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Set up Your Online Tutoring Platform with MartPro. An all-in-one, hassle-free online tutoring software for all your needs. Interactive whiteboard, reliable audio & video communication, 100% white-label and fully customizable




What are the best online tutoring applications/tools?


Online tutoring is the future of education and is surely going to stay here for a long time growing enormously worldwide. With the increasing competition, it is essential to select a reliable solution when launching a feature-rich online tutoring platform.

To satisfy your online learners, you must have a well-designed portal that is simple to use and optimized for desktops, mobile devices, and iPhone users. Furthermore, your tutor portal must be fast in terms of performance and speed so that you do not keep your clients waiting because of prolonged loading times. To ensure the success of your online tutoring program, you need a useful tutoring portal, which you can get right away by hiring MartPro today.

MartPro creates a ready-to-use customizable solution that can be used to create an online tutoring platform with a variety of features and functionalities.

It can be used to create an interactive online tutoring platform that follows market trends and provides users with a hassle-free experience. It not only provides ample support for scalability and adaptability, but it also has your future covered. And in case, a unique feature has come up in your mind for your online education platform, you can certainly discuss with us its feasibility and relevance.

Choosing MartPro as your development partner will not only help you achieve your business goals but will also establish you as a pioneer in the education industry.

It gives you the ability to launch a platform where learners and tutors can connect seamlessly, elevating online education to a whole new level, and all from the comfort of their own home. With an easy-to-use interface and a plethora of customization options, our online tutoring marketplace is a worthy choice of partnering as you begin your journey as an edupreneur.

When entrepreneurs launch online tutoring platforms, they want to see their platforms grow in popularity and visibility. Instead of seeking third-party support for such practices, software that allows you to carry out basic marketing activities with features that allow for a variety of approaches is always a better option.

Our online tutoring marketplace emerges with the admin or marketplace owner’s functionalities to conduct their marketing activities as per their planning and vision.

MartPro's online tutoring marketplace meets all of your business needs with all of its features and third-party integrations. The solution's flawless capabilities enable business owners to take the next big step in their journey and maximize their business's ROI.

Our attention to detail makes the product stand out from the competition. So, whether you want to build an online tutoring website or a marketplace, you'll find the right combination of technology, speed, and work ethics here.

Our Online Tutoring Platform, which is integrated with third-party APIs, supports features such as video chat, workspace, whiteboard, TextPad, screen sharing, audio/video file sharing, and many more. These features enhance the platform's interactive capabilities and provide an excellent learning experience.


Launching an online tutoring platform brings several other benefits with it such as:


  • Customized Features: By adding custom features, you can tailor the platform to your needs and provide a great user experience.

  • Brand: Having your tutoring platform allows you to build your brand, which is not possible if you register on an already existing tutoring platform.

  • Multiple Revenue Channels: Launching an online tutoring platform provides the owner with multiple revenue channels. Depending on the business model, one can earn money from subscription fees or lesson fees from students. The owner can also profit from the registration fees paid by new tutors when they sign up for the first time. Furthermore, when tutors pay an additional fee, sponsored listings increase their visibility.

  • Save Commission Payment: Online tutoring platforms usually charge tutors a commission fee which can be secured by developing their platform.


A brief discussion of each stakeholder’s features in the process will give you an insight as to what all perks each of them enjoy.




Admin: When you start an online tutoring business, you must have exceptional management strategies and systems. Precisely planned features assist the administrator in maintaining control and running the business smoothly. Some valuable features which make the business owner’s journey easy while going online are:

  • User Management

  • Commission Management

  • Reports & Statistics

  • CMS Management

Tutor: Well-designed tutoring software considers both the tutors' comfort and efficiency. MartPro's Online Tutoring Marketplace focuses on creating a client-centric marketplace, so tutors have a lot of control over the features and functionalities. They can manage all aspects of their profile, including data, lessons, availability, location, and so on, independently and without difficulty. The tutors’ features broadly are:

  • Mark Availability

  • Wallet Management

  • Session Management

  • Lesson Price Management

Learner: Anyone using an online tutoring platform looks for accessibility to get as close to a meaningful experience as possible. When they get demo classes with the tutors, lesson plans of the forthcoming sessions, a smooth user interface, they are comfortable and satisfied. Along with this, they can create their profile, add their favorite tutors, view orders, and much more to their accounts. Our Online Tutoring Platform provides useful features for tutoring marketplaces and their learners.

  • Search Tutors

  • Session Scheduling

  • Mark Favorite Tutors

  • Review


Striking Characteristics of Online Tutoring Platform:


  • Customizable: As with any standard quality software, our Online Tutoring Platform can also be tailored as per your idea and desire. Today's business enthusiasts like to incorporate their projects with an element of innovation. You can realize your visions for your online tutoring platform by customizing your business with our Online Tutoring Platform.

  • Scalable: Our Online Tutoring Platform recognizes that many requirements need to be fulfilled as you grow your business. With the Online Tutoring Platform offered by us, you can scale your online tutoring marketplace as per the response and the traction on your platform. The software facilitates your growth when the opportunity to step ahead is right.

  • Lifetime Ownership & Self-Hosted Solution: Our Online Tutoring Platform is a one-time payment and lifetime ownership solution in which you have complete control over the software. You can also host it on the server of your choice, where you manage all of your hosting.

  • Pre-Integrated APIs (others can also be integrated at extra cost): MartPro plays a vital role with the possibility of adding more APIs to suit your business's needs, with several already pre-integrated APIs (Authorize.Net, CometChat, Lesson space, PayPal, Stripe, Zoom) supporting the operations of your online tutoring platform. At your choice, you can include multi-payment options with multiple languages and currency options, and a lot more at your convenience.

  • Multilingual/Multicurrency: The vision of Our Online Tutoring Platform is to facilitate edupreneurs and business people worldwide with their dreams of launching a dynamic online tutoring marketplace. The addition of functionality for multiple languages and currencies has made this vision a reality. Our Online Tutoring Platform empowers the business community to create such marketplaces to connect learners with tutors of different nations.


Key features of the Online Tutoring Platform


  • Multilingual for Global Reach: Users from all over the world use an online tutoring platform. As a result, a platform that supports foreign languages is also an important feature, as it allows you to connect with students without having to worry about a language barrier.

  • Easy to Use Interface: An online tutoring platform must be easy to use. The text and icons should be clear and readable, and the system should be easy to navigate. Teachers and students should be satisfied while using the platform efficiently.

  • Multiple Payment Methods: Providing multiple payment methods on the platform, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, and so on, that are faster and more convenient for students is essential to increasing sales and conversions. Also, make sure that you only provide popular payment gateways that students are familiar with.

  • Video conferencing: This feature connects students and teachers regardless of their geographical location. Video conferencing tools include features such as a whiteboard, workspace, and TextPad, allowing students and teachers to interact virtually without interruption. Teachers can use PPTs, videos, and screen sharing to make their lessons more interactive and engaging.

  • Supports Multi-Currency: Multi-currency support in an online tutoring platform allows users to select their preferred currency. This feature allows students to pay for sessions in their currency, which is then converted into teachers' currency by the admin before being transferred.

  • Reviews/Ratings: This feature allows students to provide feedback about a course or a teacher following the session. The feedback of the students is reflected in the profiles of the teachers, which also assists other students in making accurate teacher selections.

  • Time Zone Consistency: Users of online tutoring platforms come from all over the world. Having a time-zone-friendly platform makes it easier for students and teachers to collaborate while being in different time zones.


How MartPro can help you build an interactive online tutoring platform?




Whether you are an individual tutor or a tutoring company, hiring a company for on-demand tutor app development will undoubtedly accelerate your business to new heights. Our experts create apps to ensure that you achieve your goals flawlessly!

For decades, we have been providing innovative and effective e-learning portal development services in the domain with full excellence. Our teams have extensive experience providing services to both onshore and offshore educational clients.

We have proven ourselves by satisfying a large number of clients around the world and securing a prominent place among leading website development service providers for college and university owners. MartPro puts effective promotional efforts to bring more clients to your academic enterprise.

We build and deliver customized on-demand tutor finding app solutions for students and tutors to streamline the education system based on our years of experience working on cutting-edge technologies. MartPro creates a platform where students and teachers can connect.

In today’s global marketplace, education is paramount in everyone’s life. All parents want to give their children the best education possible so that they can pursue their dreams in the future.

MartPro, as the leading mobile app development company, has talented and dedicated app developers who have extensive experience in creating outstanding on-demand mobile app solutions such as the Tutor app. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your educational needs.

If you are an experienced tutor or an education entrepreneur, you can help many students by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions. Just you need to share your project idea with us and we would be building an on-demand tutor app that will match your standards and demands.

The education industry has been impacted by technology in almost every aspect of our lives, and it is no exception. It has fundamentally altered the way education is delivered and received. It offers qualitative benefits such as access to global tutoring tools for skill development, learning anytime and anywhere, administration, and control of availability from various locations.

At MartPro, we have a team of innovative masterminds who will take your online tutoring business to a higher level. With a decade of tutor portal expertise, our experts have won many hearts with their attention to detail, creativity, hard work, dedication, and strategic thinking.

As a result, if you're looking for a high-quality tutoring portal that outperforms industry standards, is user and tutor friendly, unique, fast in terms of performance and speed, well designed, and offers security and backup, you should contact MartPro.

Building your online tutor portal should be a wise choice, which is what you get when you work with us. MartPro is all about ensuring your business’s success. We also want to build long-term relationships with our clients and guarantee comprehensive data security and confidentiality.


What makes MartPro’s Online Tutoring Platform stand out from the rest?


  • Customization


Personalise your tutor app as per to your needs. You can develop a customized app with our online coaching software


  • Scalable solution


With a SaaS on-demand marketplace, that constantly gets upgraded to ensure a more seamless experience, you get limitless possibilities.


  • 24/7 support team


Get the best deals by utilizing our support team to assist you at every step of the way - starting, ideation, and maintenance.


  • Affordable & time-saving


Save time and money by using ready-to-use features that are tailored to your online consultation marketplace.


  • Get started within minutes


With a SaaS script, you can get your tutor app up & run it within minutes.


  • Analytics & Reports


With our advanced analytics and reports, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.


  • Easy Payments


Set your desired consultation fees and collect payments from clients seamlessly via multiple payment gateways.


Our Online Tutor Portal Development Services:


  • Advance Online Tutoring Portal Design (UI & UX)

  • Development of an Online Tutor Portal by Experienced Developers

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Technical Support for an Online Tutor Portal

  • Custom Solution Portal for online tutoring

  • Upgrade your existing Tutor Portal with modern and advanced features

  • Online Tutor Software Development

  • Web Application for Online Tutor business

  • Tutor Management system

  • Full-featured Tutor Mobile App Development (iOS & Android)

  • Digital Marketing for Online Tutor web portal

  • Enterprise Solution for Online Tutoring Portal

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