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Looking to build a great deal website online? Searching for experts to develop a daily deals website? The time has come to update those discounts and bargains of those thousands of online stores. Let your customers find daily steals and flash sales for local shops, salons, restaurants, etc. on your website at rock-bottom prices.

We can help you build a daily deal website so that you can work directly with local businesses and online retailers and earn profit from the deals sold. Such a deal website not only benefits your brand, alongside it benefits consumers as they buy lower-priced services and retailers as they quickly move surplus inventory.

We at MartPro make sites that specialize in bringing the best deals on the web to their customers and where customers are able to use the power of technology to create value for their visitors.

If you want to get involved in any capacity - whether as a customer, business owner, or site manager - the time to do it is now. We have greatly served our skills in this area and have given their projects a successful path to start with “Hand-picked Solutions”.

“Daily Deals” are the terms that are known to online shopping savvy clients and they relate it with giant social networks like Facebook. The daily deal idea is not too old and as soon as it came into existence, it boomed the online market. Businesses have made a huge user base and websites offering these deals have generated huge profits. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both.

These days some daily deal websites are also providing an option (with certain terms and conditions) to avail the services with expired coupons, to give that extra benefit to its users and making them feel more satisfied with the purchase they made.

We make websites that empower customers and website owners to make the best of their daily deals. It also gives you a unique voting feature to let customers suggest and promote deals they would like to see featured on the website. The most popular deal will then be turned into reality and featured on the website for the customers to buy. We put the power of group buying back where it belongs, right in the hands of customers, as it offers the deals that you desire.


Why Create A Daily Deal Website?

If you are offering deals on your website then more customers will get attracted to your website consistently. Deals will not only keep your customers consistent and convert them but will also increase trust towards your brand and website’s products.

Let’s take a real-world example: when any physical store runs an offer on their products at that time, the huge crowd gets attracted to that shop which increases sales of that store’s product. And when those customers go out and share their experience for the discount, they got from the store with which more traffic rush to that store to grab the best deals before offers get over.


How does the MartPro Daily Deals Website Works?


MartPro offers a performance-rich solution to set up and run deals based websites that can sell products too & offers the best experience to merchants as well as customers. Easy deals management, multi-vendor functionality, flexible design interface & other script features make sure your website looks better and earns bigger than any Groupon clone.


For Owners:


Also known as admin, he owns the website and makes money from sales of products and deals, ad revenue & merchant commissions.


For Buyers:


Portal owners and merchants cater to this group by listing the best offers and discounts. This is the party that makes product purchases.


For Merchants:


This group represents sellers interested in generating product sales, branding advantages, and customer acquisition from deals site


MartPro Is Multi-Vendor - Sell Discount Offers & Earn Long-term Revenue


Using the MartPro system you can cash in on the daily deals model, promote discount vouchers, sell flash deals online and earn income as commission from merchants for all deals and products sold.


Earn from Travel Bookings


MartPro packs functionality that helps site owners list getaways and earn commission on every travel booking. In short, MartPro can accomplish a lot more. Have a look at its amazing features, and be prepared to be astounded!


Reach Out To New Markets and Audience With MartPro Buyer Mobile App


MartPro – Online Deals Marketplace solution comes with ready-to-launch Android and iOS mobile applications. Both mobile applications are designed and equipped with all essential features to make buying deals an enjoyable experience.

  • Android Buyer App

  • iOS Buyer App


How to start a Profitable Daily Deals Website Development?




If you are starting your first website, then this may sound like a lot. Simple 7 steps to start a daily deals business. let's have a look


1. Research the Daily Deals sites Market


Everyone loves discounts and offers on their everyday shopping. What is the greatest one is Buying something that you want to get with a 10 % discount for the shopper on their shopping? 

Online Shopping is very happy to tempt customers to shop. Shopping is an immense sector and the Daily Deals website has become so popular. 


2. Choose a Niche


Research what your target audience (customers) buy to estimate, how to start a daily deals website with attractive deals at the low competition... For example, you can cater to baby product deals or clothing deals. So, you should choose a niche that you want to launch your deals business.


3. Create your daily deals biz structure


First of all, you set up your shopping business structure, create a business name, logo, website themes, layout template, and business license as needed by your country.


4. Plan your Deals Website


It is easy to build a daily deals website without a plan. because your aim is to create your deals site for your customers to use.


5. Buy Domain Name and Web hosting


Basically, to build a website, you need both domain name and web hosting. A buying domain name gives you the right to use that particular domain name for a particular duration. In the meantime, you need web hosting for your daily deals business. 


6. Build your Website


You can get daily deals-based website templates. Also, the silent feature is there. Integrate into your daily deals websites. If your website serves multiple locations. then, you can integrate geo-location features that allow identifying user location on your website.


7. Market


Without Marketing, any kind of business can run in the marketplace. Countless coupons & deals business sites are there. Develop your business strategy to reach your target users and place. Add the social media integration to your daily deals website which allows fully engage with your customers.

Yes! There are 7 powerful steps to start a daily deals business. After completing 7 steps, launch your own Daily Deals Business Successfully.


An Effective Channel To Drive Traffic To Your Business




Deals are a great way to attract consumers to your business. Whether you are a startup aggregating deals across the market or an established industry enterprise, deals are a sure-shot channel to drive consumers to you. 

For startups, if done the right way, this business can bring in a continuous stream of revenue in a quick time. For established enterprises deal websites can become a successful alternate channel to drive traffic to your business or can also be matured to a new vertical altogether.


We offer the following features in a daily deal website:


  • Multiple City Deals, Side Deals & Nearby Deals

  • Daily Deal Management & Notification

  • Business Details

  • Google Map

  • Social Media Marketing and SEO

  • Signup, Order Tracking & One-Click Shopping

  • Quick Buy/One-Click Shopping

  • Email Template - Newsletter/Promotional Emails

  • Payment Mode with Multi-Currency Option

  • Custom Reports & Database Backup

  • Live Chat (Third-Party Integration)

  • Multi-Lingual Support


We deploy expertise in designing reliable daily deals websites using PHP, MySQL, and many other coding languages, and offer solutions that are customized to every customer demand and needs. 

Our highly talented team of software engineers are experts in making a strong foundation for your business, starting from the initial web designing to the development of core technology. 

You can also choose our readymade affordable solutions for opening a deals website wherein we provide code script with custom design, content management system, enhanced UX, shopping cart, and many more in-built features. This helps you to run business with ease, lets you concentrate on core business functions, and keeps your client base growing.


Why Choose Us?


In Today’s era, everyone at some point of time in their life must have used daily deals on the online website either for shopping, paying bills or booking hotels, etc. Currently, there are a large no. of daily deals websites like Groupon running and are growing day-by-day. 

No matter what kind of customer you are, daily deal websites only mean one thing – awesome and attractive offers. A daily deal website like Groupon. will help reduce your shopping, booking, and entertainment bills by at least 30% of your bill.

The number of daily deal websites is increasing on a daily basis that one cannot help but wonder if it is really such an easy affair. Well, actually it is.

In a website, all listed features such as the abandoned cart, functionality for providing deals and discounts, rewards system, etc. are incorporated.


The three major action items for building a marketplace are:


  • Domain registration

  • Hosting

  • Design and Development

MartPro offers you a ready-made online deal website, which is well optimized for both the web and mobile platforms. MartPro provides you with a customized app with your own brand name. Why MartPro Online Deals and Discounts Marketplace for websites? Simply because it is very cost-effective, easy to use, and has plenty of extensions to enhance your marketplace features. 

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