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Create Your Own Ecommerce Website with Our Single Vendor Marketplace Platform


MartPro's single-vendor solution has an easy-to-use front design for launching a successful online rental website. The software has an attractive dashboard. A Single Vendor Marketplace is a website where a single seller sells its products to multiple customers. 

There are only two parties involved in this easy buying and selling process i.e. the buyer and the seller. A single vendor marketplace does not provide its customers with a diverse range of products. Single vendor marketplace websites are also known as Stand-Alone Websites. 

With a single-vendor rental eCommerce solution, everything is faster and many business processes require a more effortless approach, as there are lesser people involved in a selling-buying process and you have a single supplier. 

Building a Single-vendor eCommerce website will benefit you to expand your market reach up to a significant extent. We have proven expertise in developing single-vendor eCommerce software that improves compatibility between you, customers, and vendors. 

MartPro is a fully customizable platform to build rental eCommerce websites. If you are running an online rental business and want to increase your presence by introducing your business digitally, a single-vendor solution is a perfect option. Indeed, it’s the best method to enter into the online rental business. 

The single-vendor system offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline online rental management. It includes catalogue management, which ensures the products are easily accessible and well-organized with fixed attributes. It enables website owners to efficiently manage their inventory and provide accurate information to customers.


Growing Revenue Through Various Channels-


There are various revenue models from which the owner can generate revenue-

Rental Income - It makes the maximum share of the amount

PPC Advertising - In this, store owner invites businesses for displaying advertisements on their portal

Affiliate Marketing - Business owners can earn a certain amount of commission by promoting the products and services of other businesses


Manage Your Single-Vendor Store With An Expensive Set Of Features Such As-


  • Enable or disable the renting/selling option of different product listings for purchase

  • Managing a single vendor website is much easier than managing a multi-vendor site.

  • As a single seller, the quality of the products and their pricing can be controlled.

  • The seller can use this website to provide customized and high-quality products to a small market.

  • The seller can easily build a good relationship with the buyers.

  • Smart recommendations for generating orders for products

  • Real-time stock availability to manage inventory efficiently.

  • User-experience to drive ease for customers and maximum conversions for rental business

  • Search engine friendly platform


Why Starting A Single Vendor Ecommerce Platform Can Be Your Best Decision?


A Marketplace offers numerous opportunities for vendors as well as reduces the cost of developing and deploying an e-commerce website, provides a cost-effective entry into either B2C or B2B eCommerce, and reaching new markets and customers.

A Marketplace is ideal for vendors, who are looking forward to stepping into the E-commerce market. For such small vendors, an eCommerce marketplace is an ideal, dynamic, and cost-effective solution.

Ecommerce is the best solution to bring the business online. We provide a full-featured rental eCommerce solution that focuses on your ROI. The rental marketplace is designed with unique designs and functionalities.


High level of Compatibility


With a single vendor approach, there is a higher level of compatibility between you, customers, and sellers. On the other hand, the multi-vendor method is incompatible.


Workflow Maximization


Building a communication process is easy with a single vendor rental eCommerce solution. It takes less time and effort to communicate about problems as they appear than it would with various providers.


Faster entry into the market


As there isn’t any communication gap in single-vendor approach, the team here can work faster as compared to the multi-vendor approach.


Navigation complexity


In the single vendor rental e-commerce solution, the products are arranged in categories and sub-categories along with filters on the search bar to enable the refined search. It simplifies the process of finding products directly or by category.


Lower upfront cost


Getting a comprehensive IT bundle with a single vendor means that you will have more features without the same capital expenditure. In discussing your exact Software as a Service requirement, we can determine the best price point for you.


Implementation difficulty


It will generally be less challenging to install single-vendor solutions because it’s only one set of programs/protocols to integrate into your existing systems.


More streamlined processes 


When you use a single vendor with a full suite of tools to manage your facility, the workflow has already been designed to create the easiest processes. And even though a vendor might promise that their product integrates well with others, it is rarely as simple as they claim. With a single vendor, your employees can get more done — and you can take advantage of data insights more easily.


Vendor Features: 


Vendors or Sellers are equally important for a multivendor e-commerce website because customers will come to your website only if they get multiple options to choose from. So, it is very important to provide your vendors with user-friendly features to promote their businesses on your website.


Product Listing


In a single-vendor e-commerce website, only the admin or business owner can list or update the products via the admin panel.


Benefits of the Single-Vendor Rental Ecommerce Solution


  • A single-vendor rental eCommerce solution allows you to become an expert in your niche. You will develop an insight into it. This will help you develop your identity.

  • Choose a niche that is less found anywhere else. In this way, you will get more attention and build a wider customer base.

  • Managing a single-vendor eCommerce website is easier than a multi-vendor marketplace. It is simple because you only need to promote one product.

  • To achieve attractive pricing, you can enhance volume leverage.

  • With a single supplier, it is simple to streamline and integrate systems.

  • You may be capable of negotiating to receive little, regular deliveries and so develop an inventory control.


MartPro provides Top-notch features that enable a single-vendor marketplace platform to function.


Advanced Vendor Panel


We incorporate an advanced and easy-to-operate vendor panel. The panel eliminates the hassle of the merchant handling order requests, order details, transactions, tracking, and shipments.


Interactive Interface


We develop a Single-vendor eCommerce app and website that reflects your corporate identity and enhances user interaction. Efficient user interfaces and clear product navigation will lead the user to a hassle-free shopping experience.


Potent Admin Panel


We keep the Admin panel fairly powerful so that they can fully control your single-vendor eCommerce platform. The panel covers all bits and bytes, from user and vendor management to report and analytics with reviewing ratings and feedback.


Logistic Integration


We integrate leading logistic APIs based on your target regions and preferences. These APIs also notify and update the customer about the arrival time of their order and allow them to track it.


Social Media Integration


Allowing your customers login with their social accounts such as Facebook or Instagram elevates the chances of getting users onboarded quickly. Social media integration can also help you market your marketplace platform.


Payment Gateways


For any eCommerce marketplace platform, whether multi-vendor or single-vendor, it is essential to integrate multiple payment gateways. It enables customers to make secure online payments from anywhere in the world.


Why Choose MartPro for Single Vendor Rental Ecommerce Solution?


MartPro is a platform that will allow you to launch your eCommerce marketplace. It is a platform that lets you create your own marketplace with ease and effective vendor-buyer management. You can build a successful and responsive eCommerce website using our stunning single vendor e-commerce website. 

Furthermore, our platform is powered by single-page architecture, which ensures a better user experience by delivering an ultra-fast page loading experience for your customers. It is a highly adaptable, quick, and secure e-commerce solution.




We are leading providers of reliable marketplace developments and services to small scale, large scale and mid-sized businesses.




Our marketplaces are fully-featured for high scale online sales processes that can help you organize and plan any business efficiently.


Marketing Friendly


Increase your visibility with a market-friendly platform, and establish your single vendor marketplace globally to gain more recognition and sales.


Fully-Tested & Quick Go-Live


Get the hassle-free software and launch your own single vendor eCommerce platform instantly and gain the customers’ credibility.




If you are planning to start an online ecommerce business. Then a single vendor ecommerce platform is the best decision for vendors, who are looking forward to stepping into the E-commerce market. Whether they are start-ups or local businesses who want to migrate their existing business on cloud.

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