Build Advanced Food Ordering Delivery Website With Best Features - Get your white label food ordering and delivery software.

MartPro offers you a powerful web-based system for both single and multi-restaurant online food ordering and delivery systems. With your own branded online food ordering system, your customers can place orders online directly on your website instead of third-party aggregators.




Build Food Ordering and Delivery Website from MartPro


Powerful, fully-featured, and all-in-one multi-restaurant software to start your own, online food delivery marketplace. With advanced technology and powered by powerful out-of-the-box features that can help your business not just start a food delivery service today but will also stand up with other competing services.

MartPro is the leading software company for providing software to online food ordering and delivery websites, which is easy for customers to order food online through the website or mobile app. Get the customized online food ordering and delivery software which is the fastest way to increase your business volume. 

Automate your on-demand ordering system with our online restaurant ordering software. The software admin can keep track of all of the customers, restaurants, delivery boys, and their details that sign up for ordering from both the web and mobile app. Super admin can monitor the end-to-end settings and manage the food ordering business.

Turn your website into a powerful marketing tool and sell more with our intuitive online food delivery system. Set up your restaurant, list your food items, enable online payments, and give instant access to online food orders.

Are you planning to develop an online food ordering & delivery website? MartPro provides a common platform for both single or multiple restaurant online food ordering and delivery systems. 

MartPro, a readymade online restaurant ordering system similar to the FoodPanda clone having multiple features with multi-language support, secured payment gateway, etc. All are well optimized for the web and mobile platforms. MartPro comprises a web backend for admin and restaurant. Mobile app for the delivery boy and customers. Front end for both web and mobile for the customers. It acts as a common platform between the customer and the restaurant.


Features to Make Your Online Food Ordering and Delivery Website Succeed


Online food ordering & delivery platforms are feeding people across the world and making profits for themselves as well. As the world becomes all about convenience and having things delivered to the door with one click of a button. 


Revenue Generation Models Of Food Ordering Platforms


If the best food delivery websites inspired you, it is the right time to think of how to make such a site profitable. Below we share three popular business models of the food ordering business.


The Order Only Model


Such a model, used by Delivery Hero, Grubhub, and other restaurant delivery services of the first generation aims at offering customers the ability to order food from a wide range of independent restaurants. These online food ordering marketplaces connect customers with the local restaurants, while restaurants handle the delivery themselves. When applying this business model, the platform should provide the process of simple and quick order. The restaurants pay the platform a commission from 7% to 15% per order received. A great example of such a business model is the FoodPanda platform.


The Order and Delivery Model


Such marketplaces as Deliveroo, and Doordash use this model. In this case, the platform handles both order and delivery services. Restaurants also receive benefits from a partnership with such platforms, since there is no need to maintain vehicles or pay couriers. Such food ordering platforms may charge customers a flat delivery fee.

UberEats also uses this model. However, the company went even further. The platform can now offer restaurants to appear at the top of search results for additional marketing fees.

To use this business model, pay attention that fast delivery is the critical satisfaction factor for 60% of customers. You should provide the delivery services in under 30 minutes to ensure your customers' satisfaction. Also, the ordered food should stay tasty and fresh.


The Fully Integrated Model


The third business model, used by such meal delivery startups includes the full integration of the process. Such businesses function as a food ordering website, a restaurant, and a delivery service. It means that the company develops its food ordering website, prepares meals, and delivers orders to customers. Such businesses can serve corporate clients as well as individual customers.


Launch & Run A Successful Online Food Delivery Website


Launching a website will not establish you as the next big thing in the food ordering and delivery system. You need to take care of various technical and marketing aspects to make your website stand apart.


Keep the following points in mind while creating and marketing your food ordering portal:




1. Invest in Stable, Flexible, and Robust built website and Apps


If you feel that buying a cheap clone script or plugin is enough to get started, then you are partially right. It will get you 'started'; but to succeed you need much more. Focus on building a unique identity and easily a custom product that can fulfill your needs. Give your food venture the advantage of custom design and programming. It is very important to start off with a feature-rich, secure website so that people trust you.


2. Search engine optimized and social media-friendly platform


SEO-friendly architecture and database management systems must be developed in such a way where your website is easy to read by search engines. They will act as a free source of constant traffic to your website. Adding a social sharing button to your website will give you increased visibility. You can find such features by default in our MartPro. Our expert team of designers, programmers, and SEO experts can deliver such a system.


3. Target a smaller area and then expand


It is always advisable to start your business with a focus on a limited area. This will help you:

  • Focus all your energy on a particular market

  • Build a stable brand name.

  • Figure out issues and conveniently search for solutions.

  • Check the cost for further expansion


4. Customize according to local demands


The success of an online food ordering system like GrubHub depends on how well it caters to the needs of its locales. The following points will come into the picture:

  • Unique website design and SEO optimized platform.

  • Database management and categorization also vary as per the local cuisine preferences. 

Payment options provided on your website must also comply with the preferences of the general public in your city. The choice between paying through credit cards, cash on delivery, eWallet, etc varies from city to city and country to country. It is possible that the restaurants in your target area do not have efficient internet connectivity. In this case, you need an efficient sales team that ensures to enroll those merchants in your system and provide service to them for uploading their menu items, restaurant information, etc.


5. Make the order placement procedure simpler


People prefer to order online because of convenience. So, make the order placement and checkout process quick and easy. This is possible only if your site has been created with usability in mind. All FoodPanda, JustEat, or GrubHub clones will not have an optimized user experience.

Saving past orders, delivery addresses, partial payment details, and other relevant information in the dashboard is an efficient way to quicken online order processing. Introduction of eWallets and making payments from them is a quicker payment option.


6. Mobile friendly


Your audience will want to access your website when on the move. Thus, having a mobile-optimized/responsive website is very important to increase your reach. So getting a mobile-friendly online food ordering platform is a must and here we are glad to inform you that our MartPro is mobile optimized.


Why Choose MartPro?




MartPro provides a ready-made solution for running a restaurant ordering system business. You get a customized app in terms of design and functionality over an app in your own brand name.

  • 100% Source code

  • Free installation & setup

  • One time payment

  • Multiple Languages

  • Customizable

  • App in your brand name

  • Complete support

  • Security

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