Create Food App – Provide Seamless Online Food Ordering & Delivery Experience to your Customers.

Get exponential growth in your Business by developing a Food Delivery App in no time. Being a well-established food-delivery app development company, MartPro creates an on-demand food app for the food chain, food-based startups, and restaurant aggregators.




What is Food Delivery App Development? How does it extend Your Business Reach?


Food delivery app development is an advanced app solution that can help you instantly revamp your food business industry. The latest tech support ensures to cater to the need of the changing market for food delivery.

If you want to thrive your food business revenues to the next level, then you should have a food ordering & delivery system at a place to increase your clientele and their satisfaction as every customer want to place the order at their fingertips.

Food ordering app development gives you innovative ways to engage all of your customers' needs more efficiently and systematically. Rock the food industry by serving your customers like never before.

MartPro is the right choice to launch your on-demand food apps. We have successfully served many startups with ready-made food delivery app solutions to engage more customers, more orders, and revenue. 

No matter which online food business or type you have, we provide a cost-effective food ordering solution to all. Our pre-built online food software solution includes all of the additional features you'll need to get your business up and running quickly.

  • A dedicated customer app as well as a delivery provider app

  • A separate store panel for easy order management

  • A dedicated admin dashboard for operation control


How to create food app from scratch?


Are you planning to start a food delivery business? Create food app development to meet the needs of your customers. MartPro, a well-known food-delivery app development company, creates an on-demand food app for food chains, food-based startups, and restaurant aggregators.

MartPro combines innovation, technology, design, and support services for Android and iOS platforms to provide you with the best online food app. Furthermore, our experts will implement the best-proven business models to help you develop and launch your online food delivery software for your business in the shortest time.

Our developers have enough experience to create interactive, easy-to-manage apps with the latest technologies. With our mobile apps, you can simplify the process of selling your food online. Allow your customers to order food online with just a few clicks on mobile devices.

Connect with your customers effectively using our dedicated apps and reach out to them using features such as promotional notifications. Using the power of our mobility solution, you can track the delivery of your orders and manage your food delivery service. Harness the power of online ordering to boost revenue for your business.

Expanding your business reach with a more accurate and easy-to-navigate application, we bring high ROI and user engagement to your organization.

Along with the advanced features of the food delivery app for Android, iOS, and Web, we provide a free consultation to our clients. Let us work together to provide a renowned food app solution to our consumers.

With our on-demand food ordering app development solution for both Android and iOS platforms, Driver app, and a powerful backend, you can stay ahead in the competitive online food market.


Which is the Top Food Ordering Apps Development Company?




MartPro, a leading Food Delivery App Development Company, offers Food Delivery On Demand App Development Services with advanced features. We will assist you in attracting more customers to your business by creating an appealing UI/UX that will keep your customers coming back.

As a renowned on-demand food delivery app development company, we ensure that we meet user demands and earn more profits by providing dedicated solutions with enormous opportunities to enhance user experience.

MartPro provides on-demand food delivery app development solutions and services for food delivery startups, food chains & restaurant aggregators. Being a reputed food delivery app development company we build user-friendly apps with advanced features to easily scale your food delivery business.

We are glad to help with the development of on-demand food order application services, which will connect potential customers with your brand's online platform. We simply cater to all types of food businesses, from small to large, as we are constantly committed to delivering innovations that meet our customers' needs.

We have a team of experienced food delivery app developers who are passionate about creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces. They create feature-rich, robust, responsive, and dynamic mobile apps for the best user experience. 


Benefits of developing an on-demand food delivery app from MartPro:


  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Intuitive designs

  • Seamless ordering and delivery

  • Rich user experience

  • Quick signup process

  • Highly secure

  • Effective search tool

  • 100% customizable

  • Scalable

  • Flawless features


Key Features of our Food Delivery App Development 


Here are some of the key features which we build with our food delivery app development Android and iOS technologies. The functions include in Customers App, Delivery Provider App, and Admin Dashboard.

  • Seamless Online Ordering/Delivery: Food delivery mobile app development to enable order placement/delivery tracking with just a few taps.

  • Intuitive Experience: Simple search, interactive product display, and an elegant browsing experience to increase time on the app.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Track and manage deliveries in real-time by tracking the location of food orders.

  • Advanced Analytics: Identify customer behavior, oversee daily orders, and monitor dispatches and deliveries with powerful analytics.

  • Multiple Payment Modes: Having a variety of payment options allows people to pay with greater ease and provides a better user experience.

  • Advanced Search: Find a food item, restaurant, or other queries to browse, and then add the item to your shopping cart.

  • Coupon Codes: Set Discount Vouchers / Coupons / Promo Codes easily from the backend.

  • Multiple Payment Options: To make payment processing easier for your customers, we integrate multiple payment options. Cash-on-Delivery is also enabled.

  • GPS Tracking: Be found by your clients through their current location. GPS is also available for your delivery boys to track the customer location.

  • Secure Payment: We provide secure payment options that allow you to pay for your order online through the app.

  • Offers & Discounts: Enable a special discount and offers to attract more customers to order via the app.

  • Wallet: User can able to credit some amount to their wallet to make a quick payment and also enables to receive the refund amount

  • Live Tracking: Our live tracking feature keeps you up to date on the status of your confirmed order from your app.

  • Support: Quick live support feature to connect with the executive while facing issue during order placement and tracking

  • Notifications and quick alerts: Ensures 100 % customer satisfaction by incorporating product delivery alerts and gaining greater access and control over the entire delivery process.

  • Ratings and Reviews: After the food has been successfully delivered, the user can rate and review the restaurant and delivery executive

  • Cancellation: This feature allows users to cancel a confirmed order and receive the payment in their wallets.


Online Food Apps Development for Different Business Model


Food Delivery Startups


We have a complete package that includes all of the advanced features required to create a food app for beginners with a new concept. The food delivery app package for startups is very affordable and includes all of the necessary compatible plugins. We also provide 24/7 maintenance and support after launching the application on the respective store. Invest less in app development and earn more profits.


Restaurant Chains


Do you own a restaurant chain and require an app to manage delivery orders? We are the one-stop solution to develop a user-friendly and alluring food delivery app for your business. Such an app needs experienced developers and better management. Our certified food app teams can easily create any highly complicated food delivery app.


Aggregator Food Apps


Aggregator food apps are the apps that exist between restaurants and consumers such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc. These apps have many users, restaurants, and delivery drivers. The aggregator apps are regarded as one of the most dynamic food delivery applications. Do you want to be the owner of such an application?

We are ready to develop a cost-effective and most fascinating aggregator food delivery app for you. Hire MartPro experts to make your dream a reality.


Single Restaurants


Your customers may crave for favorite food from your restaurant. Deliver delicious and mouth-watering food at the doorstep of your customers. We also provide food delivery applications for a single restaurant.

We design the food delivery application with all aspects in mind, from the online payment option to the smallest detail. Get the food delivery application for your restaurant and let your delicious servings reach freshly brewed to the customers.


What’s included in our Food App Development?


Customer App


The customer app is an app that your customer uses to place orders in your system. This app must be simple and intuitive so that users of all age groups can use it. Our mobile app is delicately and intelligently designed. Furthermore, it is flexible and can operate seamlessly on a low-speed internet connection.

Our team of award-winning iOS and android app developers has smartly crafted the user experience. It seamlessly integrates with the processes of a single vendor or multi-vendor food delivery business model.


Customer App Features:


  • One-click social media login

  • Simple user interface

  • Intuitive user experience

  • GPS location-based search 

  • Bookmark a dish or restaurant

  • Order tracking

  • Ratings and reviews

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Multiple payment gateways


Driver App 


The driver app is an app that your delivery boy will use to deliver food to customers. It is one of the key users of food delivery app development. This amazing app assists drivers in getting the information in minimal clicks. 


Driver App Features:


  • Multi-lingual

  • Easy to operate

  • Push notification on a new order

  • Order summary

  • Delivery route generation

  • Analytics


Admin Panel 


Our admin panel is extremely effective. It provides the owners with complete control over the food delivery business. You can easily experiment and implement business logic in a matter of a few clicks.


Admin Panel Features:


  • View customer database

  • Restaurant addition

  • Analytics 

  • Smart reports

  • Send push notifications

  • Order summary

  • Coupon code generation

  • Defining geo-fence


Restaurant Panel


The restaurant panel is the interface that restaurant owners will use to manage their menu and orders generated from the system. It is available as a web and mobile app.

Scale your restaurant business to new heights with our full-stack restaurant app for food delivery app development, which has bundles of the latest technology to drive efficiency.

We provide restaurant owners with relevant KPIs to help them get deeper insights into their business. The user interface is easy and simple to use even for those with limited technical knowledge.


Restaurant Panel App Features:


  • Dashboard

  • Push notification on a new order

  • Import menu items in bulk

  • View order summary

  • Define offers in the system

  • Analytics

  • Smart reports


How MartPro Delivers Business Value?




  • Agile Development Approach


We rely on customer delight throughout the online food delivery app development and strive to deliver the best solution in shorter sprints. We hire a skilled team of food delivery app developers, certified domain experts, and product owners with an enhanced focus who collaborate closely with our customers to maximize their business value and ROI. We follow a continuous feedback and improvement approach for the enhancement of products, processes, and services.


  • Customized applications


We integrate inbuilt features and customization options to give maximum convenience to the users as well as business owners. We develop the custom applications for customers, delivery personnel, and admin. We customize the application with your branding credentials and use brand-oriented colors at multiple places.


  • Unmatched performance


Our online food delivery application has a plethora of features and functionalities that provide users with unmatched performance. We allow customers to select payment and delivery options based on their preferences and convenience. Our applications provide excellent performance in terms of order history and management, order tracking, contacting delivery boys, and so on.


  • Maximum application security


Our expert developers integrate high-security plug-in and technology to ensure the application's security. We keep a close eye on third-party integrations and customer support to protect our users from malware and assist them in initiating secure payments. We provide users with the ability to secure their orders and payment details without compromising the integrity of our food delivery applications.


  • Support and maintenance


Being a reliable food mobile app development company we offer consistent support and maintenance services to our customers. We also implement the strategies to add value to their experience while making orders through the food application.


  • On-time delivery


Our developers understand the significance of meeting our clients' deadlines. To accomplish this, we plan the development process ahead of time. Doing so allows us to evaluate unexpected setbacks during the project. Such processes assist us in meeting our professional standards to our clients. Furthermore, by ensuring timely product delivery, we can assist our clients in expanding their business.

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