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Enrich your customer experience and obtain gigantic benefits through a solution that facilitates smooth pickup and delivery.




MartPro provides complete pickup & delivery software for all businesses that provide delivery services. Use this real-time software to improve the customers' experience and optimize employees' efficiency. This platform is designed for all businesses such as courier services, e-commerce, food service, grocery delivery, appointment, and etc.

To stand out in this highly competitive world, you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. Sooner or later, a company may be out of the race if it cannot operate efficiently.

It’s essential to do it in the right way when it comes to managing deliveries for customers. Mishandled shipments may negatively affect a company and its reputation.

While one customer may prefer to have a full-service pickup and inside white glove delivery, another may prefer to drop an item off at our location and have it shipped to the dock.

For this reason, MartPro offers a variety of pickup and delivery options depending on your budget and scheduling needs. We can handle all aspects of the shipping process including pickup, packing, crating, declared value coverage, and delivery for your domestic and international shipping needs. 


Options Tailored To You 


Connect with delivery people


Access a network of over 5 million delivery people worldwide with delivery times averaging less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is prepare customer orders.


Deliver through your staff


If you choose to use your own team, you can accept orders at a lower commission rate. That means you can reach more customers while maintaining control of deliveries.


Offer order pickup


Offer pickup as an option for orders arranged through our app. Customers will avoid delivery charges, and your business will incur a lower commission rate without network fees.


Why Pickup & Delivery Solutions Are Beneficial ?


Most of them were empowered by advanced pickup and delivery technology solutions. And the major reason why these gained immense popularity was the advanced safety they offered.

Yes, on-demand delivery apps added safety to every aspect. Right from keeping the customers safe at their homes to manage secure deliveries, it handled everything efficiently. Here’s how:


Ensuring Customer’s Safety With Branded App & Website


The utmost priority for any business is to deliver goods safely. On-demand delivery solutions make it possible for them to cater safe, hygienic, and time-efficient deliveries. Having a branded delivery app offers numerous benefits to your customers:

Safe Order Placement – The customers can easily search for goods and services they require. Moreover, they have the option to place orders instantly or schedule them for the desired time. 

Contactless Delivery – Amidst these tough times, the feature to opt for zero-contact or no-contact deliveries added a lot to the customer experience. With zero-touch delivery, businesses can easily help customers follow the social distancing practices. 

Multiple Payment Options – Another added benefit customers get is the multiple online payment options. They can avoid cash-on-delivery options and choose other ways to make an online payment, which are safer for both customers and the delivery agents.  

Real-time Tracking – After placing their orders, customers can keep a track of their orders and the delivery agent’s locations. Moreover, they get real-time ETAs, keeping them informed about their order delivery.

In-app Chat– This feature allows the customers to connect with the delivery agents and business admin for any kind of queries related to delivery. 


Keeping Delivery Agents Safe With Intuitive Apps 


Driver or agent apps act as a highly useful tool to manage deliveries efficiently. These are easy-to-use and empower your fleet significantly with several features: 

Seamless Onboarding-  Drivers get a very simple onboarding process that majorly includes adding their personal and health details. 

Route Optimization– The in-app navigation feature suggests your agents the shortest routes. It helps them complete the deliveries on time and every time. 

Task Notifications & Alerts – Your delivery agents get instant notification on the app whenever a delivery task is assigned to them. They have complete freedom to accept or reject the delivery request, as per their availability. 

Track Earning – Next, the agents can keep a record of the successfully completed orders through their app.  Also, they can track their daily, weekly, or monthly earnings easily. 

Proof of Delivery – For added safety of the agents, they can ask for electronic delivery proofs. After completing a delivery, they can get digital signatures, notes, photos, etc. 

Securing Your Business & Growth With Powerful Admin Panel




Having a robust and feature-loaded admin dashboard can help your pickup and delivery business outgrow. Especially, in these times when it is important to maintain the safety of your customers, agents, and overall growth. So, your dashboard empowers you with exceptional features like:

Complete Business Management – Admin gets a bird’s-eye view to track and manage all the aspects of their business. Right from managing their customers, drivers, orders, deliveries, and a lot more, all from a single window.

Delivery Task Assignments – With the auto-allocation feature, it gets simplified for the business owners to assign pickup and delivery tasks to the nearest available agents. Along with that, they can also assign the tasks manually, whenever required.

Advanced Analytics & Business Reports – The admin can benefit greatly from data-driven insights to analyze their customer behavior. Moreover, they can get complete business performance reports and check on the numbers making a difference to your success. It will help them target, attract and retain the right customers and make informed decisions. 

Add-on Safety Midst COVID times- There are some highly advanced features that only a few solutions like Deliver Safe offers. Basically, it allows the admin to add and edit any number of quarantined or lockdown locations. Plus, it facilitates them to track and keep a record of the travel and health history of their agents. They can mark the positive-tested drivers and disable them from delivery. And also, send instant notifications to the customers, drivers, and government and take safety precautions, whenever an agent is tested positive.


Our Free Pickup and Delivery Software helps you to Streamline your Business Operations.


Rapidly grow your profits by optimizing operational efficiency and deliver an exceptional customer experience through our pickup and delivery app

  • On-Demand Delivery Business

  • White Label Pickup & delivery App

  • Delivery Agent Pickup App & Dashboard

  • Pickup & delivery scheduling software

  • Uber-Like Delivery Tracking

  • Route-Optimization

  • Proof Of Delivery

  • Advanced Analytics


How Does Ideal Software Help Manage Deliveries?


The delivery management software is a platform that integrates all the operational units and processes. Moreover, it simplifies the communication between the sender, the logistics company, and the receiver of the consignment.

An ideal system tracks goods from order creation to delivery. The system also provides proof of delivery to ensure that the goods are rightly delivered.

The difficulty in promptly accessing reports and status updates of the deliveries can delay decision-making capabilities. The integrated interface of the best delivery management system simplifies communication while saving turnaround time and easing the delivery process.

The human interference in delivery processes gives room for manipulations and misappropriations. It heightens the theft of goods. A complete delivery management software eliminates thefts that might occur during the delivery process.

The real-time tracking information and periodic alerts on events around the delivery eliminate human interference by enhancing visibility, traceability, and transparency of goods.


Features That Make Our Pickup And Delivery Software Stand Apart




Streamline your pickup and delivery operations with the most powerful software solutions enriched with unique features. We help customize your entire business the way you want.


Flexible Customer Pricing


  • Custom pricing feature to suit customer needs and give them a rich experience.


Alerts & Updates


  • Real-time alerts and updates on deliveries to keep customers updated regularly.


Electronic Proof Of Delivery


  • Captures digital signatures, photos, and notes to store them in a central place.


Delivery Zones


  • Defines delivery zones and sets pricing for each city as per business requirements.


Optimized Operations


  • Improves overall business performance by optimizing operations and functions.


Ease Of Accessibility


  • Highly accessible and easy to use without any formal training or requirements.


Benefits Of Our Pickup And Delivery


Our solution is modern and seamless and strives to deliver the right experiences to all the stakeholders.

  • Enrich customer experience by enabling real-time tracking of the delivery.

  • Reduced operating costs by providing consignment tracking over the Internet.

  • Reduced paperwork by emailing invoices and other documents to clients.

  • Effective tracking of consignments by connecting with different carrier providers.




With the world now escalating towards the ‘Next to Normal’, it is the best time to make a decision. You need to gear up your business for every challenge. And to help you with this, nothing serves better than having your own branded pick-up & delivery solution. Not only does it add efficiency to your business, but also is helpful in maintaining all the safety standards. 

Are you inspired by the phenomenal success of popular on-demand delivery businesses? You can be the next leading name in the industry. Just a right move and you can turn the tables over. Need to know how you can head-start building your own pick-up & delivery app? Get in touch with us today. 

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