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As a leading Hotel API Provider, MartPro provides the best Hotel API solution with powerful features. Easily manage rates & availability, extra services, instant booking, and many more.




Are you a hotel aggregator looking for a hotel provider to set up a hotel booking engine? Hotel APIs have taken the travel industry to the next level from the traditional booking process to the most advanced OTA systems, thus enhancing its productivity as well as client satisfaction.

So, if you're creating an amazing hotel booking platform or app and need a third-party hotel APIs provider for hotel inventory, get in touch with MartPro today. 

MartPro enables consumers to find the most competitive and affordable negotiated price for Hotel API and Hotel Booking API. We guarantee to be the most cost-effective Hotel API service provider for your business needs.


What is Hotel API?


A hotel API is a web service that allows you to search for and book hotels online. These Hotel APIs manage rates, availability, and the variety of accommodations accessible, enabling you to provide clients with the best options for their ideal stay in a specific city.

It will be implemented on your travel portal with multiple payment gateway integrations so it will boost customer experience. Hotel API is also named Hotel Booking API.

Hotel Booking API integration is a feature-rich tool that allows customers to book directly through the website, regardless of time, location, and day’s specification. The Hotel API allows you to access a large hotel inventory and book it with a single click.

Hotel API builds on existing travel portals of travel agents and obtains hotel data from global hotel suppliers to simplify hotel search and booking processes and provide the best customer experience.

Hotel API integration allows travel agents to obtain all hotel data such as hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel room pricing, hotel room accessibility, hotel facilities, and other features from global hotel suppliers.

With these Hotel APIs, travel companies get direct hotel bookings via an online booking portal. Also provide additional hotel search and book functionality for customers based on price, star categories, and review.

MartPro provides the best hotel API that provides searching and booking hotels online functionality and gets the best customer experience and increases revenues for Travel Agents, Travel Agency, Hoteliers, Tour Operators, and Travel Management Company.

Integrate Hotel API in your Travel Portal based on your needs to convert visitors into successful bookings and grow your business in the travel industry.

MartPro hotel API is connected to thousands of hotel room suppliers in India and around the world. As an API integration technology partner, we ensure that clients all over the world get the best hotel API integration. 

We at MartPro make it simple for you to search for hotels online by integrating with hotel booking API integration partners such as Hotelsbed, GRNConnect, Hotelspro, 24x7rooms, Sabre, and so on globally.


Why should you choose MartPro as the best Hotel Booking API provider?




MartPro is your pioneer Travel Technology partner, providing you with innovative Hotel Booking API solutions in the travel industry. We are the best Hotel API provider in India with our top-notch API integrations and solutions.

We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers by saving you both time and money. Our ultimate goal is to empower global travel businesses and improve their customer service. With our quality approach, professionalism, and trustful connections have managed full effectiveness to work with global Hotel API providers like GRNconnect API, Hotelsbed API, HotelsPro API, and many more.

For the global travel industry, we provide a simple and user-friendly Hotel API. When your guests are looking for a hotel, all of the information they require should be at their fingertips in real-time. It assists the travel and tourism industry in growing their business by providing a cost-effective and efficient Hotel API Integration solution.

Our Hotel API has been designed to meet the real-time needs of small-medium travel agents and guests; once integrated into your website, it will provide your clients and travel business with access to a wide range of services.

Our Hotel API provides information such as the type of room with images, the ability to book/cancel rooms, and the generation of booking and cancellation reports. As a trusted Hotel API provider our services are integrated, tested, and maintained by a seasoned team of professionals.

MartPro offers clients the best hotel API integration services and transforms the hotel booking process. For large and small-scale travel agencies, our dedicated team provides exceptional Hotel API solutions that eliminate booking complexities. It provides a complete hotel booking solution.

Using our API hotel booking, you can gain access to a wide range of details. This includes room types and room images. You also gain the ability to perform a range of actions such as booking rooms, canceling rooms, and generating reports on the same.

By using Hotel Booking API India and MartPro’s most trusted and versatile Travel Portal Solution you can fulfill your target in the travel industry in a quick turnaround time.

The key features of MartPro Hotel Booking API are as follows: users can search, book, and cancel their hotel accommodations through an online travel portal, a user-friendly dashboard, a real-time system, robust and reliable, easy and fast setup integration.


What are the main features of the Hotel Booking API, and why is it useful for travel agents?


  • Provide a secure and powerful interface

  • Complete REST API format, coupled with a JSON or XML response

  • Users can explore the live expenses supplies

  • Ability to set up promotion codes/corporate prices

  • Connectivity to the property management system

  • Reservations are processed quickly.

  • User-friendly adaptability and ease of use

  • Allow tailored travel booking requests development and timely modifications

  • Reduce costs and increase market independence.

  • Increases efficiency through customized solutions.

  • The customer is always connected to real-time rates.

  • Service solutions that can be updated regularly


Benefits of Hotel API:


  • Search, Book, and Confirm via a Single API Integration

  • Enable full-time presence and instant booking approval

  • Provide simple integration

  • Provide great hotel choices

  • Easily incorporate into your existing system 

  • Online hotel search and booking capabilities

  • A wide range of accommodation options

  • Simplify the hotel booking process

  • Provides an instant and efficient interface

  • Allows for complete adaptability

  • Provide tailored solutions

  • Confirmation of instant booking for hotels

  • Allows cancellation of hotel reservations

  • Increases brand visibility on the global market

  • Change/modify a hotel reservation

  • Provides access to discover outstanding contract rates

  • Make it simple for the user to select from various business modules

  • The user is provided with accurate and correct details

  • Provide excellent acquisition aid

  • Customized services required by each user


How can our Hotel API Integration Services help your Business?




MartPro offers seamless integration of Hotel API for all these features through the integration of XML/JSON APIs for B2C and B2B travel portal modules. Our sophisticated and comprehensive Hotel API Integration solution enables you to expand your business and increase the number of bookings without any hassles.

Hotel API integration enables travel agents to obtain all hotel data from global hotel suppliers, including hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel room pricing, accessibility, hotel facilities, and other features.

Travel agents can get direct hotel bookings through an online booking portal using these Hotel APIs. Provide customers with additional hotel search and booking functionality based on price, star categories, and reviews.

Incorporate Hotel API in your Travel Portal based on your needs to convert visitors into successful bookings and expand your business in the travel industry.

Thousands of hotel room suppliers in India and around the world are connected to our hotel API. As an API integration technology partner, we ensure that clients all over the world receive the best hotel API integration.

MartPro makes it easy for you to search for hotels online by integrating with hotel booking API integration partners around the world such as Hotelsbed, GRNConnect, Hotelspro, 24x7rooms, Sabre, and others.

Our Hotel API has been designed to meet the needs of small-medium-sized travel agents and guests; once incorporated into your website, it will provide your clients and travel business with access to a wide range of services.

Our Google Hotel API enables travelers to book rooms online, which is important for the development of various properties nowadays. Our Hotel API will help your business grow by automating processes and reducing the time and effort required to complete a room booking.

The integration of Hotel Booking API India aids in the expansion of the online booking site. By incorporating a hotel API, you can offer your customers a variety of options for staying in a specific city. As a result, your business will expand to new heights.

At MartPro, we assess every challenge that could arise and develop a website that works quite efficiently and effectively, thus enhancing customer experience through detailed testing operations.

We have built Hotel Search Engines for our clients, who have made their guest’s online experience an amazing one on their website.

Our services assist in developing an impactful virtual presence for your hotel, generating greater exposure and ease of payment, resulting in lower product costs through higher online revenue and profits.


A list of Top Hotel API Suppliers


MartPro has connected API with plenty of hotels out there. As a travel agency, you can integrate your website with a variety of hotel XML, such as Hotelsbed API, Hotelspro XML API, Grnconnect API, 24x7rooms API, and others.




Roomsxml is one of the world's largest online accommodation wholesalers, with over 95,000 unique properties from all over the world. It can be used to create B2B and B2C online travel booking engines that allow users to search for, check availability for, and book hotels. It accepts XML and is protected by an SSL certificate. MartPro is a certified partner of Roomsxml and can seamlessly connect flexible Roomsxml API on your website.




Another reputed name in the travel industry is Hotelspro XML API. It is a leading B2B hospitality provider that provides quick access to the best accommodation deals and hotel rates online. They have connections with over 95,000 hotels in approximately 190 countries worldwide. You get 24/7 customer support from Hotelspro XML API integration.




It is a well-known Hotel API Provider with a large database of 70,000 hotels in 185 countries. Hotelbeds API integration is popular when developing a hotel reservation system

Hotelbeds offers free hotel listings, information on room availability, room images, hotel information, and room rates. This API provider has a massive accommodation portfolio spread across 147 countries. Integrating the HotelbedsAPI API in a travel portal will find you the best hotels and trips. Allow MartPro to assist you with the design and development of your travel portal.




GRNconnect API is the next online B2B Bedbank hotel booking portal on the list. They have over 400k hotels and 50k apartments worldwide. We enable GRNconnect to access 400,000 worldwide for our clients through API integration.




As the name implies, the 24x7rooms API gives you access to hotel accommodations around the world at any time. You can also book hotels based on your specific needs and requirements.


Destinations of the World (DOTW)


Destinations of the World (DOTW) is the world's leading hotel deal supplier, serving over 1,200 cities worldwide. With 21 offices around the world, over 400 professional staff, over 80,000 ground services, and over 150,000 travel agents worldwide, DOTW's latest Hotel XML API enables travel agents to deliver hotel inventories at the best rates and facilities.


Travel Boutique Online 


You can easily book hotels and flights using the Travel Boutique API. The advantages of this API include its extensive inventory, time-saving, and cost-saving features. It gives access to more than 330,000 properties with instant confirmation.


Travellanda XML API


This B2B booking system is a Global Online Wholesaler that has an inventory of more than 300,000 hotels. It has representatives in over ten countries, with its headquarters in London. Travellanda makes sure that its inventory is password protected. Services offered are Online Reservation System, XML Integration, and White Label B2B Solution.


What are the advantages of using Hotel API?


Hotel API gives you access to a large hotel inventory and ensures that it can be booked with a few clicks. Hotel booking API integration is a feature-rich tool that allows customers to book directly through a website regardless of time, place, or day.

Hotel API integration allows you to automate services such as hotel booking, reservations, payments, and much more.

MartPro, as an API Provider company, ensures that the website we develop is marketable and that the users benefit greatly from it. We not only provide a solid platform for business development, but our advanced API will assist you in developing a world-class travel infrastructure.

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