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What is On Demand Delivery App?


Business digital revolution brings the world closer every day with new and improved advancements. And on-demand delivery applications play a significant role in this expansion.

On-demand delivery apps are rapidly expanding into most industries, from travel to health care to grocery.  They connect users to relevant services, bridging the consumer and business gap through quick service delivery.

On-demand delivery app is an online platform that allows businesses to gather customer demands on a mobile app and fulfill them by providing instant door-to-door delivery or pick-up services.

An on-demand delivery app assists businesses in automating orders, simplifying order management, tracking, and delivery, as well as collecting payments online. Features such as delivery alerts offer notifications, loyalty programs, and so on aid in customer retention and sales growth.

With an on-demand delivery solution, users can easily request a service from a list of options without having to do without the comfort of their home (or anywhere else). In terms of businesses, the increased exposure provided by these apps allows them to greatly increase their customer conversion rates.


What are the types of On-Demand Delivery Apps?


On-demand Delivery applications can be categorized into the following three types:


Business to Business- B2B on-demand apps are designed to connect businesses with businesses. In this case, the service providers and service takers are simply facilitators rather than end-users.

Business to Consumers- Businesses provide products or services to end-users through this type of on-demand mobile app. This model is typically used by companies that can deliver products to customers, such as Dominos.

Customers to Customers- This model of on-demand delivery app connects end-users to end-users. In this case, users create products or provide services for other users to purchase or use.


Why you should choose MartPro to develop your On-Demand Delivery App?


MartPro is a leading mobile app development company with extensive experience in designing on-demand applications. We have successfully developed several on-demand applications in a variety of industries such as healthcare, beauty industry, food delivery, and so on.

MartPro's on-demand delivery app includes all of the necessary modules to make it easier to provide delivery services for every good- and to suit all types of business. It includes functions that enable every size of business to expand and provide the best delivery services.

It includes native Android and iOS applications for customers and delivery providers. This on-demand delivery app maker contains a dedicated store panel and app that helps include stores in operation as well. An interactive admin panel, with real-time status updates, also ensures business management and control.

Our skills in on-demand delivery app services have helped us gain trust and loyalty in the industry. By providing exceptional solutions, our next-generation on-demand services will enable your business to expand to new heights.

Whether you want to create a custom on-demand delivery app or need on-demand AI assistant app development, this model will ensure that you get only the best results without exceeding your budgets and within the agreed timeframe.

Our ever-evolving solutions, which include food delivery app, courier delivery app, grocery delivery app, pharmacy delivery app, and others, have assisted many enterprises in reshaping their operations to meet the current digital demand. To create multi-delivery app development services, our developers conducted extensive research and applied it to international coding standards.

The on-demand delivery app will include a pre-built CMS for managing your inventory. It will have invoicing. It will include a payment option. It will be equipped with a map-based tracking system. Above all, it will be 100% safe for both you and your customers.


Why you should use MartPro’s on-demand delivery app?


  • Provides a secure payment method for your on-demand delivery app

  • No coding skills are required to create apps

  • Helps in publishing apps on the Play Store and Apple App Store

  • Monetize Your Apps to Earn Extra Revenue

  • Offers real-time app insights to improve your app


How MartPro’s On-demand Delivery App Solution can help you grow?


  • Scalability- Our on-demand delivery app solution can be scaled to meet your company's growing needs.

  • Global reach- With our app's multi-currency and multi-language options, you can cater to customers all over the world.

  • Brand Awareness- When designing your on-demand delivery app solution, we will make certain that your branding is given utmost importance and prominently displayed, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

  • Fast- Customers can place an order in the blink of an eye using an on-demand delivery app. All tasks, such as searching, ordering, paying, and reviewing, can be completed within one app.

  • Suitable For Any Business- One of the main reasons behind such popularity of these apps can be used by all types of businesses. These apps can be tailored to the needs of various types of businesses, regardless of their sector, type, or size.

  • Enhances customer satisfaction- On-demand delivery apps assist you in building stronger customer relationships. The chances of converting app users into paying customers are significantly higher than those on other channels.

  • Creates business opportunities- Developing an app for your on-demand delivery business creates numerous business opportunities. The apps enable businesses to provide highly customized services to their target customers and rise to the top of their respective business niches. Whether you are developing an on-demand delivery app for taxi booking, food delivery, or any other unique business idea, an on-demand delivery app will assist you in making the most of any business opportunity.

  • Simple to Use- Allow your customers to easily request pickup and delivery services directly from your website or app.

  • Competitive Edge- Using an on-demand delivery app solution, you can gain a competitive advantage. A ready-made app allows you to quickly scale up your business in response to customer demand.

  • Guaranteed ROI- Having an on-demand delivery app means you can meet your business's ROI targets. A powerful app helps you end challenges and focus on just productivity.


Which businesses need On-Demand Delivery Apps?


From food to grocery to healthcare to cab to gifts to home services to logistics, almost every business needs an on-demand delivery app. Here are a few examples:


Courier service


Having an on-demand app for courier service allows users to save time and effort while also providing convenience. This type of app assists startups and businesses in delivering orders or picking them up from restaurants, retail stores, grocers, and other locations. Courier apps can be created for laundry and grocery delivery services. With MartPro on-demand courier app development services, you can launch your Uber-like courier venture. We provide customized iOS and Android apps, as well as a powerful admin dashboard from which you can control everything.


Logistics and Transportation


On-demand delivery apps are designed to help transportation and logistics companies deliver packages from one location to another. Customers can use such applications to transfer parcels at any time and from any location. These apps have simplified transportation and logistics services by providing features such as real-time tracking, in-app messaging, and transparent pricing. With it, people can transfer parcels efficiently and transparently and keep track of their deliveries. Examples of on-demand parcel delivery are Uber Freight and Uber Deliver.


Food delivery service


This app platform enables restaurant owners to accept online food orders and deliver food directly to their customers' doorsteps. Some of the major features supported by the online food ordering app solution include real-time order tracking, online payments, order management, menu management, adding discounts, promotions, referrals, and so on. This is one of the most important industries to benefit from on-demand delivery apps. Food delivery apps such as Zomato, Uber Eats, and Swiggy have transformed the food delivery service industry. 

These apps have made people's lives easier and smarter, because who doesn't like having ready-to-eat food delivered to their door? The MartPro platform enables small and medium-sized grocers to take their grocery and food delivery apps to the next level in a cost-effective, efficient, and simple manner.


Healthcare service


There are now medicine delivery apps and healthcare apps that provide professional healthcare services at home. This service has helped many, especially the older people who get the professional healthcare service at their homes and don’t have to travel to the hospitals. With MartPro's on-demand healthcare app development solutions, you can make online appointment booking more convenient and patient-centered. The advantage of on-demand medical apps is their 24/7 service accessibility.


Home Services


Home services application enables to hire safe and trusted local professionals to complete household chores or personal tasks such as furniture assembly, TV mounting, moving assistance, home cleaning and repairs, wellness, cleaning, plumbing, movers and packers, appliance repair, and more. With MartPro top-quality home service app development connect your business to end-users looking for household services.




Several aspects of the travel industry have been influenced by on-demand apps. On-demand apps have a solution for everything, whether it's booking a hotel, finding tourist attractions, or renting a car. Apps like Airbnb, HotelToday, and others greatly simplify travelers' lives by allowing them to easily access necessary services and information from their smartphones. For the new generation of travelers, on-demand travel apps have become a must-have travel companion.


Beauty & Salon


On-demand beauty and salon apps come to the aid of people of all ages who want to be groomed at home for such instant results. MartPro's on-demand beauty apps allow users to book online salon appointments and hire an in-home stylist in just a few taps.


Flowers and Gifts 


Gift and flower shops can go online by developing an on-demand delivery app for their customers. The best part is that customers can use the app to order flowers or gifts while sitting at home and surprise their loved ones. Furthermore, these delivery apps allow users to schedule delivery times.


How much does it cost to develop On Demand Delivery App?


The cost of building an on-demand delivery app depends on what type of the app, its functionality, features, 3rd party integrations, etc. You can create progressive web apps, native apps, or cross platforms apps.

To manage a business using an on-demand delivery app, MartPro musts concentrate on the user's app, the service provider's app, and the admin panel. The cost of calculating these three components is determined by the features as well as the time and effort required to build each of these features.

To find out how much it will cost, request a quote. Our business development manager will analyze your project scope and send you a free cost estimate.


Important features of the On-Demand Delivery App 


On-demand delivery apps have a plethora of options for business owners, here are a few features that every on-demand app has to offer: From the driver app to the customer app to the admin console, you will have everything to run a successful online business.


Features of Customer App


  • Registration: Customers easily log in from the app with their email id or social media accounts.

  • Real-time tracking: Customers will be able to track the status of their deliveries in real-time.

  • Payment gateway integration: A great comfort to the customers, where they can easily pay for the order.

  • Reviews & Ratings: Customers easily share their experiences from the app.

  • Push notifications: Send notifications to users when there are new offers or products available.


Features of Driver App  


  • Service details: Let your drivers get the clients’ details from the driver app.

  • Accept and reject requests: Drivers can accept or reject orders from the app.

  • Earning tracker: Help your drivers to manage their finances with the earning tracker from the app.


Features of Admin Console


  • Real-time analytics: View and manage customer and driver insights from a single dashboard.

  • Maintain the driver's logbook: Manage the driver's incentives, commissions, penalties, and earnings from a single dashboard.

  • Efficient user management: Manage all of the users' activities, from payment to discounts.

Contact our consultant today! Get our On-Demand Delivery App Services to help you take your business to new heights!

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