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Why Invest in On-Demand Food Ordering App Development?


Let's look at some of the compelling reasons to use on-demand food ordering apps:

  • Offers restaurants to grow their consumer reach while scaling online revenue streams and earning enormous profits.

  • With local & global menu accessibility, food chains, restaurants & food aggregators tap on ancillary growth opportunities.

  • Meeting customer preferences with simple audience targeting.

  • Promotional offers encourage customers to use the service more often.

  • Loyalty points earned on repeat orders have a positive impact on customers and improve their overall experience.


How Can MartPro Help?


Year on year the demand for the food industry is growing along with the delivery services has also increased. People nowadays expect services to be delivered to their door. Aside from that, they require a more convenient and simple way to order online with the fastest delivery options.

MartPro, a leading food delivery mobile app development company, offers services in Food Delivery On-demand apps with advanced features. We have unique features that encourage users to order food from their mobile apps, and we deliver food orders on time.

As an end-to-end custom food delivery app development company, MartPro combine innovation, technology, and design and support services for both Android and iOS platforms. Our specialists put to practice the best-proven business models while designing and launching your online food delivery software.

MartPro, as a leading food delivery app development company, will craft you a custom-made mobile app that is developed to ensure your food delivery service is more efficient and productive. By doing so, you will get competitiveness over other food delivery services.

We even assist individual restaurants, delivery startups, and home delivery service companies in building apps similar to Uber Eats or GrubHub faster by utilizing cost-effective alternatives such as existing APIs that help stimulate and reduce the cost of their development process. We assist them in making the best use of popular APIs, which serve as a necessary building block in the development of a food delivery app.


Why prefer MartPro to build an Online Food Ordering System?


MartPro develops on-demand food delivery apps and services for food delivery startups, food chains, and restaurant aggregators. Being a reputed food delivery app development company, we create user-friendly apps with advanced features that will allow you to easily scale your food delivery business.

We create excellent food delivery mobile apps, food delivery software, POS systems, and websites with custom features and integrations based on your specifications. We provide a comprehensive suite of technologically superior and commercially viable on-demand food delivery mobile app solutions. Our solutions offer the most efficient and conventional ways to take orders that are personalized to the needs of restaurants so that they don’t face a tough time in handling customers.

MartPro is a leading on-demand food delivery app development company and the app development agency of choice for many major corporations worldwide.

MartPro specializes in the development of food ordering mobile apps. Our mobile app developers sync up and recommend the best features, launch your food ordering app, and provide updates as needed.

Our skilled team of food app developers has the knowledge and experience required to create seamless food ordering apps that allow you to serve your customers at their convenience and availability.

We make your restaurant accessible to customers on their mobile phones, increasing sales for both storefronts and online restaurants. With our on-demand food ordering app development on both Android and iOS platforms, you can outperform your competitors in the competitive online food market.

We have the skills required to design and develop an exceptional food delivery mobile app, food delivery software, and website with the customized features and integrations you require. We provide a diverse range of technically advanced and commercially feasible apps.

We offer more affordable and customized food ordering apps that are user-friendly, robust, and scalable. We have a talented pool of food ordering app developers. Transparency in development with timely delivery of projects.


How does an online food delivery app make a profit?




Online food ordering has gained popularity in recent years due to the "convenience" it provides to customers. Food delivery app development is a specialized app solution that can help you completely transform your restaurant chain business. From getting orders online to management to delivering, get rid of manual processes and digitize your business in no time.

Food ordering app development gives you new ways to meet all of your customers' needs more effectively and systematically. The feature-rich food delivery app development solution created by professional restaurant app developers allows your customers to easily order their favorites by browsing the menu and placing their orders.

Food delivery apps created with cutting-edge technologies ensure to address the needs of the changing market for food delivery.

Regardless of your business model, developing an online food ordering app enhances brand awareness and visibility while allowing you to automate all manual business processes for increased efficiency, better customer service, and lower costs. All of this eventually expands your customer base and increases your revenue significantly.


Our Food Delivery Application Development Suits Everyone


MartPro creates custom food ordering management systems for all types of restaurant businesses to run online. From large food chains to small start-up restaurants we help by offering customized solutions.




Our custom food app is ideal for a startup food company that wants to maintain and run an online delivery service. Our dashboard gives control to maintain a substantial amount of food menus.


The Food Chain


We provide a complete online food ordering and deployment management setup for food chains that work with multiple vendors and franchises. You can increase ROI for your multi-store food business by using our unique restaurant food applications and website.


Single Restaurants


We provide an end-to-end food delivery management system for single restaurants that can manage both online and offline customers to maintain online food ordering.


Food Trucks


If you do not plan to open a full restaurant, our food app development solutions can help take your food truck to the users.


Restaurant Search Portals 


We specialize in developing powerful and scalable restaurant search portals that allow users to find the best restaurant near them.


Key Components That Make Great Food Delivery App


When developing an on-demand food delivery app for your restaurant, you should be aware of some fundamental elements. We have described the top essential elements that ensure a smooth ordering and delivery process.

Any food delivery app has four main components: the Customer app, the Admin panel, the Restaurant app, and the Delivery provider app.

The customer app is created and designed for end-users, allowing them to place and track orders from the listed restaurants online.

The Admin panel is another important factor to consider. The admin panel will oversee all activities such as managing users, managing restaurants, managing delivery providers, generating reports, setting commission prices, and so on.

Another important component of your food delivery app is the restaurant app. Managers can easily fulfill orders on time thanks to the multi-featured restaurant app.

The last, yet a powerful element of your food delivery software is an app for delivery providers. The solution includes all of the useful features that make the delivery process quick and efficient.


What are the benefits of developing a Food Ordering and Delivery App from MartPro?




Building a feature-rich, user-friendly food ordering and the delivery app can boost your sales revenue.

MartPro is a leading software development company. Our expert developers assist brands in developing customized apps that benefit their businesses.

We have developed a wide range of food delivery apps for the world's leading online food ordering and delivery companies.

Our cutting-edge technology assists restaurants in reaching out to their target customers and increasing sales.


Here are some benefits of developing a food delivery app from MartPro:


1. Seamless Order Management- To receive, manage, and track all orders, we provide a single Smart Dashboard. You can quickly change the menu and offerings to better meet your customers' needs. You can also manage payments through our fully integrated payment portals.

2. Ease of Tracking Orders in Real-time- Customer expects their order to be completed as soon as it is ready by the local delivery agents nearest to them. MartPro's food ordering and the delivery app automatically assign the order to the nearest & free delivery personnel, who ensures it is ready for pick-up. Furthermore, by knowing your agent's GPS location, you can track your delivery status in real-time. Customers, on the other hand, can use this GPS location to track down their delivery person in real-time if required.

3. Route Optimization for Delivery Players- Your customers expect timely and accurate deliveries. Our route optimization engine recommends the best delivery routes to drivers. This technology allows them to manage multiple deliveries and even stock up at central locations to ensure that their trips are fast. Reduced delivery times mean a better user experience. As a result, your customers' orders are delivered faster and more consistently than ever before.

4. Automated Payment Collection- With this functionality, you don’t have to pay any fees to third parties like banks or credit card companies. Furthermore, you will be able to receive payments directly from customers within the app without paying additional fees. As a result, it creates new revenue streams, allowing your business to grow and expand.

5. In-app Advertising Revenues- With this feature, other restaurants can promote their brand or specific products on your app platform by paying you a nominal amount.

6. In-app Promotions to Drive Customers- Promotional gateways are a great way for companies to increase their accessibility. Our app also allows you to quickly and easily provide discounts, run referral programs, and increase customer service visibility. In addition, you can reward existing customers for inviting their friends to the site with a discount on service.


Key Features of the Food Delivery App


Here is a list of standard features that can be included in an easy-to-use online food delivery app. MartPro integrates many advanced features based on customers' unique business requirements to enable them to expand consumer reach while supporting them to scale operations.


Customer Application Features


Make your customers order directly from your Website & App with fully customized & user-friendly interfaces using our on-demand food delivery app development services.

  • Simple sign-in via email, phone number, Google, or Facebook.

  • Push notifications for new meals or special deals

  • Place/Cancel order from a choice of restaurants

  • Receive bill estimation on order

  • Track order in real-time

  • Rate, review, and comment on recent or previous orders.

  • Digital payments and contactless delivery that adhere to social norms

  • Re-order a meal as per the previous order


Delivery Application Features 


Our Food Delivery App Solution includes a route optimization engine that selects the shortest and fastest routes, allowing you to manage multiple orders with ease.

  • Register & sign up for job quickly with a personal vehicle

  • Create a profile & update your details

  • Set availability for restaurant pick-up & accept orders

  • In-app navigation

  • Learn about customer location

  • Track of orders & earnings


Admin Dashboard Features 


In online food delivery app development we offer a smart dashboard to receive & manage orders from all sources at a unified dashboard.

  • Delivery management to add/remove restaurants & delivery person

  • Personalize the app with changes visible throughout all platforms

  • Notify customers and restaurant owners about platform-based offers

  • Track trending restaurants using analytics; and

  • Manage online payments, restaurant payouts, and commissions.


Restaurant Side Dashboard Features 


Monitor delivery time, several deliveries, delivery agent ratings and reviews, and more to help you take control of your business with food delivery app development services.

  • Create a unique profile to sign in and add restaurant details & menu

  • Launch and showcase promotion & offers

  • Manage menu by adding/removing items

  • Track delivery person to check if the order is delivered

  • Manage orders by accepting/rejecting orders

  • Use tools to manage and track earnings

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