.


Verification Option


When a user registers for a rental property, the admin sends them a verification message to confirm their registration.


Social Login


Allow your users to register and sign in with their various social media accounts.


Property Page


When launching a rental marketplace business, one of the most important pages to create is a property page. On this page, it’s important to place information about the accommodation type, description, photos, calendar, map, information about the facilities and amenities, etc.


Ratings & Reviews


The end users can leave their desired ratings and reviews about the service and the admins can obtain feedback about how their users feel about their service.


Simple & Secure Storefront  


Every supplier of your online marketplace website will have its own product/service page with its bio, listings, and reviews from customers.


How Can One Make the Marketplace Successful? 


  • Make it simple for the seller to register the product to sell, as well as for the buyer to place an order and purchase it. 

  • Quality is always required for the product, its delivery, and the transaction between the vendor and the client. 

  • Trust and transparency are two major factors that keep customers coming back for more purchases. 

  • Having reactive and proactive methods if in any case any issues arises will help in avoiding both customer and seller dissatisfaction.




We help you create a tailor-made rental marketplace to expand your business online


Responsive Design For Rental Business Website


Make your rental business website more attractive and responsive to any device with our elegant responsive design. We provide cutting-edge design elements for your business success


Focused On Easy Customization


MartPro can be customized to work with any type of rental business platform. You can easily customize it to suit your specific needs.


Well Documented with SEO Friendly & ROI Planning


Enhance your website with SEO-friendly features. And reach more audiences within the quick period of the website launch, mutually you can derive various kinds of ROI plans & strategies as per your business plan.


Looking To Build An Online Rental Property Marketplace ?


Nowadays, rental marketplaces are in high demand in the business and market. Setting up a profitable rental marketplace can be a difficult task. However, with enough time, the right tools, and rental marketplace software, you can achieve similar results. 

MartPro builds fully customizable rental marketplaces for all of your business needs. We provide customized rental software with specialized features such as a robust dashboard and effective GPS that make your business highly reliable and unique from others.

Launching an online rental property marketplace has become simple, and it has emerged as one of the most profitable business ideas. Choosing the best rental marketplace solution with the right software platform results in a smooth development process, resulting in a fast turnaround time and improved web application performance.

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