A customized, white-label software & app solution for your on-demand food delivery service with advanced features.

Our custom food delivery solution is a complete package to offer an excellent food delivery app development service for food orders or delivery businesses of any volume with an intelligent order management system.




What is Food Delivery Software? How Does It Help Further To Grow Your Business?


Food delivery software in its most simple form serves as an aggregator of a restaurant’s third-party delivery platforms. More elaborate, all-in-one delivery management hubs also set up integrations with point-of-sale systems (POS), essentially creating food delivery automation and streamlining your business.

Our custom food delivery solution is a complete package to offer an excellent food delivery app development service for food orders or delivery businesses of any volume with an intelligent order management system.

Restaurant businesses are looking to transform existing business methods with online ones with a unique and dynamite set of features that enable your customers to get their favorite dish at their doorsteps and help you gain complete control over operations.

Food delivery software is an effective solution to give a digital touch to the restaurant business. The feature-packed solution helps you manage and control your delivery business activities seamlessly. It also enables you to satisfy the hunger pangs of your customers by allowing them to order their favorite meal online.

With the escalating growth of the delivery market, MartPro offers you white label restaurant order and delivery management software to make it enormously easy for your business to streamline the restaurant ordering and delivery process


Food Delivery Software Is the Key to Digitizing Your Business


With the change in time, traditional businesses have to level up to be more efficient, connect with customer needs & current trends, and survive through hard times.

The digitalization of the business using restaurant management software can radically improve the brand reach and internal business operations.

MartPro is a leading Food Delivery Software Development Company, our online food delivery software adapts to your needs, no matter how niche, how big or small your business is. So you can choose us to avail an excellent food delivery app development service.

MartPro is a better and powerful food delivery software to manage and handle all the internal operations smoothly. The restaurant management software is designed to be visually appealing and meets the needs of business owners and customers.

The software is quicker to set up and seamlessly connects the eaters, drivers, and restaurant owners. It is best in terms of the performance of the software, scalability, and in developing a minimum viable product.

MartPro offers a complete end-to-end online delivery solution for your business. We have a ready-made solution that exactly meets your online ordering and delivery business. Our online delivery system is highly suitable for any kind of delivery service including food, grocery, courier/parcel, pharmacy, meat, laundry, water, bakery, etc. 

Our on-demand delivery management software makes the tracking and fleet management operation easy. Automate your deliveries by integrating our on-demand solution for your delivery business now.

MartPro offers next-generation on-demand restaurant delivery management software provided with advanced features and functionality. These on-demand delivery apps can be easily deployed for various delivery businesses. Our on-demand delivery software comes with robust admin panel features, making it easy for you to manage delivery staff and customers.

MartPro is a food delivery management software that can give you a total control and tracking facility for your restaurant delivery. MartPro partners with some of the White Label brands and then enables multiple restaurants to serve the customer needs present in food delivery services. 

The On-Demand performance is maintained above par with the help of the management team's operational efficiency and customer order history. It is a powerful and robust software that can effectively dispatch multiple orders to a food delivery driver available in nearby proximity.

MartPro is an online food ordering and delivery software that makes it easy for your customers to place food orders directly from your website or through the mobile app (Android or iPhone). Our on-demand multi-restaurant delivery software is applicable for any business sector, which is the fastest way to increase your business volume.

MartPro's online food delivery software allows single and multi-restaurants to improve their on-demand food delivery business process. Our online restaurant ordering software enables businesses to satisfy consumer expectations by ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.


Increase your revenue of all the on-demand business with our clever food delivery software:


  • Easily online ordering through website and mobile apps

  • Manage customers, restaurants, and deliver agents

  • This platform can easily track online orders and deliveries

  • Send a push notification and alters in real-time

  • Set up a secure payment processing system

  • Fully automated platform for the online order delivery business

  • Engage customers to help your brand grow

  • User retention is increased in the food delivery sector


Online Food Ordering Software For All Business Model




MartPro is a bespoke white-label food ordering delivery software with comprehensive features that allows anyone to establish or grow their on-demand food delivery business


Startups Businesses


  • Our online food ordering software is supported for startups restaurants and delivery businesses


Single Restaurants


  • Restaurants can use our online food ordering software to manage their online orders


Restaurants Aggregators


  • Multi restaurant chains can use our platform to manage online orders and deliveries


Delivery Marketplace


  • Our food delivery software enables aggregators to collect orders from restaurants and deliver the users


How Do We Work?


Requirement Gathering


  • Before working on making the food ordering and delivery script, we have gathered all the core requirements to develop the app in an effective way.


Requirement Analysis


  • After collecting the vital information, the research regarding the requirements and the process is analyzed completely to make the business solution much better.




  • We work progressively with effective tech team members and exploit the recent technology to develop the script in an effective way that completely fits upright in the market.




  • Before launching the script in the market, we make sure to test the script that it works accordingly without any bugs along with a good navigation process.


On-Time Delivery


  • We make sure to deliver the unblemished script on a prompt time which is ready to provide one of the foremost solutions to our business client after undergoing multiple test sets.


Features of an Online Food Delivery Management System


Our online food delivery software is a comprehensive solution built with contemporary aesthetics and robust features. It is developed keeping in mind the target audience and the challenges faced by the services providers without technology.

Here is the list of features the best food delivery management includes-

  • A dispatcher dashboard to manage orders, delivery agents, and their performance

  • Automated order allocation to accept new orders and assign them to delivery agents

  • Dedicated driver app to help riders manage trips by following the most efficient delivery routes

  • Real-time order tracking for both the customers and restaurants

  • Electronic proof of delivery to facilitate contactless deliveries

  • Customer feedback collection to collect delivery feedback from customers

  • Insights and analytics to measure the performance of delivery agents and improve delivery processes


Benefits of Food Delivery Software


After a restaurant integrates the software for food delivery management, they can assure the following-

  • On-time deliveries

  • No delivery frauds

  • High customer retention rate

  • Complete operational transparency and visibility

  • Real-time order tracking

  • Dynamic en route order clubbing

  • Increased number of recurring orders

  • Low delivery costs

  • Improved customer experience


All-in-One Food Delivery Software Solution




The solution is backed by powerful tools that help you find potential customers, drive sales, and easily manage your day-to-day tasks.




Multiple Registration Option


  • This solution can be easily downloaded from the Playstore on any mobile OS. From the user's point of view, the solution provides the option to register using Facebook or Gmail hence making the app more engaging to the users.


Delivery Details


  • The user can easily track the delivery details of their order with the help of the in-built map and access the delivery note anytime.


Search Option


  • A user can browse through the nearby restaurants and specific dishes in the search option. Also, the AI-based solution gives recommendations of other cuisines based on user search behavior so as to keep them engaged.


Filter Option


  • There are several filter options provided such as price, dietary, most popular, rating and delivery time so that the user can easily navigate through the app and easily place the order.


Payment & Wallet options


  • Users have several choices to pay for the ordered food by COD, debit or credit card, or internet banking. Also, the solution is provided with a wallet where a user can add money to it to avoid the last-minute hassles.


Ratings and Reviews


  • Our Food Delivery Solution provides Rating and Reviews features so that the users can express their love and concerns about the service.






  • The client as an admin can tie-up with restaurants by having a look at the restaurant details and photos of the cuisine.


Verified Restaurants


  • The admin can provide a list of verified restaurants to its users and help them gain trust in the food delivery solution.


Order Management


  • The order Management feature helps the restaurant manager to have control over the availability, preparation time, and order acceptance.




  • Providing discounts to the customers is one of the easiest ways to entice the customer, the restaurant owner loves to promote their product in this manner.


Menu Work/Digital Menu


  • The chef at the restaurants has the perk of crafting the menu and option in the food delivery solution as it will help in discontinuation of the monotony of the same cuisine


Rating and Review


  • Since the buyer has the right to put the rating and reviews of a particular restaurant, it helps the admin to provide quality service from the restaurants.


Delivery Partner


Login and Registration


  • A rider can easily become a delivery partner and point of intermediate contact between the restaurant and the buyer. All one needs to do is to register on this app by providing personal details and vehicle details through which they will commute.


Profile Management


  • The delivery partner can edit their personal and vehicle details anytime which will further get verified by the admin.


Trip Management


  • The trip Management feature helps the delivery partner to effectively manage their trip. Here they can accept or reject the order as per their location preferences.


Map Feature


  • Our food delivery solution comes with a map feature that guides delivery partners throughout the way and provides them with contact details of the customers if required.


Ratings and reviews


  • The rating and reviews provided by the customers about their delivery partner help the delivery boys and restaurant owners to serve their users in a better way.


Why Choose Our Online Food Ordering and Delivery Software?


  • 100% Customizable

  • White-Labeled Solution

  • Full Source Code

  • Support and Maintenance

  • User-Friendly System

  • RTL Features

  • Attractive Interface

  • Seamless Integration

  • Time & Cost-Efficient

  • Go Mobile

  • Bug-Free App

  • Free App Deployment

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