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What is a Freelance Marketplace Platform?


The freelancer marketplace is a revolutionary platform where qualified freelancers from all over the world can find suitable work and get paid; an increasing number of people are being connected through the buy & sell service.

These are the platforms that connect businesses/buyers and freelancers/sellers while also assisting them in building trust. A freelancer can work independently on various projects through a freelance marketplace.

Businesses looking for sellers/freelancers to outsource their projects can use this type of freelance marketplace website to meet their requirements.

With the help of a freelancer marketplace, you can gain access to talent from anywhere in the world, save money, hire freelancers on-demand, and assist those who want to balance life and work.

A freelancer marketplace connects individual professionals with businesses. A platform like this saves a significant amount of time when it comes to finding work and completing tasks, which benefits both parties. Companies can cut costs, and freelancers can complete more work in less time.

With the advent of globalization, professionals' reach is now spread throughout the world, and there is an undeniable and growing demand for freelancers today.
The freelance economy is thriving, growing by leaps and bounds, and is regarded as an evergreen business in this digital age. 

Setting up your own online consultation marketplace can be a challenging task, but MartPro, the best freelance marketplace builder makes the process much easier and faster.

MartPro is the best freelance marketplace builder that allows you to create apps similar to Upwork or Fiverr to hire independent professionals for any task online. We create a multi-purpose freelancing website and made it easy to explore the freelancing industry.

MartPro has the expertise and track record of developing online freelance marketplaces and mobile apps of various scales for companies and startups around the world.

We enable you to rapidly scale your freelance marketplace business by integrating features that focus on the growth of your community and business volume.


Why you need the Best Freelance Marketplace Builder?


If you are interested in building a freelance website, structure your development process. Define the objectives for your future platform, identify the features that will be required, and select the best method for developing your freelance platforms.

MartPro has been developing marketplaces for over decades. We would be eager to help you with your marketplace concept. We create online freelance marketplace applications with advanced marketplace features for both websites and mobile platforms. These features are identical to those found in the Upwork and Fiverr apps.

You can use the platform to interact with freelancers and complete tasks remotely. We've worked closely with the Upwork and Fiverr apps for many years, so we know which features and functions are best for you. Allow our experts in immersive workplaces to recommend the best technologies and features for your freelancing platform.

MartPro's skilled developers create open-source marketplace scripts to assist you in launching your freelance website. We are committed to finding new strategies to incorporate into our freelance marketplace website clones such as Upwork, Freelancer, and others.

We provide customization for all the freelance script options. Whether you want to launch a new freelance business or add new features to an existing freelance site, our team at MartPro is always eager to listen to your needs and provide the best solutions.

We enable online shoppers to launch websites for selling products and providing services using our multi-vendor eCommerce solutions software. We also offer travel marketplace software to online tour operators.

Our b2b marketplace scripts are scalable, custom-built, cost-effective, feature-rich, and simple to use. Our programmers are also skilled at creating educational marketplace software for teachers and students. We build such online student-teacher marketplace software capable of holding online resources.

Our extensive range of services does not stop there. If you require a contractor or a course marketplace script, our experts will provide them following your business requirements.


Grow Fast with Powerful Freelance Marketplace


  • Your Marketplace, Your Way complete control over the look and experience of your Freelancing Marketplace.

  • Complete Marketplace Platform to manage your online business in a single place.

  • Acquire Sellers and Customers, Get straight to growing your business.


What makes MartPro One-Stop solution for your online freelance marketplace requirements?




MartPro is a cutting-edge freelance software development company that enables you to launch your freelance platform similar to Upwork (Elance), Freelancer, Odesk, PeoplePerHour, and others.

We develop unique, scalable, and robust freelance software that allows providers (freelancers or contractors) and customers to interact with each other to get their jobs done. This includes a built-in accounting system to track earnings, transactions, and commission rates.

We are experts in developing Freelancer Mobile Applications, Android Mobile Apps, iOS Mobile Apps, and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps innovatively. Our team uses the most up-to-date techniques for major platforms to design and develop apps that meet the needs of our clients.

For a better mobility solution, our team primarily develops a superior mobility strategy using end-to-end enterprise architecture. We ensure that the mobile application can be accessed from multiple OS platforms. 

We are the leading Mobile App Development Company well versed in implementing only standard Product Quality, Engineering, and Delivery. Our team is willing to provide you with adaptable mobile layouts for your website promptly.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to create a fully interactive application that will help your company succeed. Our primary focus is on Freelancer mobile app development using cutting-edge technology, creative ideas, and market trend analysis.

MartPro provides a freelance marketplace-in-a-box that is ready to generate revenue. We help you launch a fully functional freelance marketplace to connect your group of clients and freelancers in a few days.

Our Freelance marketplace platform is available for anyone to use. You can kick-start your journey in online business from the comfort of your own home. Having a platform that connects freelancers to project owners and businesses is continuously growing in popularity.

Create easy connections between and control the demand and supply of services all by yourself. This is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs and those who are committed to launching an online business.

With the growing trend of businesses transforming to freelance platforms, our freelance marketplace comes in handy with all these features that will assist you in launching your freelance marketplace with an all-in-one solution for the following verticals:

  • Freelance accounting software

  • Freelance bookkeeping software

  • Freelance billing software

  • Freelance finance software

  • Freelance business software

  • Freelance scheduling software

  • Freelance accounting software Mac

  • Freelance CRM software


How much does it cost to build a freelancing platform?




The cost of developing a Freelance Marketplace like Fiverr is determined by several factors, including the platform you select, the development team, the complexity of the application, what additional features you want to include in it, the complexity of the application, hours of development, and more.

A platform with basic features has lower costs. The price will vary if you require a high-performance freelancing platform with more advanced features. MartPro provides competitive pricing for all types of freelancing platforms.

We have a professional and talented application development team that is always eager to take on new challenges and create complex application levels. We effectively build, manage, develop, and deploy a variety of enterprise-level applications. 

Our experts always take the necessary steps to provide high-quality application solutions and, as a result, long-term benefits for your business.

We create applications for any organization, whether small, medium, or large, within the constraints of a budget and time frame. Our ability to handle projects ranging from your ideas to amazing mobile applications, and we assist you to organize them, make them smart, innovative, and launch them. 

Our team has deep insight and understanding of concepts that can be used by someone at any point in time when developing applications.

We will make our decision based on the requirements, application features, level of developer experience, and a range of other factors. Our experts will assist you in evaluating your idea and business prospects and will provide you with a detailed estimate.

Our primary focus would be on understanding your Freelance business requirement and providing you with relevant technology solutions while keeping your target audience and market in mind.

We want to believe in your concept as much as you do. Contact us to learn how MartPro can help you bring your Freelance Marketplace idea to life so you can go to market with confidence. Take advantage of our round-the-clock support in developing a freelancer marketplace platform!


What Features does our Freelance Marketplace Offer?


  • Private Marketplace


Make your private online marketplace where you can approve freelancers and project owners, as well as invite your applicants.


  • Mobile and Web Application


Make your website mobile-friendly and web-friendly.


  • Searching and Listing


Using our themes, you can change the look and feel of your website. You can also completely customize the content of your pages and add relevant links. The ability to approve new applications adds credibility to the online marketplace. You can also rate services and projects for better results.


  • Chats and Notifications


Customize your emails and access them from your admin dashboard, or use the live chat option to respond to customer inquiries more quickly.


  • Mobile-Friendly


Mobile friendly freelance website & powerful apps to provide your customers an intuitive experience


  • Responsive Web Panel


A highly responsive and fully functional web panel that makes user registration & bidding a hassle-free process 


  • Simple Profile Creation


Better opportunity for freelancers & recruiters to get noticed with dynamic profiles which are easy to update & manage


  • Service and Support


Get first-hand interactions with an expert team to resolve any service-related issues.


  • Multilingual feature


You can create a platform and customize it to be accessible in any language. You don't have to limit yourself geographically with this feature. You can even create a worldwide marketplace if you wish to.


  • Featured enriched apps


Using advanced technologies, you can get all the features you need for your freelance marketplace business.


  • Earn with ease


Our solutions are designed with the potential to attract customers and make them beneficial for the business owners


  • Payment gateway


We provide multiple payment gateways, so users can do secure with seamless payment process with endless payment gateways


  • Fully customizable


Gain a competitive edge by personalizing your Marketplace with your logo, colors, and domain.


  • Fully Responsive


Your marketplace website and apps will look great on any screen size.

These features enable you to easily create an online freelance business marketplace in just a day!


Why Choose Us?


Our team of skilled professionals helps to transform your dreams into reality by building a Freelance app like Upwork as per your requirement


  • Dedicated Support


We have a talented & skilled team of professionals to ensure 24*7 supports


  • Scale with Ease


Our solution is built to assist your growing customer base effortlessly.


  • Fully-featured Websites/Apps


Get a feature-rich website & intuitive apps for your freelance services marketplace


  • Ease-to-use & Learn


A technology suite is incredibly easy to use and can be tailored to your specific needs.


  • Seamless UI & UX


Users enjoy a seamless experience thanks to a comprehensive set of advanced and rich features.


  • Complete Control


Using a customized Upwork clone app, you can streamline and control your business operations.

Get in touch with us and discuss the needs and requirements of your project.

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