Food Ordering Delivery Mobile App UAE – Manage All Your Orders & Transactions at One Place

MartPro builds a modern Food Ordering Delivery Application for clients in UAE and worldwide. The application developed support on both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iPhone) provided in English and Arabic.




What is the scope of food ordering delivery mobile app development in the UAE?


The demand for the food industry is reaching new levels every day all around the world and along with that the demand for delivery services is also increasing rapidly. And even the audience of UAE is not untouched by this frenzy, simply put; nowadays every consumer expects the food to be delivered at their doorstep.

Apart from that, they urge an easy and convenient manner to place food orders online with the fastest delivery options. This increasing online e-Commerce awareness among customers in UAE certainly comes up with a fruitful opportunity for the Food industry.

Due to the growth of online eCommerce awareness among the customers, online food order systems come up with new opportunities for every food business. The addition of an online ordering system to your existing food business will increase sales and brand recognition among your customers, resulting in increased revenue.

Adding an online food ordering option to your food business is sure to increase sales and brand recognition among customers. In the app development market in UAE, there are several on-demand food delivery app development solution providers who are brilliant at developing food ordering marketplace as well as food ordering mobile apps for Android & iOS platforms, for both domestic and international clients.

In this digital era, a mobile app to promote your brand is no longer considered some cheap tactic; it's become essential. Restaurant businesses, in specific, can benefit greatly from having a mobile application.

Food aggregator apps and home-delivery food apps are the newest ways for customers and food businesses to interact. Creating a custom mobile app, domain, and branding allows you to make your mark in the industry while also ensures efficiency in operations.

MartPro is a best-in-class food delivery app development company that understands the entire food delivery industry. As the leading food ordering app developers, we consider it our responsibility to create something that will be more than double your revenue. 

We will help you create an elegant UI/UX that will make your users rave after the app. Rely on us to elevate restaurant awareness and expand your local business.

Backed by years of in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise, MartPro brings a comprehensive suite of food delivery mobile app solutions, which is technologically advanced and commercially viable.

Our on-demand food delivery app, similar to Swiggy, includes iOS and Android apps for your restaurant and customers. We also provide a powerful admin dashboard so you can control pretty much control everything to help you run your hospitality business smoothly.

When you develop a custom on-demand food delivery app, such as Zomato or Swiggy, you are developing three apps: an app for the customer, an app for the restaurant, and an app for the driver. 

You can manage everything from the in-house dining reservations in your restaurant to the home delivery of the order. The features of the on-demand food delivery app allow for the efficient streamlining of the food ordering and delivery process. It allows app owners to exhibit their menus, services, offers, and other promotions.

As a food business owner, you can achieve maximum growth by meeting customer demand and providing unique services without any share to a third-party app. Our development team understands the challenges that the hospitality industry faces and can provide both customized and white-label solutions to meet your business's needs and budget.


Complete Food Ordering Mobile Apps & Website Development Solution for Your Business


If you are searching for a Mobile app development company for your Marketplace to bring digital strength to your existing business, we are pleased to provide you cost-effective Food ordering delivery mobile app development services.

MartPro, a top-rated food delivery app development company, provides our clients with world-class development services. With us, you can quickly, conveniently, and affordably create a mobile app and website for your business. 

You'll get a fully functional, branded online store and mobile app, complete with on-demand food ordering, pickup, and delivery, as well as dine-in reservations, menus, and more. 


It's the best way to save time and boost profits!




Take your food business to the next level by acquiring digital assets that will allow you to capture the new generation of this digital age.

With MartPro, you get all of the functionality you'll like to sell to online and mobile customers. Everything is included to make your business succeed beyond your brick-and-mortar location.

With our support, you can develop the best solutions for on-demand food delivery on iOS and Android. A good food ordering system makes the restaurant management process simple.

Our crafted Food delivery mobile app packages and Food delivery website packages are ideal for achieving your goals of capturing the mobile user audience.


Online Food Ordering App for Every Business Model


The custom food delivery app is a custom-made software solution that caters to your every business process and is fully suitable for your business model.


Single Restaurants-


To maintain online food ordering, we provide an end-to-end food delivery management system for single restaurants that can manage both their online and offline customers. Allow customers to order food online via your branded restaurant website and mobile ordering apps.


Food Marketplaces-


Create a seamless food ordering app experience for your customers and get more ROI from your food outlets. Our dashboard allows you to manage a large number of food menus. Generate additional revenue for your food business by automating dispatch, delivery, and tracking with a food delivery app like Zomato.


Restaurant Chains/Aggregators-


We provide delivery startups and aggregators a custom on-demand food delivery app development solution. We provide a complete online food ordering and deployment management set up for a food chain that works with multiple vendors and franchises. 


Here’s what you need to run a fully functional Online Food Ordering Marketplace


Centralized Dashboard


Manage all your orders & transactions in one place manage performance & analytics.


Branded Customer Ordering Apps


Give your customers the best features of search & filter for online ordering in a hassle-free way.


Branded Merchant Apps


Connect multiple vendors on a single platform to help your business grow.


Who offers the best food ordering delivery mobile app development services?




Are you planning to start a food delivery business? Get food delivery app development to meet the customers' needs. MartPro, a well-known food-delivery app development company, creates on-demand food delivery apps for food chains, food-based startups, and restaurant aggregators.

Get a highly effective, conversion-driven food delivery app that will help you scale your business and keep up with industry innovation. We have distinctive features that encourage users to order food from their mobile apps that deliver food orders on time.

Mobile Apps for your Food business are one of the best ways to boost your business orders. Through a mobile app, your customers can easily order their food without any trouble. They simply follow you on social media and make payments with various payment options.

Food delivery application development is being revolutionized today thanks to smartphone and desktop applications. We assist clients with both single-vendor and multi-vendor food delivery applications. Our apps make it simple for your on-demand business to expand.

We assist you in developing a Zomato-like food delivery app, one that includes all of the basic to advanced functionalities that will allow your customers to place customized orders with a single tap.

If you are planning to launch your next food delivery startup, we are just a phone call away to explain how a food delivery application can serve as a primary core for increasing your outlet sales.

Team up with us in getting a world-class experience in food delivery mobile app development solutions for your business across various platforms to help you generate lucrative revenue.

We develop a food delivery mobile app that is an opportunity in itself for not only its end users but also for the business owners and admin with smart features for flawless management.

The best part about our service is that we take the time to understand your idea for your food delivery or ordering business, then conceptualize and implement that idea in our work to provide you with a perfect custom food delivery mobile app that suits the needs of the clients.

While we are fully customizing the application to fit your business model, our expert and experienced mobile app development team boosts the most advanced features in the application to make it ready for market competition – actually, ahead of market competition.

MartPro offers a more affordable and customized food ordering app that is user-friendly, robust, and scalable. We have a pool of talented food ordering app developers. Transparency in development with timely delivery of projects.


Food Delivery App Development Key Features


Here are some of the key features which we build with our food delivery app development services Android and iOS technologies. There are four portals on the online food ordering platform including Customers app, Delivery Provider app, Restaurants, and Admin dashboard. Each portal will be linked to the others and managed by a single panel, the Admin panel. Each portal has the following features


For Customers


  • Popular choice - The most served and liked food by the customers based on the regularity of cuisine buying.

  • Table Booking - Real-time table reservation for Top Restaurants

  • Easy Order - Users can place an order with few taps

  • Restaurant location-based search - Users can look for popular restaurants nearby

  • Sort by- Filter by Restaurant Popularity, cuisines, and ratings

  • Payment Gateways - Integrate plug-ins such as Braintree for quick and secure debit/credit card payments

  • Payment wallet integration - Integrate wallets like Paytm, Phonepe, and Google Pay for quick checkout

  • Driver Tracking - Real-time Driver tracking to get a delivery location and time estimates

  • Social Sharing - Share Restaurant reviews experience and cuisines recommendations with the social community. Easy Social login


For Delivery Driver’s App


  • Manage Profile - Drivers can easily log in and manage their profile - name and contact details

  • Update and alert of New order - Driver get notification of the new order and can change the status of delivered orders

  • Navigation - The delivery person can easily navigate to the buyer's address. Route optimization to find the best possible route for on-time delivery

  • Contact user - The app includes a contact user/restaurant feature that allows the driver to call the concerned user without having to copy the number and dial it manually


For Restaurant Owners:


  • Profile Creation: Restaurants user can easily create the profile in a few simple steps. Owners can share information about their restaurants such as the address, specialties, menu, and contact info.

  • Order Management - Allow owners to manage orders in a single location. Orders can be easily taken, scheduled, and dispatched.

  • Easily Manage Deals - Restaurant owners can easily create and manage discounts and deals for customers.

  • Real-time tracking of the delivery driver - Restaurant owners can track the delivery driver's real-time location and the total delivery time he will take. This would help owners in scheduling new orders for drivers.


For Admin Panel:


  • Analyzing and report functionality to get real-time insights

  • Restaurant management: the administrator can manage all restaurants by adding, updating the profile, and removing them.

  • Payment management: using a single payment account and distributing it to the driver and the restaurant, or decentralized payment


Why MartPro for Food Delivery App Development?


As a prominent mobile app development service provider our experience makes us an ideal partner for both startups and enterprises. Our in-house project managers, developers, and designers concisely deliver all types of on-demand application projects on time.

MartPro is a well-known food delivery app development company that combines experience, innovation, and expertise to provide the best food delivery apps. If you want to build outstanding food delivery solutions like UberEats or DoorDash, we are an ideal Technology partner for you.

MartPro combines innovation, technology, design, and support services for Android and iOS platforms to provide you with the best online food order app. Furthermore, our experts will implement the best-proven business models to help you develop and launch your online food delivery software for your organization in the shortest possible time.

We assist entrepreneurial organizations in developing their businesses so that they can achieve great success in the Food Ordering App Development project. We have extensive experience in delivering high-quality websites and applications at reasonable prices and on time.

We are ready to serve with the development of on-demand food order application services, which will connect potential customers with your brand's online channel. We solely cater to all types of food businesses, from small to large, since we are constantly committed to delivering innovative ideas that meet our customers' needs.

Having a team of highly advanced developers and business analysts is always fascinated about innovation and precision. Moreover, we can design the best online food ordering portals and mobile applications for your business requirements.

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