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MartPro provides powerful, fully-featured multi-store eCommerce software platform to help you manage multiple stores and brands on a single dashboard of your website.


What is a Multi Store Ecommerce?


A multi-store eCommerce platform is a software solution that allows you to create multiple storefronts that are all managed by a single central database or admin panel. 

A multi-store eCommerce platform enables you to create personalized eCommerce websites for brands, B2B, B2C, franchise, affiliates, co-branded stores, and more using a unified administration interface.

Simply put, you can use this platform to launch and manage multiple stores from a single location. The multi-store eCommerce platform gives you centralized control over your products and streamlines the process of delivering unique content, branding, and pricing to multiple stores without the need for multiple logins.

As it allows you to manage your product catalogs through a centralized database, any changes made to product details will be rolled out to all of your stores at the same time. By using this, you can eventually increase your footprint into multiple endeavors in the future and offer a unique shopping experience to customers.

A turnkey multi-store software typically includes additional features such as built-in product and inventory management solutions, marketing solutions, design templates and tools, simple integrations with payment gateways and logistics providers, and others. This simplifies the process of launching and managing your business.

A turnkey multi store eCommerce is a better option than starting from scratch as it provides a proven solution. It also cuts down on overall launch and testing time, allowing you to reach the market in quick time.

The multi-store eCommerce model allows for greater growth and allows for more targeted marketing. It also allows you to experiment with different business strategies with minimal effort and without interfering with your existing business processes.

To be successful in implementing this model, you will need a stable and feature-rich software solution that can easily handle this unique setup while allowing you to focus on business growth.


Why do we need multi-store E-commerce platforms?


Going with the multiple storefronts model is the quick way to stay ahead of the game without additional effort. This is the best model to use when you want to shape and experiment with new product lines or marketing strategies. Having multiple storefronts also improves your brand's visibility, traffic, and, eventually conversions.

A multi-store e-commerce platform enables you to easily manage multiple websites or brands, as well as create new sites and brands. To significantly improve the overall shopping experience, an increasing number of distributors and manufacturers prefer to provide their products in a single location.

When it comes to developing multi-storefronts, you need feature-rich solutions that not only allow you to quickly create sub-stores but also allow them to be customized in no time.
MartPro provides the best multi store eCommerce solution with an inbuilt feature to build and maintain multiple sub-stores.

MartPro's multi-store eCommerce system gives you centralized control over your products and simplifies the process of delivering unique content, branding, and pricing to multiple stores without requiring multiple logins.

Our multi-store software works equally well for single web store owners who plan to expand into multiple ventures in the future. With our multi-site eCommerce website development services, you can provide your customers with unique shopping experiences that will keep them coming back for more.


Which is the best eCommerce platform to launch multi store eCommerce?


MartPro is the renowned multi-store eCommerce platform, with a multi-storefront solution built-in for both B2B and B2C businesses. You can easily create an unlimited number of storefronts and manage them all from a single dashboard.

MartPro is a multi-store eCommerce solution for businesses with multiple storefronts that is open-source and plugin-based. You can manage all your sub-stores inventory with a central inventory and allocate the same products to different stores. You can maintain and display products across different storefronts having the same or different domains and sub-domains.

MartPro allows you to create stores based on customer type, products, location, or any other criteria you describe. On each of these storefronts, you can have different store designs, product catalogs, languages, payment solutions, shipping options, pricing, and so on.

You can also have different store URLs for each sub-store. You can also include language and currency options that are unique to your store. Using the pricing overrides features, MartPro also allows you to have the same products at different prices on your sub-stores.

Using MartPro's multi-store eCommerce solution and in-built marketing tools, you can also offer different deals to your customers on different sub-stores. You can also allow your customers to choose their preferred store based on their location or product preferences.

The group-store feature aids in the organization of stores based on products, location, and so on. You can also pioneer hyperlocal e-commerce by creating location-based sub-stores that offer faster delivery to your customers.

MartPro also includes over 300 built-in solutions for marketing, CMS, payment gateways, shipping solutions, taxation, discount engine, and so on. The best part is that all of these features are built-in, so you won't have to pay extra for any plugging or apps.

MartPro's multi-store eCommerce solution also allows you to create multilingual stores that accept multiple currency payments. You will receive 100+ customizable design themes to use with the built-in drag-and-drop feature to create various storefronts.

Furthermore, MartPro's inherently mobile-ready architecture enables PWA stores to function on all devices exactly like mobile apps. You can also create a variety of mobile apps directly from your dashboard at no extra cost.

MartPro offers a plethora of core features for running a standard eCommerce store for both small and large businesses. It also has built-in marketing solutions to help you implement various marketing strategies for your multiple stores.


Why MartPro is Entitled to be the Best Multi-store E-commerce Solution Provider Company?


MartPro has become the most recognized B2B and B2C E-commerce and M-commerce App Development Company due to its extensive experience and expertise in developing innovative and promising e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses all over the world, delivering the best quality work in the shortest turnaround time.

It also excelled as the best multi-store eCommerce platform due to its approach and set of tools and features it provides to set up a multi-store business, which is as follows;

Excellent Storefront Features: MartPro understands that every store owner wants to provide an amazing user experience while increasing store revenue by 2X, so it provides customer-centric storefront features such as mobile-friendliness, fully-tested Android and iOS branded native apps that can be used to send automatic B2C notifications and more, and customer account creation, which allows a customer to view order history, update shipping addresses, access account information, and even review products and vendors from the dashboard, customer loyalty program, advanced product search and filtering, daily deals & gift cards, payment options like e-wallet and store credits, quick and easy social media log in, one-page checkout, e-mail and SMS notifications to keep customers updated, multi-vendor orders management, delivery time & date preferences and so on.

Marketing and Promotional Features: With the cross-selling and up-selling feature, MarPro allows each storefront to market and promote products. It is built using the most recent SEO best practices to ensure that the marketplace is easily visible to search engines. It enables you to create gift coupons and discounts for customers to use on your website, web app, or mobile apps. Other features that will make your multi-store e-commerce solution stand out include social media sharing, mobile deep linking, push notifications, one-step checkout, and related product recommendations.

Marketplace Owner Panel: MartPro's efficient admin panel includes all necessary features such as vendor management, commission management, advance vendor payout system, tax management, vendor ratings and reviews, order management, and much more, making it easy for you to manage your multiple stores.

Vendor Panel Feature: Each vendor in your marketplace will have their own store to display and promote their products. Furthermore, it includes a dedicated dashboard through which each vendor in your marketplace can manage their store independently. Other management features, such as vendor catalog and order control, vendor membership, accounts & MIS, and more, will keep your vendors happy.

Shipping and Payment: MartPro marketplace includes features that make shipping and payment easier to manage, such as real-time and manual shipping calculations, third-party payment integrations, logistics management, and multi-shipping options, which save you time and money.


Why choose MartPro for your Multi-Store Ecommerce Website Development?


MartPro provides a top-of-the-line centralized multi-store eCommerce management system. It is a unique package made commercially available for better management of several web stores or sites using the unique admin panel software.

MartPro provides the best multi-store eCommerce platform that can take your online business to the next level. Along with these features and tools, MartPro includes plenty of other features that will help you rule both the hyperlocal and global markets.

Reach your audience better by offering them diverse products through various storefronts on your multi-store website. Reduce comparison shopping and sustain your customers on your multi-store eCommerce site to improve your conversions.

This single-panel backend also enables store owners to add and modify catalog items on separate websites from the same dashboard. The administrator can use the panel to effect necessary changes, which reflect simultaneously on all those websites.

The cost of multi-store websites initiatives can be significantly lowered in the multi-store model. Your customers enjoy the benefits of features such as easy search and selection, personalized content, and a simple checkout process.

Store segmentation based on channel, customer process flow, audience demographics, or marketing strategy is simple with this package, and MartPro is perfectly positioned to provide its clients with exclusive custom eCommerce benefits.

MartPro can provide you with a powerful solution for managing multiple online stores from a single admin panel. A great Ecommerce multi-store can provide you with a range of benefits.

Our multi-store e-commerce platform can initiate and help thousands of online stores maintain uniform programs, making us the experts in crafting solutions for everyone - from the largest national corporations to small single-store locations.

We provide cutting-edge Multi Store eCommerce solutions that are well-engineered to seamlessly adapt to your personalized eCommerce business strategy.

Our innovative eCommerce solution employs a single powerful database to efficiently manage multiple revenue sources, catalogs, and eCommerce stores.

Creating multiple online storefronts that are managed by a single database or admin panel gives business owners complete control over all of the storefronts from a single location.


Benefits of our Multi Store Ecommerce:


Here are the major benefits of multi-store e-commerce for clients, store owners, and administrative staff:




  • Simple and convenient ordering across multiple vendors and suppliers – thanks to features such as quick orders, punch cards, re-ordering, ordering multiple units at once, and so on.

  • Automatic catalog filtering ensures that your staff orders only company-approved items from specific brands.

  • Client branding for high-profile stores with high-priority customers

  • Store owners

  • Support for both B2B and B2C 

  • SEO customization to allow store owners to select preferred meta descriptions and/or keywords

  • Complete access to all types of customer data, such as registration date, order history, wish lists, and so on.

  • Customized product configuration and navigation, as well as page templates for easier product organization in catalogues

  • Numerous beneficial features come from integration between a marketplace and other software including ERP, CRM, and numerous custom modules

  • The ability to provide sellers with stores within your own store, where they can have their own catalog content, prices, and other characteristics and their positive aspects will also reflect on you as a store owner.

  • To distinguish each store, customized shopping carts and proprietary checkout procedures are used.

  • Government regulation compliance when it comes to clients’ payment data storage (PCI DSS)

  • Administrative staff

  • Custom themes for each store

  • Expansion to the global level as a result of the increased scalability

  • Providing better customer service, especially in support-heavy operations

  • General maintenance simplifies to help with the management

  • Using the same product in multiple locations


Faster and Reliable Conversion with Multi-Store Ecommerce Solution


Expand Into Global Market


Use the multi-store eCommerce benefits to expand your business to several new regions and countries for exponential growth. This helps you fulfill the different demands of different audiences belonging to different regions.


Niche Stores for Better Branding


A multi-store eCommerce solution enables businesses to create niche-based stores to meet the specific needs of their customers. Multi-store eCommerce allows you to better target and tailor your marketing skills while also expanding your reach in a cost-effective manner.


Simplified Shopping Experience


Detach the inconvenience of customers having to check out purchases from each section separately by implementing a multi-store eCommerce solution that allows customers to combine shopping items from all of a company's stores into one shopping cart and go through a single checkout process.


Higher ROI


With a multi-store solution setup, you can get a full hand in implementing smart marketing to maximize your business ROI at the top. Multi Store setup encourages companies with tremendous flexibility to experiment and explore.


Save Bigger


Multi-store allows your business to manage all of the stores of multi-store eCommerce solutions with a single code and database. As a result, you will need to spend more money on development in order to write unique code for each store. One solution for all stores.

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