How Hyperlocal Delivery Model Revolutionising Ecommerce Industry – Its Disruptive Effects and Benefits

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In this digital era where companies are shifting to online platforms, local retailers are finding it difficult to survive and sustain. The hyperlocal delivery model is assisting all such retailers in staying competitive and expanding their customer base.

Hyperlocal on-demand delivery is undoubtedly an emerging sector for the eCommerce industry. The scope of this platform is high and one can invest in this platform and can get a higher return. In this time of the global pandemic, hyperlocal delivery can be the most effective.

The hyperlocal marketplace is the latest trend providing small businesses an opportunity to reach more customers online for selling goods & services. The business model is convenient for shoppers too as they can move from one online store to another for buying their desired product.


What is a Hyperlocal Delivery Model and why is it blooming in the market?


A hyperlocal delivery model is an online business model in which customers' on-demand needs are met through local offline shops via a digital platform. Customers' demands for goods and services such as groceries, medicine, and laundry services are met instantly.

The hyperlocal delivery model is the latest eCommerce trend that is assisting local vendors in increasing their online visibility and customer reach. It is an ideal delivery method for food, vegetables, fruits, medicines, groceries, and others. Businesses are embracing diverse hyperlocal delivery business models to achieve new heights of success.

An on-demand hyperlocal delivery business model connects local sellers with customers via a digital platform. This business framework allows retailers to display their available products on an online platform. Showcased products can be viewed by users and customers of that locality. The online users can quickly order their desired product to be delivered at their doorsteps by logistics providers.

Hyperlocal businesses assist individuals in meeting their daily needs more efficiently. That is why it has gained popularity in global delivery markets. This is why so many new entrepreneurs want to enter these markets.

A hyperlocal marketplace is an online eCommerce platform that caters to the shopping needs of residents in a specific geographical area. The hyperlocal market business model provides an online multi-vendor marketplace for a small geographic area or region.

This marketplace enables business owners to register on hyperlocal market eCommerce platforms/websites to sell products and services to nearby residents.

Hyperlocal e-commerce business delivery systems are exceptionally fast and this is also the one factor that differentiates regular eCommerce portals from hyperlocal marketplaces.

With high technological services, higher internet connectivity, and altering consumer behavior, the hyperlocal marketplace is gaining more popularity. Hyperlocal eCommerce platforms include delivery services for grocery, food items, grooming services, house cleaning, etc.

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Major services which come under this hyperlocal delivery business model can be classified as – 



How to build business around Hyperlocal Delivery Model?


To maintain a sustainable on-demand business with a hyperlocal emphasis, you should choose a strategic approach. Here's a step-by-step guide to launching a hyperlocal on-demand delivery business.


Select an Industry


The first and most important step is to choose the industry around which you want to build the hyperlocal delivery model. It could be for groceries, food delivery, medicines, or other products. Your business's future will be determined by the market you choose.


Choose your Target Audience


After selecting the industry, the next step is to decide your target audience. Not everyone can be your audience, so you must decide to whom you would like to serve.


Create the Partnership


It is now time to partner up with the retail shop and the aggregator who provide your customers with the products and services. You must choose them carefully, as your business reputation depends on them. The delivery network must be robust.


Choose a Revenue Model


Consider how you would like to generate revenue from this venture and the model you decide to utilize. In the hyperlocal business model, there are inventory-led models, aggregator models, and hybrid models. Choose the one that will work best for your business.


Develop an App


In this step, you will create an app that will connect your customers, delivery partners, and suppliers. The app must be user-friendly and hassle-free to increase your customer base.


What are the different Hyperlocal Delivery Business Models?




The four types of hyperlocal delivery business models or hyperlocal marketplace models are as follows:


Single Store Model- This business design is ideal for the stores already established in the market and want their online presence to increase customer reach. To accomplish this, they can create a hyperlocal on-demand delivery app and list their services on it. This model is used by companies such as Dominos, HelloFresh, and BigBasket.

Store Pick Model- Store pick is one of the most popular models; it allows customers to order online and pick their product from the nearby store. When an order is placed, the store prepares and packs it before the customer arrives. The customer can go to the store and pick up his or her order without having to wait in a queue. Examples include Walmart and Petco.

Hybrid Model- A hybrid delivery model is used by stores that want to offer both home delivery and in-store pickup. It also offers clients the ability to choose the delivery method at their convenience.

Aggregator Model- In an aggregator model, there is a hyperlocal store serving as the mediator between customers and the product store. It aids online stores to expand their reach by connecting with the local stores and initiating product deliveries. Zomato and Instacart are the two perfect examples of an aggregator model.


Benefits of Hyperlocal Delivery Business Models:


Hyperlocal delivery models offer a plethora of benefits to both the customers and the retailers. 


A Boost for the Traditional Stores


The rise of e-commerce and online retail has been a threat to traditional stores. Hyperlocal delivery models provide them with an opportunity to optimize their sales.


Minimal Efforts Required from Retailers


For retailers, hyperlocal delivery models create a win-win situation. They can list their business on the appropriate platforms, which will allow them to expand their business. They are not required to invest in developing and maintaining a dedicated app. In addition, the delivery will be handled by the aggregators' delivery partners. As a result, retailers can expand their operations with less effort.


Enhance Transparency and Efficiency


The users are the best beneficiaries of this model. They can evaluate various features, evaluate them, and make a decision. The framework controls an effective delivery mechanism.


Helps build a sustainable ecosystem


The hyperlocal delivery model is eco-friendly because long-distance transportation reduces footprint.


Customers Benefit From the Competition


This system creates pressure on retailers to raise their efficiency level and business standards. As a result, customers can expect higher-quality goods or services at lower prices.


Single Device management


A single mobile app can help you track, control and manage the entire hyperlocal marketplace.


Quick product deliveries


Hyperlocal marketplaces enable businesses to start selling online. You can sell your products more quickly online and establish a presence in local markets.


Diverse product catalog


Hyperlocal marketplaces offer a flexible inventory of stock items as all local sellers are available under a single platform here. Locals can connect with them for their shopping needs. In case a product isn’t available at one store, there are always other stores selling the required product.


No stringent packaging guidelines


The best thing about these marketplaces is that there are no strict packaging guidelines because the products are packed only according to their load capacity and shipment type.


No additional investments


As the sellers sell online through listings on hyperlocal marketplaces, there is no need to spend resources in setting up a shop or facing strict market competition.


Better inventory quality


As a hyperlocal market is based on the shopping needs of local customers around, the inventory is always stocked with their preferred products. Customers do not need to venture outside of these markets to obtain the desired goods.


Customizable delivery timings


Unlike large eCommerce platforms, hyperlocal markets allow customers to choose their preferred delivery time frame. This is a useful module for people who want to plan their purchase and delivery.


Features Of Hyperlocal Delivery


Admin features


  • One time cost with free installation

  • Fully customizable

  • Own the source code

  • Configure various types of filters based on distance, zip code, city, and country.

  • Social login options

  • Managing sales and commissions

  • Multiple online payment methods

  • Review and rating system

  • Shipment scheduling


Retailers’ features


  • Exclusive profile page for each retailer

  • Ability to edit and delete the shipping options

  • Track customers’ current location

  • Display shipping rates based on location

  • Can have multiple locations for the delivery

  • Simple branding and promotion

  • Simple inventory management


Buyers’ features


  • Able to select the nearby stores

  • Individual account and login

  • Options for personalized search and filtering

  • View the product's rating and review

  • Track your product and know the delivery time

  • Secured payment options

  • On-demand pickup and delivery


Why partner with MartPro for Hyperlocal Delivery Model?




MartPro is a leading eCommerce app development company that specializes in designing On-Demand Hyperlocal Delivery Applications.

We have hands-on expertise in building on-demand hyperlocal apps for businesses from diverse service verticals. We can assist you with everything related to e-commerce, whether you want to build an online grocery store, a food store, or a delivery app.

MartPro's on-demand hyperlocal delivery app includes all of the required modules to make it easier to provide delivery services for any goods and any type of business. It includes functions that enable every size of business to expand and provide the best delivery options.

It includes native Android and iOS applications for customers and delivery providers. This on-demand delivery app maker contains a dedicated store panel and app that helps include stores in operation as well. In addition, an interactive admin panel with real-time status updates ensures business management and control.

Our primary goal at MartPro is to provide efficient and advanced e-commerce solutions and online marketplace extensions so that your e-commerce expertise is as smooth as possible.

We provide the best-fit solutions that cater to our users' requirements and fulfill users with wonderful shopping experiences thanks to our reputed expertise and excellence in e-commerce app development.

With a hyperlocal business model, you can easily manage your online business and focus more on customer retention. MartPro's all-in-one eCommerce solution could be a trusted partner in your online eCommerce journey to help you yield great benefits out of your investment.

Share your project requirements with our sales team to get started on developing your own customized on-demand hyperlocal mobile app.


What is the cost to develop a Hyperlocal Delivery App?


Hyperlocal delivery app development cost is very affordable. It is a cost-effective solution that can gain you maximum benefits.

Several factors influence the cost of developing a Hyperlocal Marketplace, including platform selection, location of your development partner, number of hours, technology stack selection, features, UI/UX designing, and more highly affect the final cost of app development.

The cost of MartPro hyperlocal marketplace software is pretty economical for any hyperlocal startup. The store owners, the sellers, and the users require different features.

MartPro can meet all three requirements. The sellers can enjoy the transparency of the application to the core. With MartPro, you can achieve maximum results with minimal effort. 

Allow us to leverage our experience and expertise to turn your idea into a thriving business.

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