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What is Flight Wholesalers?


Flight wholesalers are brokers who buy airline tickets in bulk at low prices and resell them to travel agencies. The collaboration with Flight Wholesalers would seem to be a win-win-win situation. Travel agencies make more profit and bring new consumers, while passengers fly cheaper — at least when traveling abroad.

Whether you are looking for a travel wholesaler platform, flight wholesaler platform, tour booking wholesaler platform, or any other form of travel wholesale platform, MartPro has a customized solution for each of you. Through our applications, you can effectively consolidate, distribute and manage your inventory, bookings, and business processes.

Our wholesale travel packages are designed with cutting-edge technology so that you, as a travel agent, can empower your customers, employees, and businesses. MartPro enables your business to effectively serve the global marketplace by providing hotels, travel bookings, tour booking services, and more. Our flight wholesaler platform can connect directly with third-party API providers, allowing you to distribute your product through any channel.

Using the API and XML integration, travel distributors can easily expand their operations by selling your content to third-party travel companies.

MartPro allows you to manage all of your travel needs on a single platform and with simple booking features. Being in the industry for decades we have built our connections with top API suppliers like Amadeus, Mystifly API, Travelport API, Sabre APIs, TravelSky API, Travis Flight booking API, and others. Our travel solutions are built with cutting-edge tools that will help you effectively manage your inventory.

Working with various travel wholesalers from various geographical locations provided us with extensive field experience, allowing us to develop a robust software solution suitable for travel consolidators and distributors of all sizes. You can manage all of your travel operations in a single software platform with MartPro.

MartPro is currently integrated with several GDS providers (Travelport Galileo and Amadeus), allowing for real-time connectivity with such wholesaler systems. Your travel agency must be IATA-accredited to purchase airline tickets directly from GDS systems.

MartPro offers Flight API integration with all major flight providers. We have incorporated Flight APIs for GDSs like Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport as well as Flight Consolidators like Mystifly, Iati, and Multireisen. You can integrate multiple air suppliers into a single flight booking engine using MartPro.

You can give your B2C customers and agents the ability to book flight tickets online using real-time fares and availability by integrating Flight APIs into your online travel portal. Since global flight content is available on a single interface, flight API integration eliminates the hassle of logging into multiple supplier systems to get the best airfare for your clients.

We have also incorporated over 130 Low-Cost Airlines worldwide to allow you to sell LCC content along with full-service carriers.

Or else, you can book a ticket through another partner who is already an IATA accredited agent, or you can purchase tickets from an airline consolidator like Mystifly, which acquires fares from over 70 countries.

Consolidator requirements (setup fee, etc.) are less demanding than what is required for accessing a GDS. Low-cost carriers (LCC) typically cannot be booked through GDS, so a consolidator is a great solution for booking low-cost flights.


Why Choose MartPro?




Are you looking for a more enormous and comprehensive database of flight suppliers to help cater to demand? You've come to the right place.

Here, you will find the list of flight suppliers complete with XML API integration facilities. It is ideal for online travel agencies that sell airline tickets. This is especially advantageous because travel agents can provide personalization and a wider range of options to their customers with each booking. You can get the best deals available, effectively competing with other modes of flight distribution.

Some of the world’s biggest names are included, such as Sabre Travel Technologies, Abacus Travel, Worldspan, Travelport, and Expedia. Users can expect to compare rates on a centralized platform for more efficient decision-making.

To operate to their fullest potential, such channels must always be proactive about the quality of technology and data-driven solutions. A good flight supplier is not only good at distributing flights to a wide range of customers; it is also good at improving an airline's name and brand presence in the industry.

Aside from reliable products and excellent customer service, a flight supplier must provide ongoing support. We have created a list of those who meet these criteria so that you can browse through your options.

Find below flight suppliers with XML API integration facilities, ideal for online travel entrepreneurs wishes to sell airline seats with their other products.


Here’s a rundown of the best Flight API Suppliers available –


Travel Boutique Online Flight API


One of the leading Indian B2B Travel Portals, Travel Boutique Online Flight API has everything in the bucket. They provide travel services ranging from flight reservations, hotel reservations, transits, sightseeing tours, and vacation packages to insurance coverage. They enable travel agents to provide their customers with the best-suited inventory. Travel Boutique Online Flight API provides agents with access to large global flight inventories from leading air flight suppliers. This way they offer services to their customers.


Sabre Flight API


Sabre flight API supplier is ideal for developers who want to create and customize booking applications for their websites. They can also incorporate Sabre content into other applications. You must know that Sabre Flight API is easier, safer, faster, and more flexible. Without a doubt, Sabre Flight API is the most renowned Flight Booking Engine API provider.


Galileo Flight API


With Galileo Flight API, you easily get reservations for airplane seats, rental cars, hotel rooms, and many other travel industries. You can say that Galileo Flight API is a one-stop solution for all your travel booking services. This is how you get the best deals available around the world.


Travelport Flight API


Travelport Flight API, also known as Travelport Universal API, is an XML API that is integrated with a range of services and transactions. Travelport Flight API provides a wide range of services such as content, hotel, air, rail, and car rental, making it easier to develop a desktop, web, or mobile end-to-end travel application in a go.


Amadeus Flight API


Amadeus Flight API works by displaying a list of flights with available seats. You gain access to APIs for flight search, flight booking, hotels, and destination content.


Mystifly Flight API


Mystifly is a well-known brand that provides all-in-one B2B airfare API integration. whether you are a travel business or an Online Travel Agent (OTA) company, Mystifly flight APIs provide all the tools you need to start and manage your travel business worldwide.


EaseMyTrip Flight API


EaseMyTrip, India's leading B2B & B2C online travel portal company in India offers flight booking API. Travel agents can use the EaseMyTrip Flight API to gain access to a large global flight inventory from well-known air flight suppliers. This way they offer services to their customers.


Advantages of booking and selling airline tickets directly from the Flight Wholesalers




With the goals of increasing productivity and simplifying the whole process mentioned above, MartPro has created a new flight booking module within its integrated software solution for travel agencies and tour operators.

Our quick flight booking engine provides a variety of solutions from which travel agencies can benefit on a larger scale. When it comes to ticket search, this module allows employees to search for tickets across multiple systems (GDS, with no connection to airline consolidators, yet implemented).

Usually, employees need to have special knowledge when it comes to GDS to be able to get the best ticket possible, but not with our module. We enabled our customers to complete this process using a simple point-and-click interface. This results in a time and money-saving situation because the same person already selling other travel products can sell flight tickets and even combine products.

Those same airline tickets can be easily added to packages (itineraries, quotes) that generally include accommodation, activities, and other travel products. Since the customer database is already present in the CRM part of the MartPro travel agency software solution, you can apply your specific market/customer margin rates to flight ticket prices.

From the MartPro web application, you can manage flight ticket changes and cancellations, making your daily tasks easier. While we’re already talking about efficiency, MartPro offers automatic follow-ups, the ideal tool to use after you’ve sent a quote to a customer. This feature significantly boosts conversion rates and revenue.

When it comes to sales, MartPro allows you to create invoices with all travel products, including flights, and purchase the ticket.

Since everything is done within the same system, you can easily track reports of sold tickets and view the list of passengers and most-used airline companies. Finally, as a cherry on top, you can have accumulated reports on all travel products you sell.


Offer flight booking online to your B2C / B2B customers


MartPro enables your B2C or B2B customers or corporate clients to buy flight tickets (along with other products) from your website. They can book tickets 24/7. Flights can be searched for and booked directly from your online B2B and/or B2C portals. It is also possible to implement a fully-customized online booking process on your website with MartPro Web API or you can use our WordPress plugin or hire us to implement it.

MartPro is well-known for providing robust travel solutions that not only increase travel companies' profits but also encourage them to earn more from flight bookings. We provide the best airfare aggregator for travel companies, tour operators, and travel agents.

With our airline aggregator website features the clients can easily plan and book a complete tour. It provides real-time access to search for and books airline tickets for the perfect vacation. We value the chance to work with the top aggregators worldwide and this is why our clients get maximum benefit.

Airline aggregator websites assist customers in searching for the best flight deals across multiple websites, but they bring you the best deal through a single platform.
We also assist airlines in further aggregating and distributing their content through various channels such as GDS systems, OTA, and IBEs.

Being an award-winning airline reservation software development company, we are collaborating with global airlines, GDS systems, and flight consolidators. Apart from airline IBE, we integrate hotel, transfer, sightseeing, insurance, and dynamic packaging modules on airline websites. We plan to make flight booking completely safe and fast by using encrypted technology.

With our flight aggregator, travel agents can provide the best deals to visitors. Not only will assisting customers with the best deals or best-suited packages assist them in making the best travel plans based on their budget.

We recommend APIs or flight aggregators that provide 24/7 travel assistance and customer support to customers and guide them through every step of the process. We customize airline aggregator websites with live chat to assist you in making the best decisions. You can come to know the best deals as per your preference by communicating with the support agent instantly.

With easy to compare features, you can select the best fare out of multiple offers. The visitors will need to search for their required flight by accessing the date and time every time they search for a new flight. The flight aggregator will instantly deliver the best deals.

We welcome small, medium, and large travel companies to join us by utilizing our online technology solutions. If you are taking your travel agency online or have an online portal, you must connect your business with the most global flight service providers. Be it hotel booking, transfer, air flight, or tour packages, aggregators can give you the best deals for sure.

MartPro is highly specialized in providing a one-stop solution for Web flight aggregators. We give you the tools you need to distribute through multiple supplier channels and serve your customers as effectively.

With our one-stop-shop, you can instantly compare prices and travel products all over the world. Aside from that, we provide our clients with assistance as needed.


What are the Reasons for Opting for Flight Wholesalers' Website Development?  


Information Availability (24/7)


Flight Aggregator has a quick response time and always offers the best deals.


Brand Recognition


A strong level of support and customizable offers build the brand image for the travel company.


Increased Customer Base


The Flight Aggregator offers the previous preferences and other details of the clients and offers a customized solution in the form of rewards or loyalty bonuses for frequent passengers.


Cost-effective Solution


The implementation of a Flight Aggregator is cost-intensive but in the end, it offers a higher return on investment (ROI).


What are the benefits of using our Flight Booking Engine?


  • It offers the best rates on a single platform.

  • The developers place multiple categories of products in just a single place

  • Accessing the details is fast and easier

  • Easily manage the loyalty membership


Are You Ready To Create Your Online Presence?


Plan to implement our powerful solutions to create a successful travel website by establishing a distinct online image. Our comprehensive flight booking engine includes exceptional features and functionalities that expand the scope of your travel business.


Reach To Global and Valuable Travel Content


MartPro Flight API paves the path to link with the beneficial airline services suppliers across the globe. The significant advantage of our flight API is that our client can check inventory rates and compare them across different airlines. We recognize the importance of reliable data, which is why we have partnered with the leading suppliers. This reduces the possibility of data errors. Through our enthusiastic team, we are eager to enhance our client business and performance in every manner.


Get Benefit over Rivals


MartPro Flight API assists you in completely improving your business performance via low-cost and full-service carriers. We meet the cost standard of our clients in compliance with the statutory requirements. We recognize your customer better and develop our solution by keeping in mind your customer's ease.


Maintain Ease in Payment Completion


Flight business ultimately expands your international reach. You may need to control the payments to and from abroad. MartPro provides you with an easy-to-use platform for managing these payments. Our improved solution supports multiple languages and has a highly secure user interface.


Improved Revenue through Enhanced Sales


As a highly dynamic industry, the travel industry is constantly developing new trends. One of them is the increasing dominance of low-cost carriers. This enabled the flight API to provide better results irrespective of the distribution channel. Whatever type of travel service provider you are, MartPro will always connect you with pioneering suppliers and provide you with powerful technical support.

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